Lessons Learned From Spanking: An Issue of Child Abuse

by Mark
(Location Undisclosed)

I learned all those lessons (see article on this site What Spanking Really Teaches for a list of those lessons) from all the spankings I received from my mother growing up. I especially learned the part about fear and being a "bad" boy. I am now in my thirties and still struggle with these issues.

At work or in my social life, I constantly worry about what will happen if I do some thing wrong. I always expect the worst, like my boss is going to be extremely upset or I am going to get fired. If I do make a mistake, I do think that I am a 'bad' person and that I deserve any punishment I am going to get. It is very debilitating to live my life this way and I am trying to change, but it is extremely difficult since these responses were created while I was in my earliest and most vulnerable stage of development.

The use of spanking destroys what should be loving relationship and sense of safety between a child and a parent. How can a child confide in a parent, feel safe, or loved when he feels that if he makes a mistake that he will be humiliated by being stripped of his clothing and spanked?

Note from Darlene: I believe the above message was too valuable to leave as a comment following my article What Spanking Really Teaches, where only a limited number of people would view it. I have, therefore, moved the above to this article page from where it was originally.

I do not know if this is the same Mark as the one who shared his story on this site already. Even if it isn't the same person, please read Mark's Child Abuse Story in order to understand the impact spanking had on him as a child.

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