Tearless But Tearful Child Abuse

by Carl
(Halifax, Canada)

Today I witnessed a horrific occurrence while at work. While doing a garbage run in the store, I heard the loud voice of a customer, ".....see this is why I don't take you anywhere." She was LOUD. No other customers were around and I think she was caught up in her rage not to notice me down the aisle to the left of her. I looked over and saw her toddler boy, maybe 2 years old. He was in the shopping cart seat where the push bar is. I continued on changing a garbage bag. I could hear the woman again. As I looked up and over, I was shocked as I watched the women punch the helpless boy in the face. It seemed like it was in slow motion. His head bent back. The child never made a sound. Not a tear. I dropped my bag. I looked behind her to see a man considerably taller than her dressed in a white t shirt with bright colors through the center on the front. He looked directly at me. I couldn't believe this just happened. I quickly thought of intervening. I didn't know what to do.

I left my stuff and went quickly to the office to call the police. Two top-tier managers and the #1 manager were there. I told them what I witnessed. They were quick to tell me it was in my best interest not to get involved as in the end it would be me that suffers.

I feel like I'm suffering now 'cause I did shit to help that little boy. I made up for the poor boys tears. I feel like shit. I was given an opportunity to help that boy from years of pain and I blew it. God forgive me.

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