Is Your Child Really Safe at School?

by Yvette
(Belzoni, Mississippi, USA)

What is a parent supposed to do when you send your child to school and then find out later the school will release your child to anybody that walks up and says, "I'm the daddy"? He's a dead beat dad that pays support, but that's all.

One day in Aug.07, my grandson was beaten, punched, thrown across the room and kept until he told the right lie when he got home.

I filed a report, took the child to the emergency room and made photos of the wounds while they were fresh. The doctor was mad at the sight of this child and wanted to know what kind of dog would beat a child like this.

Nevertheless, NOTHING has been done to the father. He walks around talking about how nothing will be done. So far he is right! Four month passed and still no court date...I went and had a meeting with the sheriff, who went on to say that they do not know where the case file is...It gets worse.

DHS did not do a follow up report either. So I wrote a letter directly to the Exec. Director of the MS.DHS. Response time: 3 days. A field worker showed up and did the report. She went to the school, the sheriff and the D.A.
I was assured that this matter would go to grand jury in March...No court date yet!

I went to the media today! My family is being disrespected. The father's family is in with all the right people. They go to church with the sheriff, they work for a county supervisor, and the father and the DHS agent that was to do the report is the father's lodge brother. This is a small town and everyone knows everyone.


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