Not Innocent Curiosity

by Name Withheld
(New York)

I was bullied and molested from the age of 4-7 by the neighborhood boys. The two most common were 2 years older, the other 3 years older than I.

In those days, Mom and Dad were working and abusing any substance available. After school, you went outside. We would go into the woods (like any American boy at that time). At first, it was we won't play with you unless you perform specific acts. The older boy making the rules, the younger one helping persuade me. This was almost daily. I told my mother once. She promptly confronted the other parents (drunk). They were grounded for a couple days. It was chalked up as playing doctor.

As you can imagine, when my "friends" came back out, it didn't go well for me. They tricked me into the woods. This time, they beat the crap out of me. Held me down and took turns raping me as I cried. That attack was far from innocent child curiosity.

It stayed like that for quite awhile. At one point, I was ganged up on by at least 5 boys at once. I’m not completely sure of the exact number. I do however distinctly remember two of them had began puberty. That’s all I'm going to write for now.

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