Relationship Violence Story From Melissa

by Melissa
(United Kingdom)

I am glad I split up with such a violent person: 
Basically I met a lad over Facebook and we started talking almost everyday we arranged to meet up so we did. I had the most amazing day with D-- (ex). I then asked him out and I was so happy I had met such a nice gorgeous decent lad, the first 2 months we spent together were so amazing and perfect, I couldn't of been more happier. But then one day he caught me speaking to a close friend of mine which was a lad and he grabbed my arm and pinched it & told me not to speak to him again, I didn't really think anything of it at first because I loved him.. We then started to argue quite alot after that and he would say the most awful horrible things to me ever like 'oh you're such a sl** i hate you i wish you were dead' it hurt alot but i didn't split up with him, which was stupid. It got worse and everytime we argued I would ignore him because i couldn't stand arguing with him and he would become voilent, he would punch me if I didn't answer him, grab me and start pulling me about like i was some sort of doll. I would come home in almost a new bruise everyday but I couldn't tell my mam and dad as I felt ashamed of it. D-- would say sorry for what he did and he promised he wouldnt do it again, but that was a lie. I was scared to death of him and I just didnt have the guts to say 'its over' he smashed at least four of my phones, trash almost everything i had which was pretty annoying. He told me that if i told anyone what he did to me then he would basically kill me, i was so frightened. I remember having a drink of vodka in his room and i felt abit tipsy, we argued yet again he grabbed me and pushed me onto his bed got his hands around my neck and made me strip so i did, he then forced himself onto me and i just remember crying. He got off me and went out for a fag, came back in and said sorry, i just got angry so i smashed a glass across his back which i regret doing.. he turned around and elbowed me in the private parts, kicked and punched my belly which caused me to have a miscarriage and he strangled me, he let go after when i could hardly breathe. I hated him so much but i just didnt have any guts to tell him to leave me alone. One night i ha enough of it all and said 'its over i cant be doing with taking anymore beatings, its horrible' i walked off this was about 1 in the morning, i remember crying walking up a road it was quiet and no one was around, i turned around and there he was, shouting in my face calling me a sk**, slag, sl**, etc.. i kicked him in the private parts, big mistake. He got my head and hit it against a metal bar thingy, he kicked me and punched me a few times. I am so lucky to still be alive and I am glad that i split up with him, no one should go through this type of abuse. Its wrong, when you first notice the signs tell the police. x

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