Mom Don't Care

by Name Undisclosed
(Las Vegas, USA)

When I was five I was molested by my cousin and my brother. I didn't know anything about sex, and I was brainwashed.

The first person that touch me was my cousin. He and my aunt and my other cousins were staying with us at the time and me and my brother were upstairs and my mom and the rest of the family wouldn't have thought that I would be molested... Anyways, I was upstairs just playing by myself because I had no friends at the time or younger cousins over... I remember him and my brother were getting ready to go to the movies and they were taking showers... and my brother was standing in the hall of his bedroom and my cousin called me over... He pulled down my pants and he (you know) he did what he did... the f***ed up part is my brother stood there watching... They took turns touching me... and it kept going on until my aunt and cousins left... Then my brother started doing it every night and forcing me to do everything to him you can name... I still can't tell my mom till this day.

Even the kid that was 17 and I was 12 at the time molested me... I was molested by my cousin's friend and I started acting out sexually and got in trouble and my mom noticed but she and my dad both knew that my brother molested me... That's why my dad got drunk every night cuz it jutted him... It's like my mom don't give a damn.

When I was 9, I told my mom about my cousin touching me... she told me I was lying and I hated her so much... I know all this sh*t happened because when I was younger I was in class and told the teacher I was being touched and the case was brought up against my brother... and my mom dropped it...

I'm gay... I always been gay... I'm a female by the way... I just wish I had the strength to tell my mom... but she don't care... I dress like a whole man and till this day my brother still looks at me sexually and acts like it to... He is a child molester and I hope all of them burn in hell.

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