Domestic Violence and Child Abuse

by Tania
(Perth, Australia)

Domestic violence-child scared-access rights: 
I was in a domestic violent relationship for a period of quite a few years until the police were called out to my property and he was arrested. I am in the process of going through family courts, because the abuser is wanting access to his little boy who is now six. The child has refused to see his father at a supervised contact centre, 3 times. This has gone back to the court and they have put the supervised visits on temporary suspension until a single expert witness is involved. My poor son doesnt want anything to do with his father, because of what he has witnessed, and seen over the years. Yet he still has to be interviewed again by someone else he doesnt even know, to tell them again he doesnt want to see his dad, when will this all stop? The horrible thing is, is that even after he has been found guilty of domestic violence, he still has access rights, and the poor child just cant understand why he has to see his dad, when he is scared of him. What do I do? I am spending all of this money for lawyers for what, so an abuser can be supervised for awhile and put on an act in front of them until he gets unsupervised visits, what a joke that is, why so many kids are continuously abused, and the family courts are to blame for this and their new law about fathers have rights no matter how bad the abuse.

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