My Best Friend's Child Abuse Story

by Kendra
(Michigan, USA)

I had a very good friend up until February 4th 2007. She lived with her mother and two brothers. At first when she would tell me things it didn't click with me what was happening and how much worse it would get. She told me when she was about 10 and I was 11 that her brothers would urinate into cups and pour it on her while she was showering. Not long after that her and her family moved and came back. Her brothers were bigger than her by that point and her mother was never there.

I only stayed the night at her house once. Her brother ended up slamming my head into the corner of the couch and then her other brother came home high. Needless to say, the mother wasn't there.

She told me about one of the holes in her bedroom wall which was where her older brother had put her head through it. She would stay entire weeks at my dad's house even if I wasn't there. She once walked to my house with no shoes because her brothers wouldn't let her have them. We did report the abuse once, and there was a restraining order but by that time it didn't matter.

On Thursday February 7th 2007 she died. Because as a result of the beatings from her brothers she began having seizures, her mother wouldn't keep up on buying the medication, and by this time when she finally had a chance and was on her own she had a seizure in her sleep and passed on. She was like my little sister. And now when I visit her grave I can't help but be angry because all they gave her as a grave marker was a wooden cross with her name on it and a rock. I wish I could have done something more for her. I miss her with all of my heart.

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