Sexual Child Abuse - Angry Warren County New Jersey Residents

by Name Undisclosed

The countless victims of former Warren County Sheriff Edward G. Bullock need help to raise public awareness about a miscarriage of justice that has been allowed to go on for far too long, Edward Bullock might possibly be one of the worst pedophiles and mass molesters in not only New Jersey state history but throughout the nation, during his tenure as Warren County Sheriff Edward Bullock Molested & Raped unfathomable amounts of boys while county employees and officials turned a blind eye to his predation for over a decade! The County never did anything to stop him or help any of the victims and never bothered to thoroughly investigate this matter, it refused to try and locate any of his other victims or do anything to let their own negligence and indifference become known to the public; instead choosing to try and cover this matter up and continuing to do so until this day!

Edward Bullock's activities became known to individuals outside of warren county when the New Jersey State Police began investigating a pedophile ring that the former Sheriff used to frequent and drive to and from in his Police Cruiser, often bringing boys. An undercover State Trooper posing as a teen boy got Bullock dead to rights trying to engage him in sexual acts and he subsequently admitted to molesting and coercing 8 other boys. The County continued to stonewall the investigation, drag its feet and did not want to charge him and let its own negligence be made public so the matter was eventually moved to a neighboring county because of conflicts of interest.

The Republican Sheriff had just won re-election during this period and was given a sweetheart deal approved by the then Attorney General, Governor and Secretary of State (against the recommendation of NJSP and a public outcry) He was allowed to plead guilty to the allegation of misconduct for failure to report sexual acts upon a minor (for not reporting himself), He was not required to register as a sex offender and would receive a pension which incidentally has totaled more than $500,000 to date. He then vanished out of the public eye and his activities have not been known since, he lives in an unsuspecting community with state sponsorship and has been free to carry on with his horrific pedophile ways.

There has been numerous victims to come forward throughout the years but Warren County always refused to do anything, citing statute of limitations or numerous other excuses but always with the same policy of doing nothing to help the victims or removing this predator from the streets. Then finally a victim came forward that could not be ignored because he was under the age of 13 when sexually assaulted by the former Warren County Sheriff Edward G. Bullock and since the State of New Jersey has no statute of limitations on this type of Sexual Assault the county has no choice to deal with it.

However, the current Warren County Prosecutor Richard Burke is stalling the case and hoping the former 84 year old Sheriff will die before he is forced to do something about this matter, it is unclear whether it is political pressure from Warren County Freeholders, not wanting to expose the county to liability or other self-interests but that fact remains that the prosecutor refuses to charge at this time even though his own investigators who concluded their respective investigations last year have strongly been urging him to so they can finally arrest Bullock and his victims can get closure!

This story has been reported here in our area in the express times but it is an under staffed and funded paper with a small circulation, while it has been a thorn in the county's side every time it’s on the front page but lacks the major coverage needed to draw attention to this matter and force the county to do the right thing. The Victims of Sheriff Edward G. Bullock and Warren County Corruption need help to bring more public awareness to this issue and encourage anyone to Call, Write, Email, Post & Comment on what is happening to County/State officials & any News Organizations demanding action!

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