No Statute of Limitations on Sexual Child Abuse

by Slyvia
(Michigan, USA)

As a mother I watched my daughter struggle for many years. Seeing her go from a bright, out-going, talkative little girl to a withdrawn, terrified, and quiet little girl. Wondering for years and asking after asking if someone had hurt her. Seeing her go through convulsions, seizures, black outs, constantly being in the nurses office at school. It took 6 years due to threats by her abuser for her to come forward. I never once dreamed that someone in my own family could do this. Let alone a female. My daughter, while
in the hospital after speaking with a Physicians Assistant on one of her many visits via the emergency ambulance, the P.A told her she "had something that she was keeping far back in her mind" and needed to speak of it. She finally confessed to me that her cousin who was 15 at the time, did sexually molest her. What was even more shocking to me was that her cousin was a female, and the things that she did to my daughter, did scar her for life. She'll never forget the stalking and threats at school, she'll never forget what that sick molester did to her and the even sadder thing is that there have been other children who have come forward only to have their parent's keeping them from saying anything because they feel "you don't report family". It is wrong that she is allowed to continue to molest children and since she was a minor when my daughter was molested it is even harder to get her prosecuted, this was a violent rape and assault, not just a touch and a touch would have been bad enough. Molesters get worse over time, and now she has her own child. We pray every night for that little boy because he is at the disposal for his own mother to molest him. My heart cries for him and for my daughter and all these years of her suffering. She is finally getting better, and has improved talking
about it. I'm pushing the fact that under-age molesters should be treated as adults and also that there should not be a statue of limitations in the state of Michigan when it comes to under-age molesters prosecution. No one has the right to do this to ANYONE!!!!! I thank God for his justice and know that even if our failing judicial system doesn't do anything, that when they get to the gates of heaven that God will have his justice upon their souls. This web-site is very wonderful and yet so heartbreaking.

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