My ex girlfriend's abuse needs to be heard

by Pete
(Nova Scotia, Canada)

I dated this girl for a month. In that month, it was horrifying. I dumped her because her mother and sister were so manipulative. They were the nicest people you could ever meet around company. The sister had a restraining order on her. She had been removed because of her mother.

My ex has been in a women's shelter 3 times. She's one private girl. She had her life threatened, locked in closets, tied to chairs, they even tied her to the bed. They're two sick women. My girlfriend loved her sister. Don't ask me why. They have problems. The sister even babysits kids. I wouldn't let her babysit mine. My ex has had to hide bruises. Her family would never help her. I tried, but she would get beat every time I tried.

The last I heard about my ex, she left the home. Good for her. She is working on a farm somewhere. I wish her all the best, and am sorry she lost her job. Her mother took it. It was a hundred dollars a month, but she didn't want her boss to know what was happening at home, so her mother took her job. What a mother. Well, she's happy now, and good luck to her in her life to come.

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