Grandchild Committed Suicide

by Renee G
(Kentucky, USA)

Grandparent of a child that committed suiscide at 23 years of age: 
I don't know exactly what to say or what to do now that my Grandson killed himself 2 weeks ago. He was molested by a playmates older brother. We saw signs in the playmate that were of concern. He seemed isolated so my Grandson took pity on the little boy and he plays with him. After the incident we could not understand why my Grandson started changing from a happy child to a very unhappy, sad little boy. He started talking bout killing himself in grade school so we took him to an a facility to try to get him some help. At that young age he would not talk about what had happened to him. He was 15 years old before we found out about the molestation. He was spiraling out of control and we did not know what to do. He was sent to several rehab centers. The rehab would work for a while, but would lapse back into the addictive, destructive behavior.
After going through all of the mental anguish, the child was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. That was another slap in the face for him. He wanted to be able drive a car and be like other young men his age. It was not going to happen because of the imbalance the disease caused. When did get a car the very first night he got a Drivng While Intoxicated offense. That was the one of the many things that pushed him over the edge.

After reading of the symptoms of child molestation, my Grandson was doing all of the things that abused people do. What is so sad is that it wasn't his fault at all that some twisted human being ruined his life.

This subject seems to get sweeped under the rug too many times. Nobody wants talk about it at all. I think it is disgusting to ignore the the terrible things that happen to children. I talked to a minister and he was very uncomfortable talking about it. This subject has to be addressed.

Can anyone ever really get to the point that they can live a normal life after this happens? It just seemed like he was doomed.

When someone commits suicide it rips your heart out. My life and my family's lives will never be the same. Something has to be done about these problems. I sometimes think when little children start going to school they should have a class to teach them what right or wrong about the way someone touches them and for them to not be afraid to tell when something like this happens to them.

People need to honest and straight forward about this subject. I am not going to hide what happened to my Grandson. I want to tell the world about this in hopes that this will not keep happening over and over again. I would like to know what I can do to make more people aware of this subject. I feel so helpless but I want to fight this problem in some way.

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