Relationship Violence Story From Audri

by Audri
(New Jersey, USA)

I was a freshman in High School (my big year) We were in the crowded hallway in school, then i felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see who it was. It was Him. I didnt know him but he was cute. (as every teenage girl would say) He gave me a compliment, "you know you're really gorgeous, just thought i'd let you know." This made my day. I couldn't stop thinking about him. When i got home from school, i logged onto Facebook as i usually do. I had a friend request. It was from him and i immediately accepted it. He would IM me sweet things and then he asked for my number. So i gave it to him. We talked and talked and talked. He was everything i looked for in a guy. He finally asked me to be his girlfriend, and of course i said yes. So now we walked down the hallway hand in hand, he walked me to my classes, and we sat together at lunch with all of his friends. He was a junior, so this was big for me being a "freshman" and all. I was so love blind i couldnt see that i was distancing my friends and ditching cheer practice to be with him. Then it happened. Him being well-known he was invited to all parties. So he wanted me to come with him to a party. I knew kids would be drinking since they were juniors & seniors. So i had a bad feeling. I told him no but he soon convinced me like always. The party was getting out of hand so i scanned the house for him. I finally found him, tipsy, but stable. I told him i wanted to leave so he listened. We got in his car parked far from the party. He seemed angry so i simply touched his arm to see if my boyfriend was okay. He turned around so quick and slapped me hard. He never explained why he slapped me. All he said was that he was sorry. I forgave him. Big mistake. He was held back by the teacher in class one day so i was walking myself to class. Then my guy friend started walking with me. We were talking and catching up on things but i didnt think it was bad to talk to him. I soon learned that when my boyfriend grabbed me arm and told my guy friend to "keep on walking." now i was late to class and facing a veryyy angry boy. As soon as my friend was out of sight, he grabbed my wrists & slammed me against a locker. He called me a whore and a slut for talking to other guys. Then out of nowhere he slapped me again. This time harder. I walked alone to class that day 5 min late without a pass=detention. I was now becoming more popular with my boyfriend being a junior so now everyone noticed my bruises and red marks on my cheek. Ppl asked but i always had an excuse. They believed me as always. I remember the worst night of my life. It was prom and he asked me to go. Wait more like told me i was going with him. My parents werent so excited about me going being so young but i told them not to worry. Wrong. We danced the night away and for the first time i had my sweet boyfriend back. Until he saw me talking with my friends. Talking to other ppl=flirting or talking about him. He beat me that day. He kept punching my arms and legs. Kicking me in my stomach. Places where i could cover up. As he was hurting me he kept calling me names. "Youre a sl*t! F***ing whore! Get up sl*t! Get up!" i was too hurt and sore to get up. So he beat me some more. He apologized for and i just cant seem to give up on him :/ i love him too much. Im a sophomore now and i'm still with him. I don't know what I should do.

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