The Torment Has to Stop

by Gayle
(Nova Scotia, Canada)

Well I finally did it! The story, as most are, is too complex for here. But I finally called the police to see about charging both persons who treated me like a dog when I was a child/youth, then again as an adult. I now have chronic disabilities because of the abuse that was heard in 9 years of court battles. Nine years that my son and I endured, but they did not as Nova Scotia Victim Services had me fight and talk about all my abuse for 9 years for medical money that was already mine.

I do not know who can take the case . . . the police and the Crown already knew all about this abuse when I become a ward. They did nothing, but then forced me to testify in sexual abuse matters twenty years later when they forgot to do the investigation when I was 16 years old. So after 3 university degrees at Dalhousie, including a social work degree, and after working for the government while doing community work, all the while raising my beautiful son, they took my entire life from me because they neglected to enforce the law.

Then I was re-victimized. But so that the public did not find out about how the Crown and police were implicated, I was the target of merciless abuse. After 7 years of it, including police harassment and false incarcerations, I attempted to take my life.
Tonight was the last act of abuse I will endure from the scum that abused me as a child, from the people who should have been in prison a long time ago for what they did to me and my brothers and then my son, who lost his mother through those 9 years of hearings (because CPS and the judicial system are beyond incompetent) and then to disabilities. I lost count of the times I had to send my son away because of my rages that others provoked, others who enjoy the very life they took from me and my son.

The police just returned my message and referred me to the RCMP: we shall see how this goes. In the meantime, I am looking for emergency shelter, and then it's back to public housing for me. I cannot express the torture of having two landlords who abused me in ways that were just variations of the abuse they did to me as a child. I have not slept well since 1992, when the Crown forced me to testify on a 20-year-old case. I hope with these two now in prison (since there is no statute of limitations), I will begin to sleep again. Even if for a little bit.

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