Friend has son massage her feet: Is this a form of child abuse?

by Chaz
(Florida, USA)

This is an issue that bothers me. Can't find the answer on the Internet. My friend has her 10-year-old son rub her feet when they are sore. She has done it so often that her son will just do it if he sees that she is sore. She also likes it when he scratches her back. Other thing is, she is still bathing her 6-year-old son. She is a good mother and it is probably nothing. I guess why it brings so much attention to me is: Her stepfather was a covert molester. Raised her more as a wife than a daughter.

Reply from Darlene: On the surface, what this mother is doing would not necessarily by definition be considered child abuse. Furthermore, many would look upon what she is doing as harmless to the child. However, I do not subscribe to that mindset.

The expectations this mother has of her 10-year-old son (rubbing her sore feet, scratching her back) are more indicative of a nurturing spouse than they are of a young child. In my opinion, what this mother is doing is inappropriate for a number of reasons.

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