Special Report: Child Abuse in State-Run Reform School

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Note from Darlene: 
I received the following submission several days ago. It's taken me some time to read the disturbing accounts of unimaginable abuse at the Florida School for Boys that was relayed in the special report (links are below). Having done so, I felt that the details provided in the report were certainly worthy of a link on my site. This is information we in society need to know about so that steps can be implemented to NEVER again allow it to be repeated.

I do give a heads up to my visitors who find that reading details of brutal child abuse is too difficult. I also recommend that those of you who go to the links provided below should have a support system in place, someone to turn to in order to help you deal with any emotional fallout that you might experience as a result of reading through the report.

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I'd like to recommend this special report by the St. Petersburg Times, detailing decades of horrific abuse at the Florida School for Boys.


The complete story can be found at:

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