Relationship Violence Story From Tiger

by Tiger
(London, England)

I have had six-year relationship with a very manipulative and scary guy i dont uderstand why i stay i just do. but heres what hes done to me.
Hes thrown chairs at me
kicked the s**t out of me
slammed me in doors
locked me in rooms
broken 3 phones
beat me up with crutches
cut my leg open by throwing a cup at me
strangled me
smashed my head against the floor
controlled me
deleted my work
hacked my Facebook
smushed food in my face
ripped my hair out
pinned me to the bed and threatened me to tell him the truth then hits me whatever my answer several times
beaten me several times with huge bruises
given me 3 black eyes
cut my lip open
threw door at me
stuck his fingers up me in an aggressive way ie sexully
threatened to rape me
called me many names
steals my stuff to make me stay locks me in the house
throws me around
thrown meat juice in my face
cut himself in front of me many times
tried to put knife in my hand and put his neck to it
threatened me with knife several times
chased me down the road
spat in my face several times
strangled my dog and threatened to throw him in the train tracks as well as threatening to send him pound let him free out of house.
makes me sleep with no covers and or pillow
locks me in rooms turns lights off and electric so cant do anything but sit.
smashed a mop in my face
broken alot of my stuff by stamping on it ripping throwing it
torn alot my clothes off and on me
torn my paperwork up
taken money forcibly from my account and stole from my purse
that's the main bits im quite a calm person i have never been in a fight with anyone not even argument im very shy and quiet these are all unprovoked.

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