Sexual Child Abuse: Male vs Female Offenders

by John James
(Los Angeles, California, USA)

One thing that outrages me as a survivor is that dead-headed double standard that is common (EVEN HERE!) with respect to Female Sex Offenders. Teacher-RAPISTS are called Teacher-LOVERS and are said to "FALL IN LOVE" OR "HAVE A RELATIONSHIP" with their prey. In fact, these ruthless and merciless rapists are RAPISTS who RAPE their prey. To call rape 'LOVE' or "RELATIONSHIP" or "AN EDUCATION" is to rape boys twice...once by the perverted predator and once by the ignorant and reverse-sexist society that coddles and condones and often encourages the predator.

Since this is one of the most credible sources on child sexual abuse, please correct these entries. Please show how societies and authorities rape survivors with double standards like these and please call for single standards for female sex offenders. One female sex offender in California who raped and murdered a little girl recently indulged in the most convincing sorrow-mongering I have seen in court. For those who didn't know any better we would see HER as the victim here.

Somehow we need to demand that women and men become able to call and challenge this kind of emotional manipulation that female predators use to escape justice. To do that we need knowledge that shows how women like her all too often manipulate the system to either escape justice or to gain ridiculously low (and reverse-sexist) sentences as compared to those for men who commit similar crimes.

From Darlene: You are very passionate about this cause, John. And I sense you are in a great deal of pain. I admire your passion and I feel for the pain that you've had to endure.

I agree with your position; there is a double standard with regard to male and female sex offenders. And I can understand why you see my site as feeding into that double standard.

For the benefit of my other visitors, what John is taking issue with is the appearance of a double standard in the way male and female sex offenders are portrayed on this site with respect to the information pages. As I said, I can understand why he feels this way.

The female sex offender page relates specifically to a study done on female sex offenders that resulted in "groups" listed (study conducted by Rudin, et al). The Teacher/Lover category is what John is taking issue with, especially as it compares to the male sex offender page, which refers to males in one category as Child Rapist. More follows in my comments.

A Video Reading by Darlene BarriereNote from Darlene: I regret that I can no longer continue the practice of commenting on visitor submissions to the degree I have in the past, as I am currently writing a book on healing from child abuse. I ask that you please read my post of June 24, 2009 titled Announcement Regarding my Comments for a complete explanation. I welcome you to follow my progress on my Facebook page at Healing from Child Abuse. When you get there, don't forget to click onto the Become a Fan link. I do hope to hear from you there.

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