Sexual Child Abuse: Light at the End of the Tunnel?

by Peter H. Schmedding
(Canberra, Australia)

Out of the range of disturbing experiences in our lives, the act of having been sexually abused/raped/molested as a child is surely one of the most traumatic events. Is it any wonder that those who have been affected in this way are likely to carry a load of bitterness, insecurity and even guilt? Is it any wonder that in many cases their shattered self esteem prevents them from leading a successful life?

Looking at the issue from a different viewpoint, however, does wallowing in all those negatives HELP the person in any way? How can we escape the never-ending loop of resentment and bitterness? Would it possible for us helping, to stem the tide of ever-increasing reports of child molestation in our parts of the world?

For anyone who is willing to take a positive step, it would be useful to investigate the causes of the problem. That means, really looking into the mind of a pedophile. And, more importantly, can such an insight help us to protect our kids from the evil that is pedophilia?

There is a free publication on the net that deals with those matters. By going far beyond the primary topic, it outlines how the personality develops from their earliest days. Case histories examine how our society in certain cases actually (although unknowingly) creates a pedophile - a bitter pill to swallow. And yet, it is those cases that show the way to avoid the proliferation of sexual child abuse and help us on the way toward a sexually more mature and healthier future world.

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