Swept Under Rug

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Well it started when I was very young 2-3 years old. I can't remember how it started but I remember some stuff that did happen. My uncle was around 15 years old and I just remember him touching me inappropriately and making me watch porn with him and making me do things to him. He would tell me it was a game and we had to do it before I could do anything like go play outside. He wouldn't let me go out unless I did things with him...

Fast forward a few years and my mom is catching me touching myself down there and she's constantly asking me who taught me and she would beat me when she caught me. One night I finally told her who did it and she freaked out on him. I don't remember much after that but my whole family swept it under the rug. I was forced to see him at every family event which really confused me. I thought what he did was normal.

Most of the women in my family including my sister and me have been sexually abused at one point in our lives and they were all brought up with the idea of what happens at home stays at home.

Fast forward to now. My other uncle was murdered on Christmas this past year in 2015 in his front yard and at his funeral my uncle that abused me was there and I fainted. He asked if I was okay and I just lost it and cried in his arms and after almost 13 years of hating him wishing he was dead wanting to die being confused and heart broken feeling disgusted being abused after that physically and mentally from my other family members and just going through this life journey and living through absolute hell and in the process finding peace and acceptance and healing from everything that has gone on in my life I cried on his shoulder and told him I forgave him and I love him and he told me he was sorry and it was the most freeing feeling. A weight was lifted off my shoulders that day and I just wanna thank God for showing me how to heal and learn to forgive.

This isn't all of my story but it's the most important part I wanna share. I'm 15 years old and this happened a while ago and more things just spiraled out of control after that horrible disgusting evil things but I got through. I've healed and learned and have grown from my struggles and I just wanna let you know there really is greener grass on the other side. Pull through it and don't give up.

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