Even a Murderer Knows Child Abuse is Wrong

by Name Undisclosed

My "Handicapped" Neighbor: 
There I was, in my front yard watering the plants, listening to the birds. In my mind were images of beautiful landscapes of mountains and pines, kinda like Flagstaff. But the reality was a town that grew too fast called Nogales. There I was, watering the trees when an acquaintance of mine...Acquaintance? yes. He was a bartender at a pool hall I practically lived at.

He used to be a solider in the Mexican army. He came from a broken home, drugs, gangs, and what not. He was the type you don't mess around with. After leaving the army, he became a hitman for a notorious drug cartel. He worked for them for several years, until he got busted. He served some time in prison. I even remember him telling me that he had raped a man in prison. This man is the type of person that you never want to meet.

While drinking at the pool hall, I recall that on various occasions while he was bartending, some of the clients would get aggressive with him or others and he would just jump over the counter and beat the s**t out of them, sometimes leaving them unconscious, sometimes beating 3 or 4 of them. One time I saw him break a man's arm....

Now, I said he was an acquaintance. Obviously, I didn't consider him a friend because I didn't trust him. How could you? Well, he never messed with me or my friends. But on that day, while I was watering the trees, he walked past my house. He didn't know where I lived, he was just passing by and saw me watering the plants. When I saw him I thought, "This psycho knows where I live." Well, he had a pit-bull with him that he was training. He had just taken to a veterinarian that is close to my house. He just said hi and was telling me about the dog and vet. While he was telling me that, my neighbor from across the street came out of his house to start picking up the s**t his dogs had left on his driveway. My neighbor's daughter, a 1-and-a-half to 2-year-old toddler came out of the house after him. For some reason my neighbor started screaming a the little girl, telling her to get back in the f***ing house, calling her an idiot, telling her that he was going to slap her. The "bartender" turned around and looked at my neighbor, then he turned to me and he said, "That man over there is disabled. Just like some people are born without a leg, a hand, a finger, he was born without the capacity to understand that he is dealing with a child that has a brain that is not yet developed like that of an adult, therefore they cannot comprehend like an adult." After he finished telling me that, he turned around and screamed at my neighbor that if he didn't shut the f*** up, that he would kill him. Then he turned around to me again and said, "Nice talking to you. I'll se you around". He left, and I haven't seen him in like 4-5 years. He might be in jail, dead, killing, I don't know...but anyways, it was an eye-opening experience, this man, this murderer, this monster, he knew that it was wrong for a parent to hurt physically or mentally a child. He knows that you have to be patient with your kids. It's a 1-and-a-half to 2-year-old mind...

My neighbor didn't do that again, a least not outside his house.

It just makes me think, if this monster knows it is wrong, why can't Mommy or Daddy?

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