Domestic Violence Story From Name Withheld

by Name Withheld
(Los Angeles, USA)

Warning: The following story contains graphic violent and disturbing content: 
I was at Gs house and then he hit me cause he said that I didn’t do the dishes. I did but then I didn’t know that he already created other messy ones. He told me I couldn’t have food for a week. I said y not, that’s cruel. He then turned around and busted his beer bottle on my head and then punched me to the floor. He then dragged me to the bedroom and tied my wrists to the bed post so my back was facing him. He then (I still don’t know how he did it) ripped off my shirt so hard it literally ripped, leaving me only wearing my thin undershirt. He then took my belt off, I was wearing a studded one, and then he started belting my back. At first, I did not give into the pain, I did not want him to see that he could or have defeated me. but as I held in my screams, he whipped harder and harder. At first it was brute strength, now he was beginning to do this method of flicking it and pulling it back quickly so it would make a snapping sound and be VERY painful. Plus, he did it with the studded side facing my back. Then I slowly began to whimper to every strike, and I slowly limped down and dropped to my knees. It was relentless. I felt the blood rushing down my back and the anger in every lash he gave me. it I could smell alcohol on his breath as he screamed at me to shut up. Then right when I felt myself losing consciousness, he gave my back one last hit with the buckle, and he untied me. I thought it was over for the day, for he was putting the belt away and telling me to get up. I tried to, but it was very hard. Extremellyyy hard. I guess I didn’t get up fast enough, so he kicked my stomach as hard as he could with his boots on, saying “GET THE f**K UP U LAZY BI***!!” by then, I really oculdnt move at all. I was just lying on the ground, in my own blood and tears, struggling to even breathe. Then he gave me one last kick and I lost consciousness.

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