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Oct 12, 2009
Sad reality...
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

I agree Mona, society DOES put more value "things" than they do on people, especially when those people are children. Perhaps we will one day shift our priorities toward the rights of children. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this with my visitors and me.

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Oct 12, 2009
Juristiction throughout the World Fail our children
by: `maurice

Great to read positive thinking on what should be done to child abusers. Jail is some of the more cruel and vicious types of abuse on innocent children is even far too lenient a sentense. I have come accross horrific abuse stories in my life time and read equally as horrific On Darlene Site. A lomg term jail sentence for all abusers is deffineately the answer. Children need to be heard when it comes to abuse. Safer ways and protection need also to be put in place for children to tell. On Darlene site which I believe gives an abused child the opportunity to tell someone in confidence and is a safe haven. Sadly Darlene does and can only listen with her tender heart and professionally encourage the writer to get help from a counsellor or a therapist. Darlene is I am certain the one who begins the healing process in many of her visitors lives. Her site to me gives the chance for someone to sit in the safety of their room at the computer the chance to tell of their abuse. She sure knows the true story and the hurting individual. Her comments help all of her many visitors. Thank you MONA for being ever so concerned even though you have never experienced abuse yourself standing up for those who are and have been abused. Isolate Them, especialy the ones who cruelly and sadistically abuse the innocent and the vunerable.

Oct 13, 2009
Jail Time
by: Rose

If only longer Jail time would solve it!

It's harder to sit and go through the process and heartache that leads to the jailtime...

Do I tell?
Who do I tell?
What if they hate me?
Who am I going to hurt?

But most of all...

"Will they believe me"?

Reality is, most of us victims are too scared to even start the process!

Thats why more has to be done to help victims and guide them so they will speak up!

Help the community be more aware and know that this is so much more common than anyone would like to imagine!

Ignorance seems to be bliss for so many people...

Anyhoo, thank you for your post! Im not sure if longer Jail time will ever happen, but something needs to change! :(

Oct 13, 2009
I agree
by: Lois Ducharme

I believe that abusers have got to be taken off the streets. I believe that the law should be changed so there is not a time limit on convicting child abusers. I would be willing to work with anyone to try to get this done.

Oct 13, 2009
We all need to give each other Hope.
by: maurice

Rose and Lois thank you, yes I believe longer jail terms must be considered and in specialised Jails only for abusers. As well as spending time 24 7 each abuser must be counselled as well as punished. They must be named and shamed, Communities must be informed when each abuser is released and where they will live. Protection of the innocent child/teenager is most important. I feel too that time spent together in isolation is a must for all released abusers. In chalets in deserted localities with just the basic of lifestyle. With their Chalets at a distance from each other so they feel what it is like to live alone in the elements. That I would hope make them full aware of abusing an innocent child/teenager really means and it's effects on them which they as abusers inflicted on them.

Feb 08, 2010
jail them
by: Anonymous

yes chid molesters shoul get longer time in jail,when the child is 10 and under yes jail them for life

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From Victim to Victory
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