by Darlene Barriere
(Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada)

A Spiritual Awakening

A Spiritual Awakening

I've been meditating for some time now, but until recently, I've never reached a place of true inner peace. I've always had a mantra or some such pointer to keep my thoughts focused.

I've now come to realize that thoughts are unnecessary clutter. Interruptive noise. A barrier to transcending to a deep inner place.

Thoughts no longer play a dominant role. Thoughts are merely observed, then drop away. Unimportant. Irrelevant. Replaced with internal energy.


In and out.

Chest rising and falling.





A place of peace.

Of contentment.

Of joy.

Of consciousness.

One with all form.

One with all energy.

One with the Universe.

Meditation on a dimension of transcendence.


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