Comments for Toddler's Death Results in New Oklahoma Law

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Oct 06, 2007
She deserves what she got!
by: Anonymous

Whether she did or didn't do the actual abusing, she did nothing to stop it. If she spends the next 27 years in prison, but that's a big IF, then menopause will hopefully take care of whether or not she has another child.

Oct 06, 2007
Child Abuse Kills
by: JWC

No matter what sentences are impossed, the sad fact is, we have a dead little girl. This should never happen, and we as a society must take steps to prevent this from happening again.
All reported child abuse must be investigated thoroughly and any child found in danger must be moved to a safe place.

Oct 07, 2007
by: Anonymous

I agree that 27 years was not enough for the trauma,pain and hurt poor little kelsey suffered, obviously at the hands of her mother.How anyone can do anything like that to a poor defenceless baby is sickening and i hope every day she spends inside she feels what and how little kalsey did

Oct 07, 2007
Way to go Oklahoma
by: Stephanie Braski

I am all for having Court Appointed Child Advocates meet a higher standard for training. Child abuse workers at social services also need to be more critical when there are ongoing reports of abuse. I also agree that someone in the legal system needs to be held accountable when there are errors in judgment and decisions in these cases. What the hell is wrong with these systems failing?? It seems to me no one wants to go to bat or stick their neck out. In my opinion, it's better to be safe than sorry when there are abuse issues going on.
As for the charges and sentencing for Raye Dawn and Michael Porter, I think the time given to them is fair.

Oct 10, 2007
by: Anonymous

This is not the first time I have read about this little girls story. The first time, I cried. It makes me angry that anyone would hurt a little girl, it makes me angry that a mother would allow it, it makes me angry that with all the warning signs, nothing was done to prevent her death. Both the mother and the step-father should be put in prison for life! One of them did the abusing, the other allowed it to happen, both are unforgivable. My heart goes out to the biological father, who returned from Iraq 2 days after the little girl was murdered. I have a little girl myself, 2 years of age. I can't imagine hurting her, or allowing another person to do so. Little girls are so precious, Kelsey didn't deserve what she got. Michael and Dawn are pathetic human beings.

Oct 11, 2007
they should be put to death and.......more
by: kelly

suffer the same way kelsey and i mean the exact same way!!!

from sexual assult to broken legs then repeated blows to there stomachs till death!!!

sorry theres no excuse or for what they did!!!

Oct 14, 2007
they are assholes
by: Anonymous

well the title speaks for itself and anyone who can harm any child is a heartless bastard

Oct 16, 2007
by: Anonymous

it is our duty to protect the children of this generation... i feel completely sorry for the father of this small young child. I wish he had of known what was going on maybe we would have been able to protect her more so ....what cruelty i disagree with the sentence i think it shoul dhave been life in prison for both with no chance of parole.

Oct 19, 2007
what they should of received
by: Anonymous

I think Kelsey's mom and step-father should of received the death penalty! I don't understand how people could have a sweet baby then hurt and/or kill them!

Oct 19, 2007
by: concerned , 15 of ohio

ok , for one how could the woman sexualy abuse the child in that matter , i believe that the step father did it based on what i have read here. that is crazy !!!! i believe that mother had a part in murder but not the sexual abuse

Oct 19, 2007
To Concerned, 15 of Ohio
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

The mother was never charged with sexual abuse. In fact, neither was the stepfather, since it could not be determined if Kelsey's injuries were as a result of a blow or sexual assault.

The mother was charged with and convicted of "enabling child abuse." In other words, she did not protect her child from the abuse that her then husband had inflicted upon her daughter, abuse that was too evident not to know about.

Hope this clears up the confusion in this case. But understand, a mother can be charged with sexual assault, because sexual assault does not only refer to intercourse. Check out my sexual abuse pages on this site for more information on this subject.

Darlene Barriere
Violence & Abuse Prevention Educator
Author: On My Own Terms, A Memoir

Oct 24, 2007
Let Them Rot
by: Sara Johnston

I believe without a doubt that Michael Porter and Raye Dawn Smith are right where they should be in prison, although I am disappointed that neither of them is actually charged with that small child's murder.

I suppose though that there is no suitable justice- I am not happy with the length of their sentences, nor would I be pleased if they were given the death sentence. It just isn't possible to punish a person enough for harming a child.

I am the mother of a two year old little girl, and I can't imagine my child experiencing what precious Kelsey lived in her short life.

Oct 31, 2007
horrible people
by: Anonymous

So i think they both should have gotten something worse poor child what did she ever do to them???Sure her mother never beat her but she basically stood there and let her get beat.Think of it as someone in your family you wouldn't like it would you?

Nov 12, 2007
Give me a break!
by: Anonymous

My thoughts are she was the mother and she is responisble for that poor little girl's abuse, even if she did not actually abuse her, she apparently chose her stupid loser of a man over her poor little innocent child and ALLOWED the abuse to go on, come on give me a break, it was VERY evident that Kelsey was abused, all I can say is Wake up u stupid loser of a woman, tie that womans tubes, she needs not to have anymore kids. Screw the 27 years, that isn't long enough for something like this, It just sickens me as it does so many that something like this went on and on and that judge let that poor child back with a loser of a mother that apparently only cared about her LOSER HUSBAND!!!!! There is absolutley NO excuse for this. I hope she and that LOSER OF A MAN she was with ROT IN HELL, afterall they will have to answer to god when the time comes. Its a real shame that some mothers can be so stupid and pick their men over their own children. This case is an example of that, and to let sexual abuse and physcial abuse go on. I feel for that BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GIRL may she rest in peace. Afterall she is in a much better place then this hell of world!!!! Eye for an EYE is all I can say. The mother is the responsible factor here! And she will pay for this for the rest of her life!!!!

Nov 13, 2007
rip kelsey
by: cbk

Both the mother and step father should receive the death penalty. They killed an innocent,beautiful child. As a mother, it is your duty and obligation to protect your child. Raye Dawn failed her daughter. She could not have NOT known her daughter was being beaten! Despite physical evidence, Kelsey was clearly demonstrating psychological evidence as well. It was noted by family members and social workers. I cannot believe the lack of urgency displayed by the courts and social workers. This blatant negligence in safeguarding the welfare of children should not be occuring in modern times. Also, I ponder the father's seemingly lack of participation in the court hearings and investigations leading up to Kelsey's death. I have read conflicting reports on his whereabouts;but rest assure, if my husband thought someone was beating his child, nothing would stop his involvement. Kelsey's mother is not the only parent in this case to fail her. May you rest in peace Kelsey!!

Nov 13, 2007
by: Nicky

I would like to know more about this law and how it can hold judges accountable. I like the idea but at the same time it scares me. As if judges should be afraid of the decision they make at the same time they should really be more cautious because of the lives their decisions affect.

Nov 14, 2007
Take a closer look at the biological father and his mother
by: Anonymous

I find it hard to believe that the courts did not look farther into the past of the biological father who was known for being physically abusive. It is also sad that the grandma Briggs had such a loud voice in all this. Is it possible that the grandmother was abusive as well?
The bottom line is...Kelsey is dead, whoever physically done it needs to be hung. It is really my doubt that the mother ever physically hurt her child. Mother's don't typically abuse their children and if Porter was a good liar (and proven so) then he probably convinced the biological mother that the child had fallen down. The only thing the mother if guilty of is...trusting liars, sounds like she gave everyone the benefit of the doubt. She looks very loving and easy to love. Take a second look at Kathy Briggs, there is a big rock that needs to be overturned.

Nov 14, 2007
To Anonymous:
by: Darlene Barriere - webmaster

You say that "Mother's don't typically abuse their children." The facts do not support that claim.

A couple of statistics to ponder:
  • 43% of substantiated cases of physical abuse are committed by mothers. Some studies reflect that number is closer to 60%.

  • Physical abuse is the most frequently given reason why youth leave home; the abuse was most often perpetrated by a biological mother.
Mothers can—and do—abuse their children; some to the point of serious harm, some to the point of death.

Darlene Barriere
Violence & Abuse Prevention Educator
Author: On My Own Terms, A Memoir

Dec 13, 2007
they should be put on death row
by: Anonymous

thoes sons of b*tchs should be put on death row, 27 years is not nearly enough. wether or not the mother abused her daughter she still let that b*st*rd of a 'husband' hurt kelsey.

Dec 18, 2007
Kelsey's Law and my view of parental responsiblity.
by: Nancy

From what I understand about Kelsey's Law,if the Department of Human Services disagrees with a judges decision they can appeal it and it is further investegated, also more information is released to the judge to help him make more informed decisions.So now if a judge makes a ruling the people who have been actively dealing with the case have more of a say in a judges ruling.The judge has to write out his reasons for making his ruling,then DHS can agree or disagree based on their knowledge of the case.These are the people who have been to the homes of the abused children,they've seen the battered and abused children in person and those accused of the abuse,a totally different vantage point than a judge has.
Was a mother who had a child in her care that was beatened,bruised,broken,raped and dead by the age of 2 judged too harshly?I still have nightmares over a small kitten I found that the neighbor kids had cut off it's ears with a pair of scissors and burned it's whiskers off.Cruel,inhuman acts of violence against the innocent bothers me and yes I think those responsible should be held acccountable.A kitten is not a little girl,human life is far more precious and dear,and parents are obligated to protect their children.When they don't they are to be held accountable.If they cause the abuse or knowingly let it happen even more so.But if they fail to protect,neglect protecting and death results they should definately be punished severly.

Dec 22, 2007
Keep Raye and Michael in prision untill they die!!!!!
by: Anonymous

that is bull sh** when some innocent gets comes home from defending us and finds his two year old daughter dead because some crack head killed is baby girl... is with out a doubt the lowest most awful thing anyone should have to go through. Therefore i am sorry about your baby. And they should not ever be let to breathe clean oxygen. 27 yrs is bullsh** they should be there for the rest of there lives. just because there mother wouldn't leave the physco that makes her the same as him except she is still alive will that poor little innocent baby isn't.. She deserves to rot they both do. Mr Lance Briggs.. i am so sorry about your loss and i hope they stay there for the rest of they god forsaken lives, going through as much bad sh** as possible
**---> sorry it just makes me sick to see an innocent child take punishment he/she doesn't deserve.<---**

Dec 24, 2007
She Knew
by: Anonymous

Raye Dawn Smith knew that her daughter Kelsey was suffering. She HAD to have at least considered Micheal Porter the source of Kelsey's decline. However, she continued to leave Kelsey alone with Porter on numerous occasions including October 11, 2005. She deserves the full 27 years in prison and not a minute less.

Jan 22, 2008
by: jessica

Every day one out of every 5 children are abused , sexually, physically, and emotionally ...... When are we as a society going to step up and stop this sick behavior.... I can put my life on it that most people have seen or heard child abuse and haven't done anything..... I myself have seen and heard some stuff over the years and every time i have i have called family and children services ........... As far as Raye Dawn-Smith justice wasn't served , she needs to get the death penalty and so does Michael Porter..... Kill them both.....

Feb 10, 2008
It's so sad...
by: Cassandra

that this happens all the time. Children everywhere get abused (not saying all) by parents. They don't even have to do anything but for some reason the parents decides to hurt their kid. Most parents do it because they're stressed out. THAT'S NO EXCUSE TO TAKE IT OUT ON YOUR KID. Kelsey's just another out of hundreds who got abused for no reason, and definitely didn't deserve it at the age of 3. Her mom had to of KNOWN that she was abused and should of STOPPED it. No, she was probably in love or some other bs with the abuser to even marry that guy! That's probably the reason she let him do it. Lot's of people say to hang them but that i think that death is just to quick, I say let them rot the rest of their lives in jail...

Feb 10, 2008
Is the mom innocent?
by: Cassandra again

I looked a little more about Kelsey, this video said Raye is innocent etc.
if its true then i dont think she should stay in jail but I'd have to of actually known her to know the whole story :(

Feb 12, 2008
by: Terry Bennett

There is no excuse for either parent, nor step-parent to allow the other to abuse any child. As adults we are the keepers and protecters of the ones unable to speak or defend themselves.
The forcible sterilization of Raye Dawn is a mere beginning...sorry for the way I feel, but these people (cough) need to experience some serious pain. An eye for an eye, as it were.

Mar 12, 2008
by: Anonymous

i think that any mother who loves her child and had the history of child injuries while with this one person would never have left her child alone in a house with him. she had to have known what was happening and if she did doubt that it was on purpose why would you leave your child where you believe accidents happened everytime your child was left with this person. i think that it is just so sad. why did he not go pick up his own daughter and let her stay with her own child or why didnt she take her daughter with her. i sure would have especially if their was an ongoing investigation into abuse. it clearly makes me wonder if she loved the child at all. it is so sad that a child has to suffer that type of treatment and sadder to think that a MOTHER would allow it. i think they are both guilty and life in prision would not be to harsh for either of them. i like to think that i would be even more protective after one accidental injury to my child while in the care of another much less what was going on here. i dont like to judge but i can not wrap my mind around the fact that there are women who allow men to be more important than their children in general much less thinking that allowing them to abuse or murder their children is ok as long as they are with them.....why did she not pick her child up and take her with her to pick up the mans daughter. why why why...why did she have to suffer without any protection from the mother or the state.

Apr 09, 2008
American judicial irresponsibility
by: James W

Unfortunately, the American justice system coddles abusive mothers. Consider the mother who was video taped power-washing her child at a car wash to 'calm her' during a supposed tantrum. She lunged at the child, who screamed in fear before the assault even started.

The child wasn't inspected for injuries for eleven days, giving any welts time to heal. Mom spent one night in jail and appeared on Good Morning America to plead her case.

If it were a man he'd still be in jail.

Counter that with the two adolescent boys who slapped girls butts at school and were jailed for five days. This 'crime' occured on "slap butt day" as the kids called it, where everyone, boys and girls, acted like juveniles and suprised each other with a slap on the butt.

These twelve and thirteen year old boys were singled out, two girls were pressured to testify against them(which they later recanted)and they were cuffed and emprisoned. During their five day stay in juvenile prison the boys were strip searched four times and not allowed contact with their parents for the first twenty-four hours.

The power-washer mom is being given 'parenting skills classes' just like Kelsey's mom. The mother who threw her boys off an overpass had recieved 'parenting skills classes' too.

It's no wonder America has the highest maternal child murder rate in the industrialized world.

Apr 17, 2008
Failure to protect...
by: Anonymous

I have been reading up on this case and I have to tell you, one of them did it. If he did it then she had to have known and did nothing. If she did it then he knew and did nothing to protect her. Either way they are both where they should be. They failed to protect an innocent child.

Apr 21, 2008
I am deeply moved
by: Jason Nel

I am deeply moved regarding the story of Kelsey Briggs and it saddens me that it takes so many reports for it still not to be prevented. It also saddens me that people all around the world continue to do such crimes against little people that cant defend themselves. As far as sentencing is concerned, the only way of stunning the growth of such abuse is to have the laws enforced and used for the benefit of the little ones that make our lives so much more worth living for.

Apr 22, 2008
by: Ken King

I saw the youtube video someone (presumably from the paternal side of the family) posted regarding this child. Pretty heartbreaking considering that I'm the father of a three year old myself.

As far as I'm concerned, anyone who is aware of a child being abused and does nothing to stop it is just as guilty as the abuser and should be punished accordingly.

In this particular case, even if the mother did not abuse the child herself, she had to have known what was going on and did nothing about it. Thus, she deserved the sentence she got. There is no middle ground here on this issue. If you know a child that, or even just suspect, is being it. If you don't, you are just as guilty as far as I'm concerned.

Apr 23, 2008
very sad
by: Anonymous

I seen the video and my heart broke i'm sorry this kinda thing happens to children.I have two children myself and can't even think of what i would have done to someone the hurt my kids and for her to just watch and know it's happening that's sad and sick. I myself don't think she got enough.I think if you can watch that kinda thing happen to your child and not do anything your just as bad as the person doing and and there for should get the same kinda sentance. For those who think her sentance was to large i think your sick and aren't thinking of the child because even if she didn't do it she still watch or knew it was going on and did nothing but put the blame on other people. my heart goes out to her father.

Apr 23, 2008
by: Anonymous

I think if you can sit back and let your child be hurt by your boyfriend, fiance or even husband. Weither its the childs father or mother or whom ever it is the other person is just as guilty for letting this happen.

May 08, 2008
Raye Dawn
by: mark

I think this is a very sad story. After the step-dad was charged with murder, the mother never even filed for divorce. The step-dad (Porter) filed for divorce. If I would have been in that situation I would be getting a divorce very quickly. I do not know either of these families but I have done alot of reading on this case. In my opinion, the mother (Raye Dawn) killed her daughter and left her for the step-dad to find. Or they both killed that baby together. The mother likes attention so well, I think she killed her own baby for attention. She loves playing the blame game and if you read enough of her website you can catch her in her own lies. She wants to be the victim in all of this. Never mind her daughter but just feel sorry for Raye Dawn. Kelsey should be the victim. Raye Dawn wants people to think that Kelsey's dad (Lance) was never in Iraq fighting for our country. That was the first thing i wanted to check out. For anyone else out there that has researched this case, Lance was in Iraq. Raye Dawn wants to blame this on Lance and his mother (Kathy Briggs) so bad but the facts are there. Kelsey was in Raye Dawn's care when she was murdered. Raye Dawn is also asking for donations on several different websites to help her pay for an appeal. Sorry but I would not give her a penny. My heart goes out to the Briggs family and anyone else that TRULY LOVED Kelsey. I am sorry you have had to travel down this road. I am sure it is a road that no one wants to be on. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Kelsey will never be forgotten. R.I.P. Kelsey.

Aug 07, 2008
by: Anonymous

I have read court documents from this case. I have read DHS reports and I have read things from both sides. i have never meet either side and do not know these people but the only person respondsible for that childs death is Michael porter. That mother jumped through hoops to getr her child back and how could she have known where the abuse was coming from. Trained child advocates and DHS could not tell and they were in the home of Kelsey almost everyday. I still do not understand why no one was charged with the murder of this child. I hope that justice is served in this case one day and Raye Dawn is set free. Michael Porter should be put to death and charged with 1st degree murder in this case. And the DA in this case is a sorry excuse he exumed that little girls body and still did not do anything about Michael Porter sexally abusing her, he is sick.

Aug 19, 2008
Everyone is at Fault
by: Anonymous

I found this article while searching for current child abuse laws in Oklahoma, I have heard alot about Kelsey since she passed through the news and paper. I think both the mother and step father should have gotten much worse, but I do also believe that is partly "the systems" fault, Kelsey was removed from her mother because of suspected child abuse, and then later removed from her grandmother's custody because of suspected child abuse, I understand they couldn't prove who broke her legs but either way Kelsey should not have been given back to her mother, Kelsey should have gone into state custody until this was settled and they could prove one house or the other was safe for her to live in. Another thing this article didn't mention but was all over the news here, the date was Kelsey's date was 3 days before her father, Lance Briggs, returned home from Iraq. Over all I am not excusing the mother and step father in any way, they both got much less than they deserved but I would also like to point out how much "the system" failed little Kelsey. After the bruises, broken collar bone, and broken legs, Kelsey should NOT under any circumstances been returned to her mother and step father until it was proven that was a safe environment! Did her mother even complete the parenting classes, anger management, or alcohol class she was ordered when Kelsey was taken away????

Aug 19, 2008
Send em to Texas
by: Anonymous

There is absolutely no excuse for this situation! None, at all!! I am a mother of 2, I am only 23 years old, My children are my sole purpose in life!! But when i was 16 you would have heard a different story! When you become a mother, your life/heart changes, you are always supposed to do whats best for your children, no matter what! The mother could have prevented/stopped all of this! The stepfather just the same....Kelsey should have been seriously hugged not seriously beaten!! I say, transfer those people to Texas...They have the Death Penalty...and I pray that God, and Kelsey have mercy on your souls, even though I don't feel you truly deserve it!

Aug 20, 2008
Kill 'em
by: Bryan

These two deserve death. They took the life of a precious little girl and should be put down. No one who hurts children like that is fit for this world.

Kill the bastards...electric chair.

Aug 20, 2008
by: Anonymous

I want Michael Porter to suffer physical pain, I wan him to be raped in prison so hard that it hurts him to move. I DO BELIVE IN A EYE FOR AN EYE. Suffer and burn in hell you sick bastard.

Aug 24, 2008
Life in prison
by: mm

If your a mother and you do not protect your child then you should get punished. How can you have a precious little girl and let some sick perverted evil man into your daughters life? If someone ever touched my little girl I would most likely kill them. This woman has major problems and she is just as responsible as Micheal lee porter. I say they both should get life in prison with no chance of parole.

Sep 08, 2008
she should of neve been given back to her mother
by: Anatosha Hudson

i hope they both die in prison

Oct 24, 2008
Michael Porter
by: Anonymous

He should be in prison for life. as a matter of fact both Raye Dawn Smith and Michael Porter should be in prison for life! they took an innocent little life for no reason. if you didnt want kids then keep your legs close or put the kid up for adoption dont abuse them dont hurt them they're innocent who dont understand quite yet.

Dec 22, 2008
the abuse continues
by: Anonymous

i have a 13 year old that the mom kept from me for 10 years. mom got tired of him and sent him to me in fl. i learned that he has been abused for a long time. their are currently 11 cases of physical abuse involving differnt wepons recorded with D.H.S. in OK. he has been beat with a hair brush, a dog leash acrost his face (marks were noted by d.h.s.), a spatula that was heated over a gas stove befor he was beat with it, he has had 2 black eyes at stepdads hands, he has been punched in the head several times, threatened with a knife (they held him down and threatened to cut his toes off) numerous times by a belt (ive seen the scars on his back from his armpit to his buttox). i have a dr. report that notes brusies and lacerations after being beat with a belt and a shoe. he weighed 55lbs at the time stepdad weighs around 350lbs. that man beat my son so hard with a belt he sliced into my sons back with the belt. my son has been hospitalised 5 times for suecidal thoughts and attempts (cutting his own neck with a knife till it would bleed while threatening to slit his throat). he is also ADHD, Bi-polar, emotionally disturbed, and is suffering from post tramatic stress sundrome at the hands of the mom over the physical, sexual (yes sexual abuse also), and emotional abuse. recently under a temporary order signed by a OK. judge i had to send him back. since then stepdad has beat him again injuring his back and knee and i now understand my 13 year old is being investigated for molesting a sibling. i cant seem to be able to do anything about it mom's in general have all of the rights. simply put where is the justice? whats next for my son? why dose he have to live in fear daily? under kellsey's law how is it D.H.S. can fail him? i can't protect him under our laws but we all do pray for him daily and he is now on a worldwide prayer list. we can only ask god to watch over him and protect him and hope its gods will that he will be ok. its in gods hands now. if this touches you i only ask that you take a minuite or two and say a quick prayer for him. and hope the next child protection law isnt named after my son. PEACE BE WITH YOU AND GOD BLESS!!!!

Dec 31, 2008
by: Anonymous

I think that the murder of a child should be punished with the death penalty, in all the USA, all states should have same laws, protecting our kids. I just cant think of how much this poor little girl had suffered in her short life.
it is just not fair.

Apr 19, 2009
The State of Oklahoma
by: Kimber Park

Being a Social Work major I have taken many child abuse classes getting ready to go into the field. This was such a break through for Oklahoma. Our hands (as a social worker) were so tied up in red tape that these types of things happened too often. There is a light at the end of the tunnel now. For anyone living outside of Oklahoma you should know that very often parent offenders are sentenced to life in prison. If that helps at all to have that information. Wish all offenders could be sentenced in such a way. I truly feel sexual preditors should get the death penalty because there is NO REFORM for those animals and they will never stop, but that's a seprate soap box.

Jul 22, 2009
by: Anonymous

Oklahoma DHS is at fault and everyone involved in the case and the director should have been fired! The mothers sentence is extreme considering what other people get for their crimes in Okla. This is a simple case of DHS got scrutinised and the state made a example of someone to get the heat off of them. I personally have been involved with DHS and after a year and 1/2 they dropped for no reason the molestation case against my wifes ex husband because no charges were filed , bad investigateing and lack of people power .Oklahoma DHS is careless , uneducated employees who investigate these things and completely in affective . My exwife gave up my son to Okla DHS and the day I went in to pay alo my child support after looking for them for 3 yrs I was informed DHS had adopted my son to a family who moved to Georgia. They claim they didn't know where I was but yet they knew where to send child support papers some how. Oklahoma DHS can kiss my Azz The system won't be fixed until all involved are booted and the new are educated and trained before on the job training .!!!

Jul 22, 2009
Changes in other laws?
by: Stephanie Braski

I wonder if the policies and procedures of Human Services has been under fire? Will anything change there? Will workers be "trigger happy" rather than responsive & objective for fear of liability? I believe the overseers of child neglect & abuse have a responsibility in their jobs. Will these agencies/entities do a better job in protecting those who they are hired to protect? What enforcement will there be if workers or police are lackadaisical in their duties and responsibilities? I have more questions than comments on this situation. Oklahoma and other states definitely need to look at reform of their policies and procedures so children do not die when it can be prevented.

Aug 25, 2009
Give her Death - That is what she gave
by: Anonymous

She should get a death sentence, that is what she gave her own beautiful daughter.

Aug 25, 2009
by: Anonymous

My tears can fill all the dried up lakes on earth. My daughter is a 2 yr old butterfly and she reminds me of Kelsey now.

Its so disturbing to see a man and woman walking away and just managing to keep their child alive. Then they go on their mating expedition just the way animals do.

Then they mate with their new mates while their babies grow up learning that their mom and dad need not be together while they can be found in bed with anybody.

Then this anybody kills the child. What a lifestyle and what value systems I wonder.

I want this beautiful girl back on earth. While those judgments bring her back?

Aug 25, 2009
Yes they were terrible, but the system failed here.
by: Anonymous

We can never expect people like Porter and Smith to go away, it just doesn't happen. There will always be people who do terrible things. What we should expect is that the system will take past incidents into consideration. After the first clear signs of abuse from the mother's home it should not have been possible for the child to go back there. End of story. I don't understand how that could have happened and why they would have believed the mother over the grandmother when there had been abuse in the mother's home before and that's why she was moved in the first place! Unbelievable.

Aug 26, 2009
by: Anonymous

I feel that she as a mother regardless if she had seen the abuse or not, there were signs and she was suppose to protect that little girl. I think she is a disgrace as a mother and I hope she rots where she is

Aug 26, 2009
Kelsey Didn't Deserve This!
by: Anonymous

My thoughts are that Raye Dawn Smith Porter knew exactly what was going on with Kelsey & eventhough she may not have inflicted these wounds herself, she certainly did NOT protect the child; therefore, she enabled the child to be abused and eventually killed. She's as guilty as the murderer himself, if in fact she did not take part, which I believe she probably did. At any rate, being the mother, she allowed her child to be harm; therefore, she is responsible for the child's injuries and her death.

Furthermore, the authorities failed to protect this child. Since the mother did NOT do her job as a parent, the authorities should have stepped in and protected the child. They did NOT do their job either. By law, they cannot be punished. And, personally, I find that to be sad. But morally, Kelsey's blood is just as much on their hands, as it is on the actual murderers. Kelsey was PLACED BACK INTO THE HANDS OF HER MURDERER by the STATE that was supposed to protect her.

This country does NOT do enough to protect it's children. This was a horrible judgement call by Judge Craig Key. If I were he, I'd resign. If I were the social worker, I'd resign. If I were the mother, I'd not fight to get out of prison, because I'd know I belong there. And as for that pitiful excuse for a human, Michael Lee Porter, he should have gotten the death sentence. No questions asked.

Aug 26, 2009
by: Anonymous

I saw a video through facebook and wasn't sure if it was real. I had to look it up and sure enough I found the truth...UNFORTUNATELY! My son died at the hands of a woman murderer, I am his mother he was place in the care of a babysitter by his father whom I left because HE was abusive. I became mentally unstable in the relationship with him and became abusive myself but left knowing I needed help. I was STUPID to think his father could place him with someone that would care for him like he should have been. The woman was only sentenced for 6yrs. based on the fact she didn't call the ambulance fast enough. There were signs of trauma to the head so much that each side of the brain had shifted opposite eachother. Also there was retinal bleedin behind his eyes, and a lage hematoma in his brain. The doctors...STANFORD UNIVERSITY DOCTORS...said that he had to have been shaken in order for injuries like this to have occurred! I now have two boys a LOVING HUSBAND and am sooo grateful I was given a second chance! God is good!

Aug 27, 2009
too weak!
by: Ryan E.

They need to " FRY " them both!!!!!!!

Aug 27, 2009
Justice for child abuse
by: Vicki

Being a mother myself I am totally sickened by what this little girl and many other babies, toddlers and children go through at the hands of their mother or their father. Whether it be a boyfriend of the mother or a girlfriend of their father that child deserves to be protected by their parent. As for the abuser regardless of who the abuser is 0 - 1,000 years is not enough punishment. My personal opinion is anyone that would hurt an innocent child, who depends on you, deserves the death penalty, maybe that seems a little harsh but think of what that poor child endured during their short little lives. Death to me is the only thing that would be justice.

Aug 28, 2009
Disgraceful humans - R.I.P. Kelsey
by: Chrissy in Texas

It puts a huge lump in my throat reading about Kelsey's story. The mother & step-father both deserve life in prison or the death penalty at the very least!! I agree with previous comments, people should give their children up for adoption or be responsible taking birth control if they are not suited for taking care of a child. Tragically sad that children are victims of such abuse on a daily basis. God bless all the victims of child abuse.

Aug 28, 2009
by: Anonymous


Aug 31, 2009
Innocence Lost
by: Courtenay

A child was without a doubt abused in this case to the point she lost her life. I don't think it matters whether which adult delivered the abuse, they are both guilty. As a mother, it is my job to protect my children from harm. From what I read, the abuse started before the marriage. She should never have married such a monster. She should never have allowed than man anywhere near her daughter. She should pay for her negligence and he should pay for his crime. Little Kelsey paid for everyone's negligent involvement with her life...a very short life. Children are precious gifts from God and my heart goes out to the ones in her family who tried to protect her. She is in a safe place now...she will never be hurt again.

Sep 01, 2009
Where is the Justice!
by: Kara

Both the mother and stepfather of that sweet little girl should rot in hell for what they did to that poor little baby, at the very least they should have gotten the death penalty.

I feel so sorry for her father, if I were him I would kill the evil people who did this to my baby.

Sep 02, 2009
Where does our tax money go?
by: Anonymous

So many people knew about the abuse and no one did anything about it. What kind of retards do they hire to work with child abuse cases? It is scary to see that not even with so much proof of abuse that poor little girl was placed back to continue suffering.

Sep 02, 2009
by: Anonymous

I think that who ever let that baby go back to her mother should be charged too. Wheather is was a junge or cop or whoever. How can you not know that they were hurting that poor girl.

Sep 04, 2009
Not harsh enough!
by: Anonymous

They both need to be serving life sentences, especially since she was so damn sorry, not to even stop that a**hole from beating on her child from the begining. Where is the motherly love here? She definately needs to be in prison, and stay there long enough to really think about what she allowed for that little girls' life. She is a piece of s**t.
That sweet little girl didn't even get to live a normal life, and she didn't even asked to be brought into this world. I think, that by watching the videos, Michael Porter was jealous of the little girl, because maybe...she was the child of that b**ch's first husband. And he was so jealous of him, being that he was a good citizen and serving our country, he took out all his anger on her. What a damn shame. I hope that he gets his in prison! And being that I used to be a correctional officer, Im sure he has, as well as the mother.
Kelsey is in a better place, and so are those a**holes!

Sep 04, 2009
Poor Kelsey
by: Anonymous

I think it is terrible that poor little kelsey had to suffer like that.What in the hell was her mother thinking? I have no kids of my own but i wouldnt even treat a dog that bad. Some people just do not deserve kids. I cried when i read about Kelsey. That Michael Porter should be castrated with a dull spoon for what he did.

Sep 04, 2009
?Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.?
by: Anonymous

Romans 12:19-21

Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave itto the wrath of God, for it is written, ?Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.? 20 To the contrary, ?if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head.? 21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Sep 09, 2009
A mothers crime!
by: Anonymous

This story made me sick!! Knowing your child had bruises and broken legs and say you didnt know that they were abused is unbeliveable!! The first time should have been the last if it was me the man would made at of the house more less the court room if he harmed my child. the mother isnt the victim its Kelsey.. But now she is protected by God and his Angels..

Sep 10, 2009
Lost for Words

WOW... I have facebook and i saw a link to this poor little angel with all her pics and a little blog of her short life here. I decided to read about it. And I got goosebumps, and can not believe how The mother of this child could even be called a mother. I know I have a mother and she is my best friend. Never would you think people can be so cruel, to anyone in this world let alone to a poor inesent child(baby). Hope they rot in hell. And they need to send the "mother" to a mental institute, this is beyond anything.
This poor baby went through so much, and all alone... She is now safe with God... and in no more pain:( Rest in peace baby... xoxo

Sep 10, 2009
by: Frances

In my long years I have learned that not everyone possesses the "parent" gene. Michael and Raye Dawn Porter have no clue what being a real parent is. They have no soul and no conscience. Michael Porter and Raye Dawn Porter obviously do not even have a tad of the parent gene. Anyone that can intentionally hurt, let alone kill, an innocent child, deserves to be executed in the same manner in which the child died. They need to experience exactly what Kelsey did, only on an adult level. And, I think the father should be allowed to carry it out. I cannot for the life of me understand how her father kept from killing them both. I would have made every effort to do so. I would be the "crazy" chick outside the courthouse. There is a special place in hell for people like them, while Kelsey sits in the arms of the Lord.

I am astonished at the ignorance of the people who actually loved this little girl. I have a very close family and can assure you that this type of abuse would not occur without them issuing their own form of punishment. Raye Dawn and Michael would have been more than happy to turn the child over to the family that loved her. Back in the day, they both would have hung by the neck until dead. I hope the inmate population has privy to the information surrounding their incarceration, as they have their own means of punishment.

Sep 12, 2009
You're not Skatin' by Me
by: Anonymous

Raye Dawn knew what was going on to some extent but played it off as Kelsey just being silly so that she wouldn't have to face loosing a husband; nevermind he was beating the hell out of that baby when no one was looking. That's why that poor child didn't want her mother out of her sight because Kelsey knew how Porter treated her when Raye Dawn wasn't around. So of course she felt safe when her Raye Dawn was there. Of course she was much too young to realize the selfishness of her own mother at the expense of her own child's safety. Wow! Who wouldn't want a mother like that.

I don't believe Kathie Briggs has very nice personality. She's probably a hard person for anyone to get along with and that's why no listened to her; because she's somewhat of a bitchy woman and loses credibility because of it. However, I do believe her reports were accurate. I think her vendetta against Raye Dawn also ruined her credibility. As a matter of fact, she is still on such a vendetta that she is actually befriending the child's killer in order to get more information on Raye Dawn to make sure she hangs. Kathie's hatred for Raye Dawn has to be tremendous for her to be able to stoop to that extent. I tend to agree that the mother knowingly flippantly dismissed the abuse, the childs cry for help when the child tried to reveal the incidents and other overt signs of abuse to avoid losing a piece of a**. How sorry! She should hang for it, I'm glad she's in prison and no matter how sweet she can act and how many cookies she can bake, it's all self-serving and is all used ultimately to benefit herself.

Sep 18, 2009
Simply put...
by: Anonymous

They are BOTH Guilty! From what I read the abuse started long before she married that Monster Porter. That sweet Angel no longer suffers at the hand of her deranged Mother and her partner in Crime, Michael Porter.

Sep 20, 2009
too light of a punishment
by: Anonymous

regardless of who actually physically harmed this child it was the mothers job to protect her. Any mother who allows someone to hurt her child ought to be shot. I feel that both mom and step dad are responsible. They were both in a position to protect the child and both failed to do so.

Sep 24, 2009
27 yrs? please she enabled her little girls death...
by: Jena

She surely did not get what she deserved! 27 years?....thats it when her daughter suffered from horrible sexual abuse as well as multiple tramatic injuries that i have not even experienced anything relatively close to, as an adult... when she allowed her daughter to suffer time and time again till her death... not only does the topic sicken me but it also enrages me to know that our judicial system handles matters like these so lightly... how is it we can always make so many excuses for people that are so awful they shouldn't even be it really worth the money to have these people getting a slap on the wrist and then walking our streets again???....i think not.

Sep 26, 2009
What is the sentence of DHS workers?
by: Anonymous

Social workers failed to protect a life of a child. They should also be held accountable as a system and as an individual who failed to perform their responsibility to protect a child. DHS and the court system contributed to more trauma and abuse to the child the day they decided to return the child to the mother. Tax payers money is being wasted to these state employees. I hope guilt and shame of their unexcused irresponsibility will hunt them for the rest of their life.

Sep 26, 2009
Kids need protection!
by: Anonymous

she should be in prison for life!!!

Sep 29, 2009
by: Casey

i believe this incident was tragic and could have been prevented all along. both porter and smith are guilty and shouldn't be let out of prison for the remainder of their lives.

Oct 01, 2009
Stricker laws
by: Anonymous

Yes stiff laws should be put in place for women who abuse or allow their children to be abused.Protect future off spring from these sicos like Mrs.Porter, Karla Homolka ect have them spayed! Oklahoma child welfare should also have stricker guide lines. Women who abuse children should not be allowed to have children the second time. They should be fixed the sicos who molest children should be castarated then jailed for the rest of their lives the next sico will perhaps think if he will victimize if he gets he genitals cut off and jailed!

Oct 02, 2009
Death Penalty
by: Anonymous

they should have both received the death penalty. As a mother, I would give my life to save my children. Dawn Smith did not protect her child and did nothing to stop the abuse. Kelsey was only 2 years old. What kind of sick person sexualy assaults a 2 year old!!

Oct 05, 2009
She got what she deserved
by: Anonymous

I think she got what she deserved whether or not she did the abusing because either way, she put the child in harms way.

Oct 06, 2009
by: Anonymous

I'm glad they are both in jail for a long time. I am happy they at least got these sentences because so many times, people get off with five or ten years. This disgusts me, I hope they get theirs in prison!

Oct 07, 2009
Mother is 100% wrong!!!
by: Anonymous

I blame this on the mother 100% and the both of them deserve to suffer, or even the chair for all I care. Watching the video, was heart wrenching and was not fair, I helpless child put into the hands of a monster, what is that? I'm happy justice has been served, and yes the law really need to look into these incidents and take them seriously!

Oct 12, 2009
by: Robert Pavlat

I dont know where to begin! I feel that this woman and man should both be executed! Not humanly either! This story, which I found on facebook makes me so full of anger I cant fully express myself! What kind of person or people could do such a thing, especially to a child. Excuse my language but F**K both of them. I would give anything to have a private session with both of them!!!!!

Oct 20, 2009
by: Anonymous

She deserves more then that!! What about this little girls life?? I'm sure it would of lasted longer then 27 years!!! If she was blessed with loving parents... oh thats right she had a wonderful grandmother raising her and the courts made her go back to hell!!! I can't believe that there are sick people out there like this!!! BS

Nov 01, 2009
To those who felt her punishment was harsh
by: Anonymous

YOUR CRAZY. first off no ones if she did or did not actually abuse her child she could of, but the only part that matters is in her mothers care she sustained numbers of broken bones and bruises. If the grandmother scene em the mother did and she went ahead and married the guy and allowed him to place his hands on her precious helpless baby. Evening allowing him to take her from this world and the people that loved her. if they didn't want her around they should have let grandma have her till daddy got home. this story is tragic. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE>

Nov 06, 2009
She deserves what she got!
by: Anonymous

As if she didn't know her baby was being abused a mother who truly loves her child would have known by the first bruise and or change in her child's behavior! everything that comes out of her mouth is bullshit! she's only sorry she got caught!!

Nov 27, 2009
everyone failed this child
by: sue

This child went through what experts call caught in the crossfire.
Judge Key's book tells how his many years of dealing with this day in and day out. people fighting over trying to prove the other unfit and in the meantime the child is torn to shreds.

He was the expert, but no one knew the secret that his own daughter knew. He was mean to kelsey when no one was around.

only video surveillance is going to help in a case like that, no law can protect us from those who hide who they are.

Dec 01, 2009
a life for a life
by: crystal patrick

Raye and Michael should die just the way Kelsey did. No one around to help you, protect you, love you. Mother? Raye, you never deserved to be called mother, and Michael where was yours? You two are evil, mindless, sorry excusses for human beings. Prison does not even come close to what you deserve. One day I would like to see child abuse sexually or physical abuse charges rank higher than anyother crime. An adult who is assulted or even murdered has more of a chance to defend themselfs than a child does. Children are small, innocent, vonerable, angels that god sent to us to help make good, strong, loving, adults. Every child is a miracle. If you no longer want them, need them or have never wanted them, walk away. Let them be raised by someone who cares. A person who has been wronged will defend themselfs. So as a mother, you should be mama bear and fight for your cub!!!!!!!

Dec 03, 2009
Justice not served!
by: Anonymous

I believe both parties should get life without the possibility of parole. I particularly blame the mother for not protecting her child, period! I also blame the system for not following up better and for not proving the leg injuries resulted from the child being in the mothers care. This is such a sad story and we all need to unite as parents and not let this happen to anymore innocent children regardless of where they live.

Dec 03, 2009
those who love to abuse and torture
by: sue

no law can protect us from those who hide who they are.
Abuse Discipline
» Demonstrates anger and hostility. » Demonstrates love and affection.
» Make child listen. » Teach child right from wrong.
» Teach child that decisions are at the whim of the caregiver. » Teach child to make healthy choices for him/herself and prepare child for eventual independence.
» Caregiver has all the power; child is given no respect. » Based on a balance of power and mutual respect.
» Involves humiliation. » Does not involve humiliation.
» Requires submission. » Does not require submission.

Dec 04, 2009
too harsh for a women tormented by the thought of losing this child
by: sue

There was public outcry on both sides of the fence. Some felt strongly that 27 years wasn't enough and expressed a desire to have Raye Dawn "spayed." Others felt the judge ruled erroneously, citing Raye Dawn was a victim of the legal system, while others felt the ruling was too harsh given that she did not abuse the child herself.

Jan 09, 2010
I cry
by: Anonymous

Ecerye time I see the stuff about this little girl's story or any thing about here. I feel her mom shoucl be in longer. No chiled hurts them self that much. If this woman really balived there was nothing going on maybe she belong's in a medical seinter insted of jail, cuz her head isent right. I feel they both need a lot longer senteinc thought. Giving a man only 30 for what he has done to an inacent chiled is wrong. he should have got life.

Jan 11, 2010
My opinion
by: Anonymous

The mother did nothing to stop it IF she is innocent and my opinion is, she and he should face life in prison seeing that they took the life of a innocent little girl. It takes a SICK person to do that, and well I just think they shouldn't never get out. Goes for anyone who has ever hurt a child.. That's just uncalled for, they are other ways to handle a situation.

Jan 11, 2010
Even animals dont behave in this manner
by: susan wilkinson

Hope you both rot in hell you evil twistered b-------! Ill pray for that beautiful little girls soul .

Feb 27, 2010
They will get what they deserve
by: Anonymous

People in prison for sexual asault and/or physical abuse on a child gets treated like crap. They most likely will have to be separated from the rest of the population because their life will be threatened by other inmates. Even the bad guys know that it's wrong to harm a child and will most likely make them suffer. Unfortunately we(oklahomans) will have to pay for them to eat and watch tv for over 20 years, but they will get what they deserve from the evil inside of the hell!

Mar 13, 2010
What new Law?? It's total BS....
by: Fedup

Well, it's happening again. I have been hearing about twins, placed in foster care since they were 8 months old because the parents cannot abide them unless they are "perfectly quiet". Now, they are three...and there has been seven separate calls of abuse both mental and physical, the parents have lost visitation twice...because each time they got the kids for a "bonding afternoon"...they kids came back bruised and traumatized by this pair.

The DHS and Child Protective Services are working diligently to get those kids back to the disfunctional illiterate parents who cant hold their tempers....working to RETURN THE KIDS from the foster parents who are anguished over their inability to make the system see what is going on.

But today, they learned that the children have been awarded BACK to the parents...because they promised to take anger management for the THIRD TIME...

The ada in charge of the case stated publicly that the bruises and emotional withdrawal didnt indicate anything alarming...and the Judge in the case who's name I am still trying to get said on the record..."well, we will act when there are broken bones"

This Oklahoma law doesnt mean squat to those in charge of these children. They are willingly being party to the abuse both physical and emotional of these kids...they know it's happening, they see the marks and how scared those kids are...yet they are doing everything possible to return them to that miserable trailer with no electricity in the middle of nowhere...

The mother said today...them's my kids, and I am gonna show them what happens when they get all spoiled by you do gooders"

The foster parents have pleaded...but have been told they have no the people in Oklahoma City who are supposed to put the child first.

These kids are going to get hurt, and hurt bad...and this uncaring batch of malcontents called DHS and CPS..the ADA and especially that judge....they are all guilty of depraved indifference in allowing the abuse of children by skirting a law and replacing it with their flawed opinions.

There is absolutely nothing that can be done, except sit back, and wait for the call that one of them is dead. By "accident" of course...

Thanks OKC sons of bitches.

Mar 23, 2010
by: Anonymous

This sickens me, first off how could our system be so stupid? this child just couldnt break both legs be so bruised and our systen think she did it herself COME ON I blame our system, they should have NEVER give her back to her so called parents!!! this poor baby suffered for this long so they should also!! dont let them out of jail!! let the others inmates after them let Kelsey get her justice once and for all!!!!!

Mar 26, 2010
what about the DAD
by: Anonymous

I know the dad was away in the army but was he notified of the abuse allegations ? if so, could he have been sent home to get her some help? could he have taken her? It seems to me that her dad loved her and would have taken her away from her that horror if he would have known?

Apr 07, 2010
angry at all of the parties
by: Anonymous

well first off if the dad was in the army like they said he could have took leave. the millitary will let there soliders out for family issues. so where was he? did he care? i dont think so. and he was introuble several times for domestic viloence so he is no angle. and for the paternal grandparents they were just as guilty. leaving there house in there care with brusies and injurys. why did the pgm not take her to the er right away when she would not walk at all. seirously a 2 year old that will not walk no more something is wrong, and u should no that if your any kind of a person that had children. oh i forgot she gave her 2 children up. this poor little sweet girl did not deserve any of this from any of them. and she is the one who suffered. instead of all the fighting and bickering they should of put the time and effort into the little girl. there all GUILTY! and they all need to be punished for it. and they all will be asked by GOD why they let it happen.

Apr 13, 2010
Little Angel Kelsey
by: Anonymous

Im glad these awful excuses for human beings are in jail, but it will never bring precious little Kelsey back... Back so she could have the sort of childhood she so deserved... My god what is wrong with the world.. My stomach turns whenever i think of what that precious little angel must of went through... I can only hope that heaven does exist and that she is finally free... God bless you sweet angel.. your face will forever be etched into my heart and mind... So innocent and

Jun 11, 2010
God Bless Our Cildren
by: Vicki Fifield

Hopefully she will rot in prison along with her Loser ex ! Child abusers and child abuser enablers are the lowest of the lowest !!! Children Should Not Ever have to Suffer ! They are All Gifts From God ! They are at Peace with Him in Heaven...Never given a chance to follow their Path on Earth.... I Hope that All The Monsters Of Children Suffer Greatly In Hell ! God BLess Our Children ! May Someone Hear Their Cries and Stand Up for Them !

Jul 11, 2010
messed up people
by: Anonymous

all i know is that both the people didnt get nearly enough punishment. if i was this girls father i would have had my own punishment for that piece of s**t that only got 30 years.

Sep 21, 2010
by: Anonymous

I am so sick to my stomach over this! I cant get it out of my head, it hurts me so bad! I have a 2 yr old myself and the thought of this story makes me want to actually kill them myself!!!!!!!!! I hope they both burn in hell and never see the light of day again. These are true evil people. What kind of animal would want to hurt a sweet little 2 yr old baby??????????? WHY?? This is a man who should receive the death penalty. The mother should be kept in jail for life and think about her little girl every wakened moment !! Why isnt michael porter receiving the death penalty?? May Kelsey rest in peace and be thankful that she is away from these pigs! I know she is in a better place and has found peace.

Jan 14, 2011
Judicial System
by: Anonymous

I think that this is a terrible thing to ever happen, in fact, I know someone that is going through this very thing right now, I won't say any names or anything, but I think that our judicial system is messed up. I've known this person practically all of mine and their life and I know for a fact that they would never do this to their child, the baby isn't dead but has a couple of fractures. Despite all of that, our state (Oklahoma) points the finger directly to the male every time, without any type of evidence. And our Detectives lie saying that "he said, blah blah blah" but then they don't have the proof to back it up. I call BS on our JUDICIAL system.

Jan 18, 2011
No excuses
by: mary

Fedup has got it right imo but I would say the system is not just willfully indifferent but also(whether intentional or not)in collusion with and enablers of child abuse & child murder.Terrible to hear that the supposed new law,Kelseys Law? regarding child safety in Oklahoma has had little or no effect.What about the judges who send those kids back to their abusers?It's abysmal & deeply disturbing that kids will die & be abused & seriously,there were many occasions when people who are well-paid & trusted(by many) to perform their duties & do all they can & so much more to remove the child to a safe place immediately and have refrained from doing their jobs, a job that can save lives & help rebuild them. All they hark on about is oh they couldn't cos of this or that-bs, we don't buy it,they are taking kids off people who've done nothing far more regularly than from those who have & it must be so obvious that the child is being abused in situations like Kelseys,there's no valid excuses, it's like sending the sacrificial lambs to the slaughter & I have grave doubts over the intentions of CPA,SS et al & judicial system, their levels of 'incompetence' betrays them. Kelsey was highly visible to CPA, why was she returned each time to her blood relatives, none of them protected her & jus used her for their own subhuman filth.

Jan 19, 2011
Nothing has really changed
by: Anonymous

I read stories like this and am so saddened. I know a family with abused children. I have gone to the police and DHS. The children wont speak up so they have no case. Then I read stories like this, and I think, "Someday it will be too late."

Apr 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

As I continue to read about cases like this every year, I am sickened by Government's actions when children die at the hand of a Parent/Step-Parent/Family Member. Why do these people simply get prison sentences? Get rid of these useless humans sucking up tax payers money...and I don't mean by Lethal Injection either.......punishment needs to be alot harsher. I would also like to know what punishment the Judge who dismissed the concerns of the social worker with Child Protection Services and allowed this innocent child back in the home with her abusive Parents. We live in a Sick World!

Nov 21, 2011
More Good needs to come out of this!
by: proud momma of 4

I myself had a little blue eye, blonde haired little girl born around the time that Kelsey was born. Im not sure why im so deeply effected by what happened to Kelsey? Maybe because I was really young when I had my first daughter and despite my age, I would of given my life for my child and i would still give my life. The mother and step-father should of gotten death for taking such a beautiful life. I just pray that only more good comes out of this unspeakable act. Making one state with this law enforced just isnt enough after the suffering this little baby went through.Please, please, always be willing to stand up for a child that can't for her/his self.

Jan 19, 2012
by: Anonymous

i feel that what kelsey went through was horrible but i also feel that her mother did not deserve so much time.i believe that Raye is innocent but she failed to stop the abuse. however i believe michael porter is responsible for kelsey's death as well. To me it also seems like the paternal grandmother was trying to get kelsey taken away from the mother since she could not have custody herself. For example the car accident when she took pics and tried to claim abuse..she was ruthless but the point is kelsey is gone and most evidence is he say she say. we need solid evident to conclude anything further.

Mar 08, 2012
rip kelsey
by: desi

she deserves what she got, that so called "mother" was supposed to protect that little girl and failed her miserably!! i have been following this story since it happend and in my opinion their both guilty!! i also agree that she should NOT be able to have another child!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 23, 2012
my opinion
by: ariana

Sign one that that child was getting abused from both families she was taken away from her mother placed with paternal grandmother and both her legs are broken all visit were supervised family Briggs said it them selfs. Not from dhs state clearly how Kelsey reacted towards her mother and grandmother Briggs totally indifferent. That poor child had no defense she's was just a baby I just can't understand how both mother especially the wanna be victim father could not protect their own child.what human being does things that affect these children. I think this case should be over looked due to the failure of the legal system not finding and figuring out all evidence. And as a young mother of four all my respect to that child that lost her life because of selfishness.BUT BABY GIRL U ARE IN A BETTER PLACE.

Apr 16, 2013
Rest in Peace Kelsey.
by: MaryJeanette

I blame the State of Oklahoma's DHHS. Why did they continue to put her back in the care of two adults, who obviously had no right to raise the child. They should have kept her with her paternal grandmother until her father came back from military services.
R.I.P. you pure little girl. Fly away on angel wings and sing again.

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E-book: Victim To Victory

From Victim to Victory
a memoir

How I got over the devastating effects of child abuse and moved on with my life