Rocks, wool, plants and tools

by Name Undisclosed

Rocks certainly do rock! I have personally built more than 35m of drystone wall about 1m high out of uncut basalt rock. Blistered hands, callouses, aching arms-back-legs? You bet! And worth every bit. Finding just the right rock takes all your mental energy and spatial reasoning - never let it be said that women can't do spatial reasoning as well as men.

I also bought a rundown old house with a very overgrown garden that I have started to restore. I started by pulling out all the weeds and uncovering the structure of the old garden. It is a thrill to see the plants come up once the weeds have been cleared away and they have sunshine and room to breathe.

The house is also in need of a lot of love and care and I am slowly (very slowly) rebuilding and repairing. It has seen the damage of time and some rather poor decisions from previous owners, but I am taking up the tools and putting back to how it should be. I love my growing collection of power tools, hand tools and some wild design-your-own tools that I have purposely built.

In between times, (and I have to say this keeps me fairly well occupied in my down time), I knit! Knit knit knit. Bunnies, bears, mice, cars, sheep, scarves, beanies, blankets, anything. Then I give it away before I am overrun with woolen objects.

I think all of these things have the benefit that you can see the results of your hard work. That always leaves you feeling like you have achieved something.

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