Nobody Helps

by Alexis S
(New Jersey, USA)

My entire life, one of the two people who were supposed to be the ones who I trusted the most, deceived me. My father. There is not one positive moment I remember having with him. He always came after me, he has never physically harmed my sister, it was always me and my mom. He would even keep a gun on his nightstand.

The events I remember are from when I was about 5 years old to the present. I am 19 years old now. Everything before the age of 5 is a blur.

For the longest time, my mom worked at a hair salon while attending college. Whenever my mom left for work, I knew I was in danger. About 20 minutes after my mom leaving for work, my Dad would begin screaming. I would go downstairs to see why he was screaming and then he would pick me up by my neck, and pin me against the kitchen wall. His hands would grip my neck so tight. I could not yell, or make a sound. He would continue to choke me until my face turned purple and I could not get any air into my lungs. Than he would just throw me on the ground like I was a useless object.

If I did not move out of the spot where he threw me, he would grab a cold, hard object and beat me with it. I do not know what that object was, however, it felt like metal. Than he said, “If you tell your mom a thing, I will kill you next time.” Then he would take his belt off and hit me with that too.

After getting beaten, I would always go up to my room and wonder why I was getting treated like this. Was I a bad kid? Did I deserve punishment?

The same course of events would continuously happen up until I was about 10 years old, when my parents got a divorce.

One of the worst time, we were getting ready to go stay at my grandmom’s, then I heard my mom scream. I ran to see what was going on and he was choking her, then threw her on her shoulder and she could not move. I ran outside to call the police and while I was talking to the police, my dad chased me and took my phone away from me. He tried to hit me too, so I had to think fast because my mom was hurt and I had to help her, I could not get hurt too. I punched my dad between his legs as hard as I possibly could so that I would have time to run to my mom. He chased me around back. Once I got onto the deck, I grabbed a big stick, and hit him with it. When I got in the house I locked the doors, and me and my sister got my mom into the car. While she was trying to drive to the hospital, he would not let go of the car door. So, my mom just drove anyway. She was in so much pain it was hard for her to drive, but me and my sister were 10 and 7 so we could not drive her car. While we were in the hospital for her, I finally told my mom what my dad was doing to me. I finally realized, “I am not a bad kid”, and that he is just a piece of sh*t.

We talked to the police, but they did not help. The court forced my sister and I to see my father on the weekends.

Every time we would see him, it was absolute hell. He would always take our phones away so we could not contact my mom or anyone. He would still continue to hit me.

He then lost his visitation rights and he had supervised visitations and we had to be in a public place. He chose his shi**y girlfriend to be the supervisor.

My sister and I thought of a plan to get away. We were going to say we were going to the bathroom, but then, escape. Once I said we are going to the bathroom, he made his girlfriend follow us. She was holding the stall door and did not let me go in. I had to hit her to get her off the stall door, and then she stood in front of it and held the door so I could not get out. Employees came into the restroom and did not help. Asking for help was pointless at this point because nobody wanted to help.

Another time when he had supervised visitations, he drove us to Pennsylvania going over 100 miles per hour. We got to Pennsylvania from New Jersey in 15 minutes or less. He tried to take my phone, but I put it down my shirt so he could not get it, but the sick man that he was he went down my shirt to get it. My sister and I were screaming for help because we did not know what his plan was. He told me he was going to kill me every single day. Was this going to be the time he finally did it?

He did not kill me, but he still constantly beat and choked me and threatened to kill me.

As I got older, I began sticking up for myself more and more. However, he just got angrier. Then he finally disappeared for a while, and we thought were all fine. Of course, that was not the case.

He contacted me again, saying he was in a traumatic accident and he was dying. He had pulled the dying card for years. He was still constantly bothering me and harassing me. I finally blocked his number, then he kept emailing me. He would not stop. Since I could not block his email address, I just sent it to spam. Then he kept calling from a landline. I blocked that too. He claims my mom forced me to block him. In reality, if I don’t answer numerous times, I don’t want to f***ing talk.

To this day he is using my mom’s Social Security, renting out apartments, getting certifications and a bunch of stuff in her name. He is using my Social Security and has a bank account in my name and was taking money from my sister with that account. Of course, the police don’t do anything. It is unfair that I am always going to live in fear because they let this sick man run, around stalking my every move. It’s a shame. Nobody helps.

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