by Jessica Q
(Miami, Florida, USA)

I'm 14 and my dad abuses me and my brother. He yells at us and makes us wanna commit suicide.

I was once in the car with my dad and he was arguing about my weight and he said "Jessica u eat to much u gain to much weight you are so fat look at me I skinny" and I said "can you please be quiet" it was in a serious mad tone and he had grabbed my head and smashed it to the car and he said "don't ever disrespect me like that" and he does the same thing to my brother.

My dad thinks he's always right and perfect. He also argues with my mom and she gets mad.

Once I was at the library and doing a project with my friends and I was done and then my friends was like "come in Jessica let's go play at the playground" and I said "sure", and my dad had called me on my phone yelling "WHERE ARE YOU". I pretended I was at the library (I know it was wrong) and he said "I'm at the library looking for you" so I quickly hurried to the bench in the front and said "I'm sitting here waiting for you" and he saw me at the playground and he had yelled at the phone and my friends heard him from the other side and he yelled at me in front of my friends making me feel bad ;( and he started saying "WHY WERENT YOU AT THE LIBRARY". I tried to play it cool at the library, but he just kept yelling at me. Outside, I was trying to act really tough and play it cool and telling my friends "he doesn't really mean it" but on the inside my heart was crushed and sad. I felt like I just got stabbed in the heart. I was never embarrassed in front of my friends and then they stopped hanging out with me......!

Then after 9 weeks had passed, I had another project for history class and he forgot about all that and I was doing my work with my partners and then it was late and my dad said go to him when I'm done. I was saving it and gonna do it at home cuz the library was about to close, then I played a little bit with my friends and I saw him pass and he was at the door and he banged on the door and yelled "WHAT ARE YOU DOING". Everybody was staring at me and I was embarrassed again (I know it was really wrong of me to play instead of doing my work). Then my friend had said "my mom don't like you cause she scared of your dad". My friend had said her mom said this, "damn he's not a good father what kind of father yells at his daughter I wish I could adopt her she deserves to be in a good loving family" and for now I'm still trying to fix our relationship but he just keeps yelling at me.

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