Letter to a Monster

by Patricia
(New York, USA )

I'm writing you this to finally get off my chest! How could you take away my childhood! Instead of being daddy's little girl you used me as a rag doll. How and why would you do this to me! You were supposed to be a father and protect me. Instead you used me! And my mom did nothing to protect her own daughter from this monster. You get remarried and you allowed the same thing to continue.

I was afraid, scared to tell anybody but guess what. I speak out after 30 years!!! This is my JOURNEY to HEALING!!!

Patricia, NY - Personal Story of Healing & Triumph!

My Journey:

You think talking about abuse is hard, try living it!

I wrote a 10-page letter about my abuse. I was sexually abused by my real father AND from my mother's husband who I refuse to call a step-father.

The abuse took place when I was a few months old from my real father. After my parents got a divorce, the other abuse (from my mom's new husband) was taking place from ages 8-13. I remember every word and every move. I never told anyone cause I was told he would kill me.

Well, I finally opened up after 30 years and I have survived and lived to tell my story.


What kept me going and helped me to not give up and to keep moving forward, was the strength I found when I had my children. Now, I have moved on and also found strength in my supportive boyfriend who helps to keep me going!

I keep my mind on positive things and the bad memories are stored away in my memory bank. I keep busy with my life and through this new found strength by sharing my story, I want to help and inspire others! By talking about my story, I'm not ashamed anymore; I moved on and am flying free!!!!

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