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Jul 23, 2008
by: Anonymous

As a kid, I didn't EVER have to be told to keep any "secrets." My parents would have encouraged me to tell, because they knew others would only tell me that I deserved everything I got, and of course I believed that myself. I was too embarrassed and humiliated at the type of "discipline" incorporated, usually belt-whippings to the point of severe injury, sometimes near unconsciousness. It was bad enough when the evidence of those injuries sparked a teacher to ask me questions. Rather than lie, I said nothing. I just put my head down in shame. I blamed myself for the serious bruising, the cuts, the abrasions, the inability to sit or lean back at my desk without tears, the neck and back injuries, injuries that even 45 years later continue to remind me of the physical abuse I had to endure at the hands of my not so loving parents.

Dec 12, 2008
diaper discipline
by: Anonymous

Without arguing semantics, I experienced diaper discipline on numerous occasions. I should qualify that by saying I was also a bedwetter. Of 6 kids there were 3 wetters with diapers used as the management tool. As one might expect, parental frustration led to extended diaper time. While this tactic proved to be a waste of time in regards to eliminating the wetting, it was continued as a control mechinism. Since the sight of a diapered older child in our house was not uncommon, the shame effect was present but minimal. However, the long term effects are inarguably potent. The memories of defacating in a wet diaper cause anxiety. I don't believe the lasting effects inhibit or prevent me from functioning normally. But the memory remains a bit disturbing.

Feb 06, 2009
Put in diapers
by: Anonymous

I was a bed wetter past the age of 13 and wore a dispsoable diaper to bed every night. I have the memories but they were all good ones. My parents used diapers as a problem solving device vs. discipline. However, if I had an accident, like during the day, I was put in diapers which was more often when I was 6 to 7ish. If you treat it as discipline then its a bad thing, if you use diapers for problem solving and explain to the child why they are wearing diapers again then to me its not a bad thing. I was actually glad to wear a diaper at night because to me its much better waking up in a wet diaper than wet bedding and pajams.

Mar 18, 2009
A (Slightly Long) Teenager's Veiw On This Whole Situation.
by: Amayafalls

...I'm fourteen and the idea of diaper discipline deeply disturbs me...
I have allot of pride in myself;humiliation is one of the scariest things to me.
Every time I hear of this topic I don't see how the severe emotional trauma I would suffer as a result of such treatment,if that were the case,could not count as child abuse.
If my parents tried anything of the sort my first instinct would be to run blindly away.
The word suicide also springs to mind.In all seriousness.
Please believe me when I say I am not the kind of person to consider such things,in fact I yell at my best friend who is a frequent self-harmer quite often.So I put up a red light on any topic that would even make me CONSIDER such a ghastly solution.
As for the parents who think they are RIGHT to put their child through this,how dare they think they have a right to do that to any person!Physical abuse will heal;it is every scaring moment that will stay with a person for the rest of their life.
Such as this whole topic,having to urinate among other things within the confines of a diaper and then ask for a new one?And be changed by someone else?That is disgusting.Some parents make their children go to school like that!
For anyone who cares,this woman and in fact all the women on this site who think they are worthy of dominating anyone are quite sickening...How can this not count as child abuse?
It comes down to the parents inability to control a child as they should be controlled,and instead resort to humiliating them to make the parent feel better,if you dig deep enough you find it's the parents own insecurity and doubt of their own authority that brings this about.A friend once said to me in an unrelated topic:
'If you give an adult a little bit of power, they go mad with it...'
Without sounding arrogant,in many cases it's a true enough statement.Some adults find it hard to stop themselves if they are given the power to do this kind of thing to a child,they are too sadistic to admit its wrong and delight in the misfortune of the victim.They go as far as indulging in it and enjoy watching the child suffer to a point where it stops being punishment for what the child had done,and becomes entertainment for a sick parent.I don't know anyone who counts as a child or teen who would even consider destroying a person in such a way,we fight,spread gossip,say mean things and certainly embarrass each other...But deep down we would never do anything to the extent or level of humiliation and we would feel sorry for what we did do if something bad came from it.None of the parents I've read about involved in this are even the slightest bit remorseful.
Truly Frightening.
PS:That was not a knock at adults in general;just the offenders and the sadistic who is could apply to.
PPS:This whole comment may not even be meant to be posted here,but it seemed like a good idea at the time...

Apr 20, 2009
by: Anonymous

I have posted my experiences with this discipline. Reading about the possibilities of suicide or the thoughts there of, by a teenager expressing their concerns about diaper discipline.This really strikes home, I did attempt suicide as a teenager and was institutionalized for months after.All of my therapies were approved with the consult of my mother the loon who drove me to this attempt on my life.With the approval of my Doctor I was put in diapers in hospital with the recommendations of my mother.The abuse that drove me into hospital was basically endorsed and reinforced by the hospital.A lot of the clinical therapists that read in on my case did petition to child services on my behalf but there was nothing illegal or detrimental about diapering your child no matter what age they are.Now the laws have changed since the early 1960s but are people really getting involved and making the calls when children are in peril.I survived but look at the suicide rates in Canada for teenage kids, they are alarmingly high and growing.This may not be just caused by diaper discipline but what other horors are these children enduring? As an intelligent society we really need to stop and look and make the concerted effort to protect our childern.Love your fellow man includes their children as well.

Apr 21, 2009
To DJ:
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Oh, D.J., not only did your mother deprive you of dignity and respect, she regressed you without any consideration for either the short- or long-term consequences to your psyche. And she did it with the complicity of a medical doctor and the hospital where he had privileges. It is shameful that such practices could ever be considered legal. Even today, diapering a child would not necessarily be considered illegal per se. And even if such practices were reported to Child Protective Services, by the time something were done about it, the damage would have already been done. Yes, we have laws against child abuse, and diapering an older child for discipline would be—and should be—classified as emotional child abuse...but the fact is, emotional child abuse of any kind is the most difficult to prove and thus do something about.

D.J. I agree with your comments wholeheartedly. As a society we all too often forget that children are people too. That children deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, even when they need discipline. Society's mindset has to change; because if it doesn't, as long as we continue to accept that violence and degradation are acceptable in the name of "correction", our children will continue to be in harms way.

Thank you for your thoughtful post, D.J.

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Darlene Barriere
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Apr 21, 2009
diaper discipline
by: D.J.

Darlene thank-you for answering my little rant over the two pages of this topic. When I entered into counselling I thought I was the only child ever to be forced into diapers under the guise of discipline. Over the many years and the many different types of therapy, including electric shock therapy, I have learned that this was common.I have found some good information here and of coarse we have the entries of the fetish thrill seekers. None the less thank-you for the reading materials in all of the posts.My friend still would like me to try one of her diapers on to see that they won't hurt me, but as I said a little more therapy first.Thank-You again.

From Darlene: You're welcome, D.J. But at the risk of starting a communication that I cannot keep up (I have more than a dozen submissions in queue, awaiting my attention) I want to be very clear about something...I am VERY careful not to allow this, or any other thread on this site, to become a haven for fetishists. Obviously I cannot stop visitors from reading material on this site. Nor can I control how that material will be used. But it is important to note that I have deleted dozens of inappropriate posts on the issue of diaper discipline alone.

It must also be noted that fetishism IS an effect of this type of child abuse. And while I recognize that your friend was not disciplined with diapers and was not abused, but rather diapers were used as a "tool", one cannot ignore the fact that having gone through the diapering she went through, she WAS left with a diapering fetish. Parents need to be aware that diapering of older, toilet-trained children can and does leave children with a diapering fetish that carries with them through adulthood. When parents are aware of such things, perhaps they'll think twice about what they impose on their children, even when their motives are pure and not humiliation-based.

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Darlene Barriere
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Author: On My Own Terms, A Memoir

Apr 26, 2009
Don't underestimate stupidity... but it's the key
by: Adult Baby

Hi, Darlene.

Let me tell you upfront I'm a so-called "infantilist". I hope you don't hate the entire AB/DL community because of a couple of scumbags.

It's all fun and games for them, and they all know who they are as infantilism is easy to detect to a trained eye. But one needs to know about that fetish to expect it. The majority of [normal] people don't. It's not mainstream like foot worship, latex, BDSM, etc. Strangers walking into those sites would not know they're talking to "fake" parents, but to any person with an average IQ it's pretty obvious those are freaks. You may know nothing about infantilism, so you won't be able to tell what kind of freak, but you'll definitely feel you're talking to a freak.

I'd have stopped right here and called those DD sites nasty, but harmless, but... Never underestimate human stupidity. Simpler, less educated parents with lower IQ are vilnerable to this "prank", just like they may easily become victims of other pranks and frauds.

One would say, that people cannot possibly be THAT stupid. Drive on the freeway observing someone doing something unbelievably stupid, and the chances are the next day you'd be stunned by something 10 times dumber. There's no bottom.

I'm gald they at least have some deterrents in place like the additional sign up effort, so most people would just pass. But stupid people can also be determined. Also what about sickos and their hidden sadistic side awaken by the DD idea? Sadly many of them have children. We cannot deny stupid and sick people their right to procreate and multiply. So while the chance of that stupid or sick parent finding his way onto the DD site, signing up, accepting the idea, and implementing it is slim, the statistics will eventually win and it will definitely happen. This is why those sites should be closed.

The only weapon that can be used against them is not surprisingly, the stupidity. They play pranks on unsuspecting parents, so you can also play a prank on them. It'd be messy, but that's the only way to get them. They're not breaking any laws, so you can't go after them until something really happens. Stupidity works wonders in American courts. Fake your stupidity, "punish" some kid and have him(her) take you to court. Then you'll have the right to point fingers to your "advisors" and after the discovery who they are (ABDL, and not real parents) it's pretty much a walk in the park. maybe I'm being naive. I don't have any legal experience. And I understand no parent would subject their kids to that, but that's the only way to get them. Or wait until it happens for real and persuade the child to press charges.

Good luck shutting up those bastards.

May 28, 2009
My story about daipers and abuse
by: Anonymous

When I was around 7 years old my mom had a boy friend and visited us and eventaully lived with us for 9 years. He was extremely awful to me, he would put me in diapers until I was 12 and have pleasure punching or beating me to the ground. I also remember that he sexually abused me . He finally left before my 16th birthday but the damage had already been done. I was afraid to tell anyone until I was 19 (I'm now 22) and nobody believed me. My therapist tells me that I may have multiple personalities but I don't beleive him. The diapers that I had to where were pretty shaming because I thought I was old enough to wear underwear. My teachers would ask me about the bruises and cuts I had and said that I skateboard and I'd fall off. He would enjoy inflicting pain on me and it just made it worse, because now I have made suicide attempts. My mother wasn't helpful because she knew but he couldn't have him leave because he'd helped to pay the bills. She would sometimes yell and throw objects at me if I talked about it. But diapers can be a sign of something like abuse if they are over 10 years old, but it's not an absolute sign. I really don't remember my life before age 15.

Jun 06, 2009
Is this an example of abuse?
by: Anonymous

***Removed by Darlene Barriere - Webmaster in order to eliminate duplicate content***

Post can now be seen at Is diaper discipline child abuse? In order to read the post, you'll have to scroll down to the date June 9, 2009.

From Darlene: Anonymous, I am no longer able to answer questions from the thousands of visitors I received each day. However, I will point you toward a page on my site where I answered this question some time ago: Is diaper discipline child abuse? There you'll find my reply and more than one hundred responses in the comments section.

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Darlene Barriere
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Jun 29, 2009
Scars from youth.
by: Anonymous

My discipline was at the hands of my mother. I had misbehaving, I was about six or seven at the time and just liked being the center of attention. Mother was an R.N. at the local hospital and did alot of community work in our area. Mother had warned me a number of times to act my age and stop my misbehaving or I would regret my actions. Well the warnings fell on deaf ears so my mother would always say. It was Saturday morning and mother had her babysitting training classes at the Community Center. She taught all the younger teenage girls the basics of babysitting. On the way out the door with all of her teaching stuff and supplies mom said your coming with me. Off to the community we went why I do not know. Upon arrival mother said come with me to the dressing room behind the stage. In the confines of the dressing room mother informed me that I was to be the model for the training session today.You want to act like a baby we are going to treat you like a baby today. All I can remember was I started to cry and did for most of the class that day. Mother being a Nurse had all the larger than normal diapers and baby pants required to dress me as a baby.I was drug out in front of about 20 teenage girls and used as a baby diaper model for their babysitting training classes. I was diapered and rediapered so many times I lost count. A lot of theses girls were older sisters of all of a lot of my friends from school. From that Saturday on I hung my head in shame, I also acquired a new nick name from the girls that spread through the school. Mother thought the change in my behavior warranted the drastic measures she had taken. From that point on this became my usual punishment for any infractions of the rules. Mom would diaper me and haul me outside to show everyone I was acting like a baby again. She always threatened me with diapers and babypants at school if I didn't behave. This never came to pass but there were a few diapers only at the park for misbehaving.Mother would diaper me and force me into my sisters stroller and walk me down to the park.

Dec 12, 2009
Mother enjoyed humiliating me
by: Anonymous

My mother and my father too would drag me from outside into the house when I was 5 years old because while playing I sometimes wet myself a little bit. My brother or sister would tell my parents and before I knew it I was dragged into the house and my pants and underwear were pulled off me and I was pushed onto the hallway floor where a towel was put down and my parents would diaper me in front of my younger sister as if to demonstrate to her how to diaper a baby. I was made to sit in my room with only a T- shirt and diaper on. I was told that if I wanted to play with my friends I would have to wear the diaper and I was forbidden to take it off the whole day.This happened several times before I entered grade school. As an adult years later my younger sister would tell her friends that I was her baby brother.

I believe this treatment caused fetish issues in me many years later. I still remember having baby oil rubbed on me by my father and putting baby powder all over my bottom while my siblings watched. Once I was in day care as a child and I stood by watching as a 2 year old was being diapered on the carpet. The daycare woman turned to me and threatened to put me in diapers too if I continued to watch. I turned and ran in horror. Now as an adult I think I would like to have let her do to that to me. I have a warped sense now that I would enjoy the whole ritual of being diapered.

Dec 17, 2009
You might think this doesn't happen
by: Anonymous

But it does. It has happened to a lot of us. Hopefully, it is slowing now because medicines have been developed to help with bedwetting and stuff, but you know there are tons of whackos out there.

Jan 16, 2010
Diapered for bedwetting
by: Anonymous

My stepsister started to wet her bed at age 5 after her parents divorce. She would wet the sheets pajamas etc. every night. Sometime around 8-9 she was reintroduced to a form of diaper called Staydry Panties. She continued to wear these nightly till she was 13. It did not seem to have had any bad effects and surely made her more comfortable with a much less smelly room.

From Darlene: Anonymous, I thank you for your comments, but I must point out that this thread is about diaper discipline, not using a padded pullup pant as a result of bedwetting. Although if done as a means to humiliate and undermine the development of the child, this too is emotionally abusive, but it doesn't appear to be the case in what you described. Diaper discipline is when a parent chooses to discipline their older child by putting them in diapers in order to treat them like a baby, and hence, regress them (very emotionally abusive). In this thread, posts should reflect the diapering for discipline phenomena and/or the effects of such. I do thank you for your understanding, Anonymous.

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Darlene Barriere
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From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Jan 22, 2010
Inspired by You
by: Amber

Darlene, I want to thank you for your help on educating me on this horrific topic, I am planning on reading ur book and I am not done researching this subject. This has honestly inspired me even more to follow through with my dream career. When I finish college and higschool I want to be a pcsychologist who specializes in abused women. I am 15 and when I get older I want to help fight this for the helpless children who are stuck being punished/humiliated this way, I do what I can to help now but there's not much I can do yet, jus listening to victims of abuse and talking to them. Or helping friends/family with problems.
Thank you, again,

From Darlene: I am so glad that you've learned so much about this topic through my site, Amber. I am so proud of you for deciding that you want to make a difference in the lives of others by going into a field that will indeed provide all kinds of help for victims of abuse. I have no doubt that you will achieve great things in whatever field you chose to go into. Always remember, when you do something to help another, whether it's in a line of work, as a volunteer, or just "because", you will reap the rewards in ways that cannot be measured. Today, you were that reward for me, Amber. Thank you for writing and sharing how I have inspired you, because today YOU inspired ME.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
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From Victim to Victory, a memoir

May 07, 2010
Imposed Diaper Wearing - Child Abuse?
by: Anonymous

I suppose the most determining factor would be the intent/motivation for the parent's behavior and the manner in which the "diaper" was applied?

When I was a child I had a life threatening Brain and spinal cord infection which left me with partial loss of muscle control on my left side and which also affected my bowel and bladder control. I had been "toilet trained" for five years when the illness took place.

On medical orders my mother, a nurse, followed my daily bowel and bladder activity. If there were indications that not all was well, I would get an enema and/or my fluid intake would be increased.

This continued for several years until my nervous system, somehow, recovered some control.

I was often diapered and made to wear plastic or rubber "protective panties" to insure that I would not be embarrassed by and "accident". I did not appreciate my Mother care taking in this manner and sometimes would make a fuss about having to be diapered like a baby. I knew two other children in our neighborhood that had similar problems but for different reasons. My Mother had arranged for me to meet another boy (one year older than I) who wet the bed. Apparently, his sister did also. I spent the night at his home and there his Mother and he told me about his problem. I was relieved to learn that I was not the only child in our town to have such a problem.

My Mother was always patient and calm when tending to my toileting needs. Yes, it was embarrassing to have my Mother give me enemas and diaper me, but she often assured me that she knew how embarrassing it must be for me and said she understood how I must feel. I believed her.

One summer an Aunt visited for a whole month. When she learned of my periodic diapering needs, she insisted that she could and would help. I was not at all comfortable having my Aunt diaper me. I had no reason to trust her. Her first attempt at diapering was a disaster for all concerned. In frustration she ending her efforts with several threats of "further punishment" and stated that I should be "ashamed of myself" for having to wear diapers and for putting my Mother through such a hardship. My Mother found me in tears when she arrived home an hour later. She asked and I told her what had occurred. There was angry word between the adults in the house and my Aunt left two days later.

Anger, threats and shaming are the abusive element of the story above. I felt bad about my Mother having to care for me in that manner. I would have never been able to live with the guilt if there had also been shaming and threats added to the experience.

The other thing my Mother did which obviated any potential abuse from the situation was that she carefully explained what she was doing and why and made sure that I understood and agreed that it was necessary or better that it be done.

May 07, 2010
To Anonymous re your comment titled "Imposed Diaper Wearing - Child Abuse?"
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

This thread is about diaper "discipline", not imposed diaper wearing. There is a HUGE difference between what you described and what is being referred to here. Diapering for discipline is exactly that, diapering a child that is toilet trained (and older children, including teenagers) to shame, humiliate and control behaviour and has nothing whatsoever to do with toileting. It is age regression which can have a severely detrimental effect on the emotional needs of the child/teen; THAT'S what makes it child abuse. THAT'S what makes it totally inappropriate.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Jun 01, 2010
I went through diaper discipline
by: Steve Danish

When I was 6 or 7 or so my mother put me back in diapers and forced me to go to bed wearing them. She told me that If I was going to act like a baby I was going to be treated like one. Starting with being put back in diapers. She said as soon as I learned to act my age she would let me out of diapers. I was terrified that people would find out that I was put back in diapers. Needless to say because of the shame and utter humiliation I changed my attitude real quick. So I would be allowed out of diapers. It does work wonders but the trauma of being put in diapers has lasted up to this day. Its similar an nature to, (not to sound like a terrible person and diminish this in any way) but similar to a girl being raped. That is what diaper discipline is like to a child. Because that is what you are doing to a child by putting them in diapers.

Jul 03, 2010
My story
by: Lei Mi

I was abused with diapers and other baby items for almost a year by my foster parents, a 'punishment' for my regressions. My father had died in a car accident and my mother, unable to mentally cope with the loss, had been committed to a mental health facility. I was ten at the time I went into a foster home.

Like may children who suffer severe loss and trauma, I began wetting the bed at first, and displayed other immature behaviors, such as thumb sucking and crying easily. My foster parents were at first patient with me, but when I began day wetting as well, they lost that patience.

At first, I was only diapered for bed, but several weeks later, my foster mother began diapering me during the day as well. She also implemented baby items, such as pacifiers, baby bottles, baby toys and the like. She told me when I acted my age, she'd treat me my age. She pulled me out of school and home schooled me, which I suppose was a good thing. I didn't have to go to school in diapers and 'baby clothes'. Ann, my foster mother, was a pretty good seamstress and had made me all manner of baby style clothes to wear, like short dresses, pants with snaps and shirts with baby show characters (like Elmo or Barney). My foster father even helped in the 'punishment' by building a humongous crib and converting an old barber chair into a high chair for me.

My abuse lasted for just shy of one year, and ended when my Mom was released from the hospital and regained custody of me. She was appalled at the way I'd been treated, and reported my fosters to the authorities. They were not arrested for it, but I did learn they were not allowed to foster children anymore.

Because of the way my foster parents treated me, I have never been the same. I am now twenty, and in college. Outwardly, I am a happy well-adjusted woman. Inwardly, however, I am still that 'baby' they created. I often wear diapers whenever I feel alone or stressed. The duality of my life often drives me mad. I feel ashamed and afraid someone will discover my baby side, and go to fearful lengths to hide it. To do this, I often avoid parties or dating, and do not live in a dorm. The only person I know knows is my mother, and it's bad enough knowing she knows.

For anyone who thinks diaper discipline is a good thing, consider what it will do to that child in the long term.

Lei Mi

Aug 13, 2010
Good parents do make mistakes
by: ADHDExample

This site addresses Child Abuse, and there's much appropriate anger in people's comments; but I'd like to propose the idea that what some label as Abuse might sometimes just be an accident, and that what damage occurs is sometimes self - inflicted angst due to our lack of cultural tolerance.

I'm nearly 55 years old now, and still have to fight nearly every day the old compulsion of a diaper fetish. It was probably caused by a misstep, not malice, and I feel not so much guilt as much as I fear telling anyone that might know me.

I've lately uncovered the likely trigger for this impulse, and as frustrating as it has been, I bear no associated ill will toward my parents; I imagine that no parents could possibly realize all the implications of little 'slips' they might make.

My folks had always been loving, and devoted to their five kids. They were also a bit young, in their early twenties, and may have 'slipped' just once during one of those random, crucial developmental moments in the child's brain. I was a very sensitive boy of about 4 - 5, long out of diapers, and can still remember being 'double diapered' by two angry parents on our old ironing board for having 'dirtied' my pants. One can hardly expect overworked parents to have kept a perfect record of patience, especially with a child with an as-yet undiagnosed ADHD.

Some doctors believe that shame or anger, triggering adrenaline, can invoke the storage of latent 'seed' memories which become part of a person's sexual development. This stuff can apparently be buried deeply; Having temporarily forgotten the triggering incident, I found in my early teens that I desired diapers, as a 'feels good' kind of thing, years before my first sexual experience, at the age of 17 - Some time after which, intense longing came to be associated with the visual trigger of seeing diapers, or even thinking about them.

Who can have forseen that such a long, latent, invisible process could eventually emerge from an event - One that my folks have probably already long since forgotten and certainly would not then have understood? I never associated the trigger with sex, nor understood this thing myself until after I was married with three kids in my late forties.

Life is messy. People's development is chaotic. Although a tragic accident can certainly happen when an overworked commuter falls asleep at the wheel, the poor driver may have been negligent, but can't be accused of deliberately trying to kill anyone.

I can hardly justify any resentment, just because some random chance, and our cultural norms, have left me frustrated by craving a pleasure that I can't practice.

Aug 17, 2010
My parent "tried to help."
by: Anonymous

I am older than dirt now. I collect Social Security and I am male. This site is a blessing. I relate to several categories. 20 years ago the internet didn't exist - at least not for me. Thank you for this site. I was in therapy and am now surviving just fine.

As for diaper discipline, I would wet my pants in the first grade. Our house was two blocks away. So I went home and changed. One time I went home and mother didn't have any of my "regular" clothes cleaned - at least that was the story. No under wear and/or jeans. So I was diapered and wore a small shorts (plastic pants showed). My mother tried to "help" me adjust things so nothing showed. I was told, " Well it was just for the afternoon." I cried, then was taken back to school. I ran home and almost was hit by a car. No secret had to be kept. For many years I fell for the act of having no clean clothes and my mother trying to help me cover things up. I learned to know better.

Thank you for this site. It is a blessing.

Oct 03, 2010
diaper discilpine
by: Anonymous

I am a mother of 3 children and a step son. My hands are tied when it comes to my setp son so I turn to you for advise and help. I believe my step son's Mother is doing diaper discipline with my step son. He come's to us 2 weeks in the summer and every second weekend we never have him in diapers. Our step son told me that his mom puts him in diapers at night time and he doesn't want to wear them. He has no problm at our house and I feel that the mother is just lazy if an accident was to occur to clean it up. He is 5 years old we potty trained him when he was 3 and he is doing great at our place. I brought this situation to his mother and her qoute was " I pick my fight wisely and I am not willing to pick this fight I don't want to do laundy and clean beds so this is what i do put him in diapers." Up untill he just turned five she was still giving him a bottle aqt night and sleeping with him to. I am worried because this conversation with his mother was when he was 4 I provided the mother with a pee mat and told her now she willn't have to clean a mattress if he does wet the bed. How ever I learned to day that his mom makes him wear diapers still I asked him why he don't tell his mom that he does'nt want to wear them he said he is scared she'll be mad. I sasked him how he feels wearing diapers ande of course he said Sad Very Said What Do I do I don't want to see him at the wrong point in live being a teenager. He is a very uneducated boy already in kindergarding he doesn't know how to count past 5 and doesn't know his ABC. I am so worried for his health and well being to get thought life, I called Child services and they say It is a father mother disput and they willn't get invovled.

Jan 13, 2011
@ anonymous (Oct 3)
by: Anonymous

My advice would be to continually reinforce the child's self-importance. Let him know that occasionally adults do not make the best decisions and that there is nothing wrong with him. Let him know that even if he doesn't need diapers that wearing them is OK. If he is going to be put in them anyway then I think it needs to be reinforced that wearing them is not the problem. I wouldn't advise getting into the details of whether he is subjected to abusive tactics as he will not be able to comprehend that. I suspect that his academic performance is directly linked to his self-esteem - which certainly will suffer from being put back in diapers. All you can really do is provide a positive environment where he understands that he is good and worthy and normal. Try everything to help him see himself in a positive manner.

Regarding picking battles - this is one to pick. The potential long term ramifications are brutal. However - if that is fruitless then the other option is as explained above - reinforce his self-worth as much as possible.

Jan 25, 2011
diaper punishment
by: Anonymous

I was put in a diaper as a punishment for messing and wettiing myself when I was around 5 years old. While it was only for 1 day I remember it to this day. I don't remember if the punishment worked but I will say the humiliation has lasted to this day. I still think about what happened and remember wanting to be put in a diaper until my early teens.

Feb 05, 2011
diapered for wetting the bed
by: Anonymous

I was about 6 or 7 when i was put back in diapers for wetting the bed at a baby sitters house.I was taking a nap,and woke up wet. The lady babysitter was not mad at me,but said she was going to have to diaper me so i could finish my nap.Then she preceded to the other room.When she returned,she had two cloth diapers,diaper pins and baby powder.At this point i started to cry.She said she was sorry and held me and comforted me until i stopped crying.Then she folded and laid the diapers on the livingroom floor.She then layed me on the diapers and powdered my diaper area before pinning it on me.She also used snap on plastic pants over my diaper.Then she said,there nice and dry for the rest of your nap.

Feb 06, 2011
diaper discipline
by: Anonymous

My father died when I was 8 years old.My mother had to take a job, and hired a retired nurse friend to move in and take care of me.
She was very strict and thats when I started wetting my bed.She immediately put me in diapers,and said you will have to wear them during the day too, until you get over this nasty habit.
This was before they had disposable diapers and plastic I had to wear thick, cloth diapers that she pinned on me,and strong rubber pants.I just hated them,because they were hot and bulky and their outline was clearly visible under my shorts.
Mother thought that having to wear them in the daytime was unnecessary but the nurse prevailed saying it was good disciplne and also prevented me from touching myself down there.
This lasted for three years,until mother retired from her job and fired the nurse.

Mar 06, 2011
Diaper Discipline
by: Judy McNamara

My son is 6 years old, turning 7 in November. He started grade 1 this year. He was born with hypospadias and because of this has a problem controlling his bladder. We explained his condition to his teacher and asked her to remind him to go to the toilet on an hourly basis, which is done at home successfully. The first couple of weeks at school we were told that he is coping well and has had no incidents. Recently we were informed that he is wetting his pants two to four times daily. On Friday I received a note from his teacher telling us to put him in pull-up diapers as the situation has become intolerable and has become progressively worse and she is concerned that it is not only affecting him but also the rest of the class. He has been home since 1pm on Friday afternoon, been to a birthday party and has been playing with friends during the weekend. We have had no incidents and he has not wet himself at all. He often goes to the toilet without any prompting from us. When we think he has not been, we just ask him "Is it time?" and he then goes to the toilet. Neither my husband nor I feel that putting him into diapers will be benificial to him as we are concerned that it would affect his emotional wellbeing and self esteem. He has a younger sibling who is already out of diapers as well. We do not want to humiliate him. He partakes in sport at school and has to change for these events with other classmates. We are concerned about his mates may tease him. Please could you give me some advice on how to deal with this situation. He is a very loving and sensitive child.

Mar 07, 2011
One Week
by: Anonymous

Mine was just one incident that lasted for a week. I had been staying at my aunt's while my mom was out of town for work (single mom) and my aunt was asked to watch me. I don't know why it happened but the first night there I wet the bed. My aunt called my mom that morning and asked about it. My mom talked to me after talking to my aunt and I was told to behave for my aunt tonight and while I was there. My aunt left for the store shortly after lunch and when she returned she asked me to come into the living room. My aunt told me she would not stand for me having accidents like this in her house and told me while I stayed there that I would have to wear diapers. I instantly got upset and said I didn't want to wear a diaper to bed, my aunt then said no not just to bed she said she didn't want to have to worry about this and I would be wearing them the whole time I was there. As I was standing there she began to take out what she had bought at the store, she had bought some of the cornstarch baby powder, diaper wipes and a package of regular disposable diapers. I guess I just didn't know what to do as she went to the bathroom and came back with a towel and laid it on the floor, she then opened the package of diapers and took one out and then told me to come over to her and lay down so she could put a diaper on me. I kinda just froze and started to back away from her, but not enough that I was out of her reach. My aunt then walked me over to the towel and brought me down to the floor as this happened I realized what was about to happen and started to cry. As my aunt started to remove my pants and underwear I really started to try to get back up and my aunt then held me down a little and said I needed to lay down and hold still.

Mar 07, 2011
One Week, the rest
by: Anonymous

From this point it was like I was just I didn't know what to do as she lifted my ankles up and slid the diaper under me, the next thing was the diaper wipes, I just shut my eyes and tried not to look at her. I can still remember the feeling of the diaper under me as she did the powder and then taped the diaper up. She ran her fingers around the legs of the diaper and then just said "there, done, that wasn't that hard was it" as I started to get up all I could do was look at the diaper and couldn't get a word out. My aunt told me to go ahead and get dressed and the said if I need my diaper changed to come get her. And to her word my aunt did have me wear the diapers night and day for the week I was there. I did only use them for wetting and she did have me tell her when I had to go #2 and she would take the diaper down so I could go to the bathroom, but she didn't let me use it for when I had to pee. Her comment was that's what your wearing a diaper for. After my mom got back and I was home my aunt sent the rest of the diapers and supplies home for my mom in case I still needed help potty training. Mom didn't ever have me wear a diaper at home after this but she didn't ever throw them out right then either, for a while she kept them on the top shelf in my closet and later put them in the hallway closet. I guess all I can say is I still cleary remember the happenings of that week and the feeling of embarrassment I felt having to wear baby diapers. I never really asked my aunt about this when I got older and still wondered why this was her choice of actions. I resented it but I don't really think it harmed me, it's just a bad memory.

From Darlene - Webmaster: You're here talking about diaper discipline, Anonymous. The humiliation and tears, the helplessness and powerlessness. This did you more harm than you realize. I hope you'll take the time to read all the comments on this thread, if you haven't already. You'll be able to relate to many of them.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Apr 05, 2011
A fetisher's view.
by: Anonymous

Now, before you all discount this as just another fetisher looking to get off, it isn't.

I have never gone through diaper discipline. It was threatened to me by my father once, but in an off-handed manner ("You don't want me to do that, do you?") after I'd wet the bed at age 6.

I think that sparked the idea for my fetish, but I came to like it on my own, and as such, I am not ashamed of it in the slightest.

Either way, my point is: although I am a fetisher, have never gone through it, and I actually get off to stories, as in fiction, on this subject, I would never even think of actually doing this.

If my parents had done this, especially as a teenager, when my fetish was fully realized and accepted, I more than likely would have murdered my parents and gone to jail (I had access to guns from the age of 13.)

It is the fact that I have the fetish that is the reason I would never do this to my kid, and why I would have murdered my parents. It is sexual to me, and so would be the equivalent of sexual abuse/rape to me.

I am truly disgusted by the thought of someone having to go through this, and having to endure the after-effects of it. It is the equivalent of rape. Many girls come to have rape fetishes after being raped, take my fiancee, for example, and this is no different. God help the parents of any child I find out this is being done to. The law will only be my first step.

Apr 18, 2011
As a child
by: Anonymous

I was put into care back in the 60's in a hostal at Chesterfield, I was 7 when I went there first and while I was waiting in the hallway I wet myself because I was scared a very nice matron come and told another lady to clean me up she bathed me then put me into a terry nappie (diaper)and plastic panties that was my first of many encounters with dressed so.
I was to stay in the home till I was 13 and it has now left me with a longing to be dressed in a nappie so it had a big inpact on me, although im married and my wife is very kind I could not tell her my feeling I will take it to my grave.

May 18, 2011
the mind boggles....
by: My Two Cents

Wow, where to start?

The story from scars from childhood, your mom was an RN?! From what you wrote she just jumped straight to the most humilating punishment she could think I wrote above the mind boggles. That's so far beyond cruel...

The other story, the one about the boy given diapers at his b-day and then publicly put into them in front of all his friends by mom and older sisters,this crap is just *shudders*

I just can't....umm, believe how creative some people can be when finding ways to hurt kids. I really can't believe the whole class just blindly accepted what happened...

I'd never heard of this "diaper discipline" before so I googled it. Sigh. It's not an april fool's day joke, is it?

I am a little puzzled as to why it never came up in my social work texts on child abuse, nor petticoat discipline which seems like the same thing. We covered neglect, sex, and physical abuse. I think "emotional" abuse was starting to be accepted?


I hope people who did this are not involved with child care in any manner in the 2000's.

Be well.

My Two Cents.

Jun 08, 2011
crazy security in dumb method
by: Anonymous

As a kid I had the problem of the hypospadious which made bathroom trips hell for me the scars of being diapered for "laziness are still with me its crazy the strange how it hasn't faded.

Jun 20, 2011
It is definately rape
by: Anonymous

Hello, my story does not vary that much from the rest of you...I was adopted and put into diapers because I wet the bed at four, and it continued. It was back in the early sixties, no disposable diapers, so the bulk and humiliation was deeper with those cloth diapers. I remember my mother diapering me, calling me baby, and her face getting beet red, as she prolonged the diapering process. I realize now, that she was getting aroused in a sick, twisted way. The fine lines make it so hard, now they call it child abuse and rightfully so, back then, we simply called it the fifties/sixties. ....a different era in so many ways as far as child upbringing. To trust someone so completely only to be betrayed, and to have them do such an intimate, humiliating act is rape of every sort, for what is rape but a violation of your body? I now still have the fetish fantasies, and it seems as if once you get that, the more you try to shrug it off, the more it follows you, stalks you. It spawns off self-hatred, low self esteem, secret keeping, lying, so many other things. If there are any parents out there doing this or considering doing it, I assure you: I am a walking mess. I will carry this pain and shame to my grave. Thank God for this sort of site that brings all this out in the open. I apologize for having been so lengthy. Thankyou, and may God bless you each in your special journey.

Jul 15, 2011
diaper abuse
by: warren

When I was ten years old my mother died and my father remarried.My stepmother was a nurse and was very strict with me.
For some I started wetting my bed and she put me in diapers and rubber pants.She then told me that since I was acting like a baby,she was going to keep me in diapers 24/7.
I remember the diapers were made of cloth and were very thick and bulky.She pinned them on me very tightly The pants were made of thick pink rubber,and were very hot.I hated them,because th the outline could easily be seen under my shorts
She told my father they were necessary to protect against accidents,and to prevent me playing with myself.

Jul 15, 2011
Thought I Was Alone - THANK YOU
by: Anonymous

So many stories and expressed feelings of the encounter(s) align with mine. My single experience was like a rape (as indicated by one author). I had no choice but to be humiliated and 'take it.' I had actually blocked it from my memory for several years and in later grade school I suddenly remembered it. I, too, had strange combinations of strong resentment and anger towards my parent but an equally shameful desire for it to occur again. I would fantasize about it not realizing I was sexualizing it. It messed me up. I am now a recovering alcoholic (over 5 years sober!) after 20 active years. I am not saying this one incident spurred my use of alcohol and drugs, but I cannot deny how greatly it impacted me in my choices, actions and behaviors. Also, while I had seen therapists off and on throughout my adult life and was even hospitalized in my early 20s for severe depression, I never did then nor have I EVER opened up about this due to the immense amount of shame I still feel. It is so hard to communicate and THIS is my first time to do so...and I can still only do so anonymously. I am sincerely grateful for this site - I really thought I was totally alone. Thank you.

Nov 05, 2011
diaper punishment
by: julie

Iam a female age 26 and went thru diaper discipline when i was teen girl.even tho i wasnt a bedwetter,starting at age 13 i was put into cloth diapers and rubberpants and a tee shirt when i misbehaved.the punishment always lasted a week and as soon as i got home from school,i had to take off my clothes and lay on my bed while my mom put the diapers and rubberpants on me and i had to wear them for the evenings and to bed and all the time on the weekend.i felt embarrassed going to church on sundays with the diapers and rubber pants on under my dress.this punishment lasted untill i was 16 and came to an end ironically on my confirmation day.i got into trouble the week before my confirmation and was under going the diaper punishment that week.on the sunday of my confirmation,the diapers and rubberpants were put on me along with my white dress,veil,etc.after the ceremony i went to use the rest room and there was a woman in there and heard me pulling down the rubber pants and taking the diaper off.after i did my business,i pinned the diapers back on and pulled the rubber pants back up and came out of the stall.the woman asked me if i had rubber pants on,that she heard them crinkling,and i said yes that i had a diaper on under them and she asked me why i was wearing them and i told her my parents make me wear them as punishment.she got all upset and we went out and she found my parents and told them she would report them to the police if they didnt stop making me wear them for punishment.they agreed to stop and that was the last time i wore them!

Nov 12, 2011
i was also diaper disciplined when young
by: Anonymous

i was goimg into first grade, my brother and i acted up when my mother was signing me up, she took us home spanked us and then put us in diapers for the rest of the day and next day. ive been messed up since then, mentally and physically. till this day i have medical problems and the doctors say there is nothing wrong with me.

Dec 08, 2011
Enemas were reinforcement to go to school
by: ArrZee

I have struggled with this for years? why would my mother do this?

When I was in Sixth grade I was having some issues at school, no bullying more of being ignored or excluded. so I found that I didn't want to go to school. I would complain to my mother that I didn't want to go to school because my stomach hurt. so mom took me too doctor and found nothing. but somehow during one day I was given a choice of going to school or enema. so to avoid school I would take the enema. This went on for weeks. I would go to school and then decide not to go. but would then get a forced enema. the worse part was my mom was too cheap so she would mix a batch of soap and water a whole rubber thermos ( red thing). then it finally stopped. Then one day When I was a teenager, my mother stopped me before leaving the house. she made my lie down with my head in her lap and she would pop my acne (zits). This went on for years. why would a mother do this? I have kids of my own now and would never ever dream of doing this to them. it's sound like abuse? Or am I overreacting.? This doesn't sound normal. This happened in the 70s?

Dec 28, 2011
diapers at school
by: Anonymous

up front, i am a diaper lover but i think it is the result of diaper discipline. also, i do not approve of diaper discipline.

my mother worked at a daycare years before i was born. i don't believe my mother was a diaper lover though because she never used diaper discipline on me until second grade.

i hated public bathrooms (who really prefers them right?) and while i had no problems going number 1 in the school bathrooms i didn't like the idea of sitting down on a public toilet and the idea of back-splash while sitting on a public toilet really freaked me out.

as a result of my near-phobia of public toilet seats i would choose to hold it instead of asking to go to the bathroom when i needed to go number 2. as a result of this holding it, i occasionally had accidents where i would soil myself and even sometimes drop what my mother called rabbit pellets.

in kindergarten, first, and most of second grade my mother would simply bring me a change of underwear and pants and give them to me to change into at the school's nurses office.

however, one day (your no fool, you know where this story is going) instead of bringing me a change of underwear and pants, my mother signed me out instead, and then in the back of our station wagon after many screams, cries, hand-smacks, kicks, tears, and a bottom spanking, i found out that i could still fit into a disposable baby diaper.

my mother then forcibly helped me back into my pants and shoes, walked me back to the principles office, signed me back in, and then walked me to my classroom.

after the school bell my mother was waiting for me outside the classroom where she walked me back to the car. in hind sight i believe she was making sure i didn't go off to the bathrooms and take the diaper off, at the time i (oddly) didn't even think of taking the diaper off.

when i asked if i could take the diaper off i was told no, when i asked how long i had to wear it i was informed that i would be wearing diapers until i could prove that i would poop my pants. when i asked how long that would be, i was informed that i would have to wear the whole pack of diapers (that my mother had apparently bought before picking me up from school) without having an accident. it was a 66 count box of diapers and i was usually only changed twice a day (before school and before bed)

i remember the fear and embarrassment i felt when the other kids didn't know, and then one of my friends noticed and after asking me if i was wearing a diaper and i telling him i wasn't he slapped my bottom.

eventually the other kids found out, and some would even ask me if i was wearing them (some would ask me in order to teas me in front of other kids, while others would actually come up and ask me in a whisper) and my nick name became diaper-boy or that-diaper-boy, until high school, where i was only called it occasionally by a few select bullies.

Jan 28, 2012
My Sisters Diaper Disciplined Me
by: Anonymous

I am the fourth child of six children. When I was seven years old, my brother was 17, and my two older sisters were 15 and 12, and my younger brother was two. My youngest brother hadn't been born yet.

Both of my parents worked at a mill, and it was not uncommon for both of my parents to be gone all night. In our home the older children were responsible for taking care of the younger children all the time, but especially when our parents weren't home.

My oldest brother could drive and was never home, which meant my two older sisters would babysit my brother and I.

One day when I was seven I got into an argument with my 12 year old sister over the TV Remote. I smacked and hit my sister and she hit me back so hard I started crying. When my oldest sister came into the living room and asked what happened, I in my crying voice said, "She won't let me watch my show."

My 12 year old sister said, "Quit acting like such a baby." and I hit her and tried to take the remote again. My 12 year old sister said, "No, don't!" and shook her finger at me, "You know better than to hit or are you a baby?" and every time she said the word baby, she gave it a bit of inflection.

I hit her and reached for the remote again and my 12 year old sister smacked me and said, "No, babies hit!" and my 15 year old sister who was right there said if I keep acting like a spoiled little brat I'll regret it.

I called her bluff and punched my 12 year old sister as hard as I could in her stomach. She cringed in pain and I grabbed the remote.

My 15 year old sister pulled me off the couch and pinned me to the floor by sitting on my chest with her back to me. She then tried to pull my pants off, and enlisted my 12 year old sister for help. I struggled and tried to fight while the two of them stripped my lower half and then put a diaper on me.

When my sister got off of me I pulled the diaper off. She wrestled me back down to the floor and they put it back on me. It turn into a game, I would get up and try to take it off and the two of them would stop me or put it or a new one back on me. Finally, after putting it back on me for the fourth or fifth time my sister turned around to face me but kept me pinned to the floor.

I begged her to get off of me, but she refused. I struggled but I was trapped. After a while she told me that she would let me up if I promised to behave, I agreed.

She got off of me and I got up and pulled the diaper off. She wrestled me down to the floor again, and the two of them diapered me again. She then said I could get up if I promised to behave and not take off the diaper. I promised.

After that, every time either of my sisters found an excuse to say I was acting like a baby, one or both of them would put a diaper on me. This kept up until I was almost 10 years old when my younger brother was potty trained and my parents no longer bought diapers.

Feb 13, 2012
by: Luke D.

My parents got divorced when I was about 6 years old. My father moved to a different state so I didn't get to see him much. He got remarried when I was 8 years old.

The summer of my 9th summer I flew down to stay with my father and new step mother. And also my two step brothers.

One of my step brothers is named G-- and is few years older then me, and the other is named L-- and is my age. I had to share a room with L-- who had a bunk bed and wet the bed. But I didn't know he wet the bed.

My first night at my dad's my step mother sent me out of the room so L-- could get ready for bed. I did not know why but she had an upset tone with me when I tried to figure out why.

The next day when L-- and I were playing with G.I. Joes and Legos I found a Diaper Genie in the closet and a package of size 6 diapers. I asked L-- about them and he told me they were for his cousin who would visit some times. I could tell he was lying though and suspected they were for him.

That night my step mom sent me out of the room so L-- could get ready for bed again, and I had a pretty good idea of what was going on. After I was allowed back into the room and my step mom had left, I went to the closet and saw the diaper package had been opened. I asked L-- why the package was opened and he said his mom was just checking to make sure nothing was wrong with them.

I happened to wake up before L-- the next morning but laid in bed for a while. After a long time but I don't know how long, I decided to pretend to be asleep and watch L-- get out of bed. When he did I could tell he was wearing a diaper.

Later that night, the third night, I after L-- got ready for bed I checked the diapers again and most of the package was gone. I asked L-- where the diapers went, he said his mom gave them to his cousin. I said I didn't see his cousin come over. He told me I missed him. I opened his dresser and found diapers inside. I told L-- I knew he was wearing a diaper. L-- called me a liar. I called him a liar back.

My step mom came into the room and asked what was going on. L-- told his mom I called him a baby because he has to wear diapers, and that I threatened to tell all the kids on the street about it.

I had not said any of that, and I called him a liar again. My step mom said, "Is that so?" to L--, and he said, "Yeah." I said he was a liar.

My step mom grabbed me by the wrist and jerked me really hard. She then pulled my hair and held my face to her face and said, "You want to make fun of him? You want to tell the kids on the street he wears diapers?" I said, "No." She said, "You can tell them if you want to."

She let go of my hair and started to rub confused at what she had just said. She grabbed my pants and really quickly pulled them down and pulled my feet out from under me. I landed on the air mattress that I was sleeping on and before I could do anything she had my pants off of me.

Feb 13, 2012
STEP MOM part 2
by: Luke D.

She then opened the closet door and pulled a diaper out of the diaper bag. She then said, "You can tell them that you wear them too." She started to put a diaper on me, I screamed "No!" and tried to push the diaper away, but she smacked my hands really hard every time I tried and said, "Move your hands or I'll smack them again."

She then put the diaper on me. I cried. She told me to lay down and go to sleep and taking my undies and pants with her left the room and turned off the light. I ended up crying myself to sleep in pain from her smacks and hair pulling, and ashamed.

The next day when I woke up I did not want to get out of bed. I noticed the diaper and did not want to go downstairs with just a pajama shirt and a diaper. I also did not want to go downstairs naked. I ended up walking downstairs using my blanket like a robe.

My dad was at the breakfast table and said he had heard what had happened. He said then told me that he and my step mom decided it would be best if I wore diapers while I was visiting. I asked, "Why?" and my dad said it was so I wouldn't make fun of my brother.

I told him I wouldn't make fun of him, and my dad said, "I'm sure you wouldn't but your step mom is afraid you will, and this way you both share something in common."

The diapers were too small for me, and they would sometimes use tape to help them stay on. I never used the diapers, and never wore diapers again after I flew back home to my mothers.

I didn't tell my mother about what had happened that summer until I was much older. My dad and my step mom got divorced a few years later and I've never seen my step brothers since.

Feb 18, 2012
i was forced to wear diapers and raped
by: Anonymous

i see some of you saying that being forced to wear diapers is like being raped, but as someone who's mom used to sometimes force me to wear a wet diaper all day because i wet it the night before and was raped by my first boyfriend i can tell you they are not the same at all.

many of you say you like to wear diapers even now, i also like to wear diapers even now, but i don't want to be raped again.

i don't walk down the street thinking every teenage boy or man might grab me and force me into a diaper like my mother did. i don't have nightmares about the times my mother made me answer the door for two girls selling girl scout cookies wearing a wet diaper and t shirt. being forced to wear diapers didn't make the idea of having sex with someone frightening, painful, and disgusting or make me consider becoming a lesbian because the idea of having a man inside me makes me want to throw up and claw his eyes out. and while being diapered didn't exactly make me feel clean, it also did not make me feel dirty the way being raped did.

Feb 22, 2012
i don't like public toilets either
by: Anonymous

the earliest memory i have is when me mom took me to a poo covered public toilet room, me second earliest memory is of the time me mom put me back into a nappy when i was about three or four. i don't remember ever being having a nappy on or being changed, or really any events in me life before that day.

so this one time when i was about three or four me mom and i were at the mall and i had to go poo but also needed to pee of course, as is usual when you have to go poo. i didn't want to go to the public toilet because i thought they were yucky. so i waited until i couldn't hold it any more and pissed me self.

even though i know why today, when me mom asked me why i didn't tell her i had to use the loo i could only reply to her that i didn't know.

so me mom handed her shopping to the cashier in the store and asks the lady to hold onto it for her while she took me to the toilet. on the way to the toilets me mom stops a lady who has three little ones of her own and asked if she could spare a nappy. the lady started to say something leading up to a polite "no", but agreed when me mom offered to pay a pound.

i wasn't stupid and started to make a fuss strait away. me mom thanked the lady and pulled me by the arm to a baby change area by the toilets. just a marble looking counter built into the wall. i really started balling and making noise when me mom pulled me pants down. she saw that i had a little poo on me too and used a dry part of me panties and some tissue from her purse to clean me up a bit before putting the nappy on me.

i screamed the whole way back out to the mall, but me mom said that the more i acted up the more people would be looking at me. i stopped fussing and started crying and pleading at that point. me mom told me to pipe down and it was only until we got home. i stopped crying for the most part and me mom picked me up and carried me back to the shop where me mom asked the cashier for a bag to put me dirties in.

i was embarrassed of course, and me mom didn't stop shopping at that store either. i can't remember how many but we went to several more stores, one of which was a toy shop.

two or three stores after the toy shop i still had to go poo. not wanting to go to the public toilets and since i was already wearing a nappy, i pooed me self and quickly discovered it was a bad mistake.

it not only smelled really bad but was uncomfortable. it didn't take long for me mom to figure out what happened. she went all ballistic and said it was like having an infant again. both embarrassed me mom picked me up and left the mall. she yelled and fussed at me the whole way back to the car, i can only remember crying and saying i was sorry.

when we got home me mom gave me a bath and put me back into cloth training pants which i hadn't wore since i was potty trained. i don't remember anything after that point from around that age.

Feb 25, 2012
Forced Regression
by: Anonymous

I don't remember what I did wrong, but I can remember several times when I was about five years old my dad treating me like a baby. It went something like this:

I was crying my eyes out and saying, "I don't want to wear a diaper."

While my dad put a diaper on me and said, "If you're going to act like a baby, then you're going to get treated like one."

After putting a diaper one me he'd put me on his lap, hold me tightly with one arm, and shove a bottle in between my lips and ordered me to drink. I think it was baby formula or it could have been breast milk, I don't know, but it tasted nasty. He would hold me tightly so I couldn't wiggle free and keep ordering me to drink, if I stopped, until the whole bottle was empty.

After the bottle was empty he'd put a cloth over his shoulder and burp me. Then he would lay me down in my brother's play pen and say it was nap time.

If stood up he'd pick me up and lay me back down and say something like, "Close your eyes, it's nap time."

Eventually I'd fall asleep. When I woke up he'd keep me in the play pen. If I tried to climb out, he'd stop me and/or put me back in. If I told him I had to use the potty he'd usually ignore me, but sometimes he'd say, "That's why babies wear diapers." If I used the diaper and and told him he'd ignore me, if I used the diaper and didn't tell him he'd leave me sitting in it, but if I cried he'd pick me up out of the play pen and change me like a baby.

If I cried at all he'd change my diaper, even if it wasn't dirty.

After changing my diaper he'd give me another bottle of either juice or formula, usually formula, but he wouldn't force me to drink it.

I don't know what I did to cause my father to treat me that way any of the time that he did. I can't remember how many times he did that too me, but it was more than three.

Now, I'm what is called an Adult Baby (or AB). I like to dress up like a baby, diaper and all, and drink baby formula from a bottle. I remember it was a nasty taste when my father used to force me to drink it, but I guess the taste grew on me because I like the taste of baby formula now.

I don't recommend parents do this to their kids. My habit is expensive. Adult diapers aren't cheap, heck baby formula isn't cheap, and more over even though I like to do this stuff I still find it embarrassing. I suspect that being an AB is a lot like being gay, or more like being gay used to be. I'm a closet AB. My friends and family don't know about it, and right now I don't want them to find out. I hope to find a woman who's into it, but its difficult because I don't really know the best way to go about bring the subject up. I'm still a virgin actually, and I'm in my mid 20s, and I think its because I'm an AB that I don't have a normal interest in sex.

Mar 03, 2012
by: Anonymous

ALl I can say is no wonder we have so many killers out there! Thanks abusive moms..NO EXCUSE!!

Mar 05, 2012
I don't think so..
by: Anonymous

It seems the 'side effect' of diaper discipline seems to be people becoming diaper lovers. This is bad in its own way, as one above says he's still a virgin because of it, and another says he pays a dominatrix. Some think it lowers a child self esteem.

However, I don't think diaper discipline creates killers. It creates some lasting scars, but no one who's posted here or anywhere I've seen on this topic says they want to kill anyone.

There is a video about a girl who murders her mother because of diaper discipline that used to be on YouTube and you might be able to find it around, but I have some thoughts about that video I won't share here.

Diaper Discipline is bad. Its abusive. However, it is sadly one type of abuse. This website covers all sorts of abuse, read the other pages on this site. There are plenty of abuses that can create killers, but I doubt really truly doubt this is one of them.

I am against diaper discipline. I'm not trying to say it is good. All abuse is bad. We just shouldn't start assuming any of the people who posted here are killers. That's prejudice and unfair to the posters. They have enough to deal with, we don't need to call them killers.

Mar 06, 2012
Diaper Discpline
by: Anonymous

You ever notice many stores put cereal in the same isle with diapers? I'm told its because they want children to see the bright colorful boxes and ask for cereal while their parents are buying them diapers.

I was a spoiled four year old. My dad worked at a factory and my mother was a 'home maker'. My mother and father didn't believe in spanking and didn't seem to know any other form of behavior modification, so I was a spoiled little brat, or at least so my parents tell me.

I would throw tantrums in stores if my parents didn't buy me the toy, candy, or cereal I wanted. It got to the point that my mother didn't want to take my shopping.

Well, one weekend or something my father took me shopping while my mother was away somewhere. We were in the cereal isle and I decided I wanted a box of Fruit Loops for the toy in it. My father told me we had enough cereal at home already. I began screaming and throwing a tantrum as usual. My dad of course told me to pipe down and stop making a scene. I was unrelenting, as I knew (or at least thought) if I kept screaming I'd get what I wanted.

I remembering thinking the four year old equivalent of 'what the hell?' when my father grabbed a package of diapers off the shelf opposite the cereal and threw them hardily into the cart and then with great speed pushed the cart (and me in it) to the check out. He told the lady, "Just these." and handed the package to the lady at the check out, she rang them up and my father said, "I'll be back for these." while pointing at the cart. She told him the price, he paid, and then taking the bag with the diapers in them from the lady and then hoisting a now quite and puzzled me from the cart went for the grocery store door.

I started screaming and crying again saying "I want cereal!" over and over.

When we got to the car, my father opened the back door and laid me out on the back seat. I tried to sit up, but he pushed me back down, unbuttoned my pants, pulled down my pants and under ware, and when I realized what was happening I started crying in earnest.

My father said if I was going to act like a baby I was going to be treated like one, and wrestled me into the diaper. After the diaper was on, he took off my shoes, pants, and underwear. Then after putting my shoes back on me, picked me up, locked the car door, closed it, and carried me back into the grocery store.

I was too embarrassed to cry very loud. I remember looking around at the people in the parking lot, and in the cars driving by, and hiding my face in my fathers shoulder. I cried into his shoulder and promised I would be good, but my father ignored me.

Once back inside, my father found the cart and put me back into the child seat. The lady at the check out smiled at me and winked, and I remember thinking that was strange. My father went back to shopping, I just sniffled and zoned out.

Mar 06, 2012
Diaper Discipline
by: Anonymous

Diapers became my parents regular threat and form of punishment after that. A whole power struggle between me and them happened after that. I began wetting and pooing in them on purpose as revenge for wearing them, and my parents started leaving me in the dirty ones as their retaliatory volley. I would take them off and leave them, dirty, sitting in the living room, and then my parents began using duct tape (which didn't stop me), and then footed pajamas, etc.

When I was about 7 my parents told a baby sitter to diaper me if I miss behaved and she did when I didn't get ready for bed fast enough, I think she enjoyed it. When I was 8 my parents really humiliated me by putting me in a diaper in front of my cousin who was staying the night because we were up talking to each other instead of sleeping. They also threatened to diaper him, but didn't.

Now, I'm an adult baby.

Mar 30, 2012
My babysitter mad me a diaper lover!
by: Anonymous

My mom would drop me off at my babysitters house and as soon as my mom drove away she would put me in a diaper even though I was potty trained. She told me it was so I didn't make fun of the other kids or make them feel bad.

My mom almost always called about 15 to 20 minutes before she came to pick me up, and the babysitter would change me back into my normal pants.

It was a long time, like almost a year or so, before I told my mom about it. The babysitter tried to tell my mom it was because I was having accidents, but my mom didn't believe her and found me a new babysitter.

Apr 28, 2012
Rude Awakening!
by: Ben

About a week before my eighth birthday I fell asleep on the couch with a cup of orange juice in my hand and woke up on the floor with my father putting a diaper on me. I had spilled the orange juice and the cup had some how ended up under the couch so he didn't see it. He thought I had wet the couch and I don't know how I didn't notice.

I had no idea what was going on when I woke up. My pants were down and a diaper was being taped onto me. I asked my father why and he said, "If you're going to piss yourself like a baby then you can wear a diaper like a baby!"

It took a while for me to figure it out, but when I did I told him it was orange juice. I found the cup under the couch and showed him, but then his response was, "Then I guess the lesson is: Don't spill stuff on my couch." and he walked off with my pants.

May 20, 2012
Just sick!!!
by: JR

I am not a victim of this, however if my parents had ever done that to me, I would cut them out of my life for good. They would no longer exist in my mind. I honestly question the sanity [as well as the love that they have for their child] if they would have them endure this type of humiliation!

Jun 03, 2012
My History
by: How I became a DL

I am 32 and it was many years after I was abused that my Mom and I talked and I found out a little bit to fill in the holes but created even more questions.

My memory is being punished after climbing into a crib and playing in it. I was told if I wanted to act like a baby I would be treated like one (my mom told me it was the neighbor who had chidren and not my babysitter.) I remember laying on the floor being diapered, not fighting it while other kids watched. I do not recall if I took the pacifier but I do know that I was put in the corner after that.

Another incodent I was at my best friends house (female) and her friend (which I later found out was her friend) had asked me if I wanted to wear a diaper like her doll. I said yes but it didn't fit. I remember her playing with me "down there". I later found out she made me go down on her, and she was a victim of abuse.

What I found out later about going to the babysitters, is one day she asked my Mom for the payment owed, and my Mom told her that it was always paid on the specific date (my Dad was in the military.) She made the comment "well I need pay now, the babysitter is out of diapers." My mom didn't feel right about that comment so never took me back. It wasn't until about probably 20 years later that I told her my memory of the first diapering. I do not remember anything after that except holding her hand and saying "please do not tell Dad." She never did and I thought she knew about the diapering that day, but thought I was referring to being in the corner (or getting in trouble.)

I wish I could remember what happened through that entire time. I think that if I could, it would help me a lot today. I am a diaper lover, and "Daddy" to a gal who likes diapers and baby items. I know my past has everything to do with who I am today.

Jun 05, 2012
Some kids can't be Toilet Trained
by: Lifelong Bed Wetter

I understand that the use of diapers as a tool for punishing a child can be considered child abuse today; but all of you have to consider and maybe even remember that this was Not always the case! When I was growing up in the 1950s, children were considered property. They (we) were owned by our parents and they could (and did) just about anything that They "thought" was in our best interests. The prevailing rule was "spare the Rod, Spoil the child) and all the parents I knew (including my mother) believed that line of sh*t! Beating a child to Death for wetting the bed was routinely dismissed as justifiable and humiliation, ridicule, and physical abuse was thought to be the best way of forcing a child to be a GOOD adult.
Kids learn from their parent’s example and parents today still use those abusive examples their parents gave them as the templates for raising their own children.
Education is the key to breaking this cycle of abuse... but education of children requires that our school start teaching again. School should teach kids How To Think... Not Memorize answers for a test.

Kids learn from their parent’s example and parents today still use those abusive examples their parents gave them as the templates for raising their own children.
Education is the key to breaking this cycle of abuse... but education children requires that our school start teaching again. School should teach kids How To Think... Not Memorize answers for a test.

Jun 14, 2012
Its not just parents
by: Edd

Children abuse children too. When I was 7 my older brother had just got his license and it was before laws said that 16 year olds couldn't drive with other children in the car. He wanted to go see a movie by himself and I wanted to go see The Never Ending Story.

My parents made him take me to The Never Ending Story. On the way to the movie theater we stopped at a grocery store to get candy to sneak in. I thought sneaking candy in was wrong and told him so, and his response was that I was such a baby. He was clearly upset with me for convincing our parents to have him take me to the movie, I was young, dumb, and selfish, and didn't realize how much I was cramping his style.

He said I cried and wined all the time so I could always get my way like a spoiled little brat. I argued that I did not. He ended up walking away real fast, I ran behind him so I wouldn't get lost or kidnapped or something. He grabbed a package of boys diapers and handed them to me saying, "Here, hold onto these you brat."

I felt scared and threw them down saying, "No!"

He picked them back up and walked really fast to the check out. He bought the diapers and his candy, siting that I didn't need any candy if I didn't want to sneak it in.

When we got outside he took me over to a picnic table that was probably a break area for the employees of the store and told me to sit down on it.

I refused.

He grabbed me at the armpits and set me on the picnic table and then pushed me onto my back. I tried to sit up and he pushed me back down so I hit my head real hard on the bench and started crying. He said, "Stop crying you baby."

I rubbed my head and tried to sit up but he pushed me down hard so I bumped my head again, but not as hard. I was rubbing my head and without undoing my belt or button or zipper he just pulled my pants off. I was naked for everyone to see. I tried to reach to pull them back on but couldn't reach them and he kept pushing me back down.

He took my shoes off and then took my pants the rest off the way off. I laid there crying, my head hurting, and half naked.

Then he started to put the diaper on me. I tried to fight it off, and he said, "Come on, we're going to be late for the movie."

I cried, "I don't care!" but strangely part of me did care. I didn't want to miss it.

He told me I could wear the diaper or go naked. I said no. He then left the diaper on the table next to me, picked up my shoes, pants, and diaper package and started walking off to the car.

I watched him walk to the car and put everything in the trunk. I looked around, people were actually staring at me but no one did anything. I ended up putting the diaper on myself and the running to the car and hopping in the passenger seat.

When I got in the car he said, "At least I don't have to worry about taking you to the bathroom in the middle of the movie."

He made me wear the diaper through the whole movie and gave me my pants back when we got back to the car after the movie.

Jun 16, 2012
Diapers At The Drive-In
by: Anonymous

I'm a diaper lover and stumbled across this site. You're not alone.

I was a bed wetter and in the summer my parents would take us kids to the drive in. The movies were always a double feature and would end well after our bed times. We were allowed to stay up through the whole movie, but that didn't always mean that we did. Sometimes one, two, or all three of us kids would fall asleep before the second feature ended.

The first time I fell asleep during the drive-in movie my parents woke me up so I wouldn't wet the car. They started taking a diaper bag just for me, but then when I fell asleep they woke me up to put a diaper on me. They my brother and sister get out of the car so they could use the back seat to put the diaper on me, and there was some concern that the people in the car next to us might see me nude.

After that they put the diaper on me before we went to the movies. However, then one time I had to go to the bathroom and when I took the diaper off to do so I couldn't fasten it back up. So, back to my parents carrying diaper bag! I still had to get a diaper put on before we went to the movie, but they also brought a few backups just in case they were needed.

This may not seem like a big deal, being a drive-in and all, but there was a park there and many kids would often play at the park before sundown. I was always afraid kids would notice I was wearing a diaper.

My parents weren't punishing me, but it felt like it often punishment.

Jun 24, 2012
by: Anonymous

You guys wanna sign the petition to stop diaper discipline?

Jun 25, 2012
Banning Diaper Discipline
by: Anonymous

There are major issues that a law banning diaper discipline would create. Child abuse is child abuse, it doesn't matter if the parent uses a belt, a paddle, a hand, a fist, words, toothpaste, a rocket launcher, or a diaper.

I don't think we need to recognize a specific type of child abuse OVER other types of child abuse.

I think common sense needs to be used to recognize and combat all forms of child abuse.

Here's a question: What form of punishment doesn't humiliate a child?

I remember one time when I was young and in diapers, I did something to wrong and my father spanked me with my diaper on. I didn't feel any physical pain from the spanking but I broke out crying anyway. My father then immediately asked me, "Why are you crying so hard, I spanked you with your diaper on." and I answered, "Because you spanked me!"

That was such a traumatic event that I still remember it, yet there was no physical pain or marking on me at all... Is that child abuse?

I remember when I was in grade school a teacher made me stand in the corner because I had misbehaved some how. I don't remember how I misbehaved, but I remember feeling ashamed and embarrassed because I was made to stand in the corner. Is that child abuse?

My grandmother used to make me sit on a 'naught chair' when I was bad. I used to feel very bored and when other kids saw me I felt ashamed. I was embarrassed because I had to sit in the naughty chair, is that child abuse?

My school used lunch tickets so kids couldn't steal each other's lunch money. Sometimes I would forget or lose my lunch ticket and have to sit at a special table away from the other kids (so I could still eat lunch but not 'have fun' talking to my friends and stuff) and that was embarrassing and made me feel ashamed. Should the lunch lady be punished for making me feel embarrassed and ashamed?

Jul 06, 2012
by: Anonymous

I know how all you must feel. But we can all stop diaper discipline by signing the petition to stop diaper discipline. Stanley Thornton Jr. made that petition and needs all of our help to ban diaper discipline to save these kids. I already sign it and I need all of you to sign yours. Here's the link:

Aug 08, 2012
diaper punishment
by: kaitlyn

i have a sister who is a little over a year younger than me and our parents used diaper punishment on us starting when we were 14 and 13.this was back before disposable diapers so we had to wear a cloth diaper and toddler rubberpants as our punishment.when we got into trouble,the diaper and rubberpants were brought out and put on one or both of us depending on if we both got in trouble.we had to wear them around the house and in front of our friends when they came over.when we were 14 and 15 we got into a fight just before easter and we each had to wear the diaper and rubberpants under our easter dresses all day on easter sunday.this applied to thanksgiving and christmas also.our diaper punishment continued untill we were past 16 and it was embarrassing.

Sep 06, 2012
the stupid babysitter and evil step brother!
by: Anonymous

when i was 8 i was about the size of a 6 year old. my step brother who was 7 was about the size of a 12 year old.

my parents told the babysitter my younger brother had to wear pullup to bed unless he complained or fell asleep and forgot. if he made a fuss or fell asleep without his pullups on then the babysitter could put a diaper on him.

all day the babysitter kept mixing my step brother and i up. she kept thinking i was the younger brother because i was smaller.

when it was time for bed she thought i was my step brother and he told her that i was him. i tried to explain that i wasn't him and i didn't need to wear diapers to bed but my brother reminded the babysitter that my mom said HE would probably argue and complain so she didn't believe me. she really said, "do you think i can't tell he's older then you?"

i started crying and calling my step brother a liar over and over. the babysitter made me wear a diaper for arguing with her and made me sleep on the couch instead of my bed so she could make sure i did not take it off.

when my mom got home she did not even care that i had to wear a diaper when i did not need to but she was upset my brother did not have one on because he peed the bed night.

that babysitter quit and my mom made sure that new babysitters knew my bigger-younger brother had to wear goodnites to bed and not me.

i now like to wear diapers now though because of that babysitter.

Sep 19, 2012
by: Anonymous

wen i was 9 my mom made me ware a diaper becas she caut me peeing on the house in our backyard. she took me to the store baut them for me. then took me home and made me ware put it on. i cried but she said she wold put it on me if i did not put it on me. so i put it on me. she said if i did not know how to use a toilet then i wold ware diapers til i learn. she told me to put my pants back on. then she told me to go outside and play.

i hid from my frends til diner time then went inside. after diner my mom took me to the bathroom by my arm and made me sit on the toilet until i went pee. she then told me if i got caut peeing in public agan she wold make me ware diapers for a week.

Mar 10, 2013
by: Anonymous

if an adult ever tells a kid to keep a secret it is usually a bad thing. keeping secrets is like lying and that is bad too. i will teach my children to never keep secrets from me or their dad ever and if someone tells them to keep a secret they must tell me or their dad right away.

Apr 25, 2013
by: Mestaris

(I understand this months old, gonna chime in anyway.)

Whilst I may not be a victim of this, I am -to some extent- turned on by diapers. I dont agree with this as a form of discipline, and feel that it should be treated as a form of child abuse becuase of the emotional abuse the child goes through. I am 14, and know someone who was a victim of this, and we both agree that its not right. The child is humiliated to an unbeleivable level, and as the comments above mine show, it has some damaging effects. Thankfully my boyfriend understands my fetish, and it stays between us, and never happens at school. However, when a child is forced into it in a public situation, there needs to be something wrong.

If its something worn only at night by a child who needs it; eg a child suffering with trauma or just is unable to control their bladder at night, its fine. But the second its worn against the child's will in public or during the day, theres a problem.

Jun 08, 2013
Diapered for crying.
by: Rachelle

Until the internet I thought I was alone. I think my parents were diaper lovers and I am pretty sure I am a diaper lover because of them. My mother used diapers as the threat any time I cried, whined, or misbehaved.

She would say, "If you're going to act like a baby, I'll treat you like a baby."

Usually the threat was enough to get me to stop doing whatever it was I was doing that she didn't like, but sometimes she would threaten or warn me two or three times, and other times she wouldn't even give me a warning and the next thing I knew was on my back with my pants and panties coming off or skirt up and getting diapered.

If I cried or struggled while she was putting the diaper on me she'd threaten to not let me have my pants back so everyone could see what a baby I was, but most of the time she didn't let me have my pants back whether I fussed or not.

As I got older I cried less and my mother never more than warned me if I did cry. What really makes me think she's a diaper lover after my first period my mother told me I should probably wear a diaper to sleep to protect the bedding. I didn't, but wearing pads reminds me of diapers.

Jun 17, 2013
I don't like diapers.
by: Bill

I found this page when looking for information about bed wetting. There is a ton of information out there about how to deal with bed wetting, but the title and snippet on Google lead me to this page out of curiosity.

I don't like diapers because I was a victim of diaper discipline by my aunt, so I can relate. I never thought this sort of thing was so common though.

Thanks for sharing everyone. Each story, hopefully, brings us one step closer to getting something done about it.

Jul 15, 2013
i had to wear pulllups when i was 8
by: Anonymous

for years my mom kept telling me to wipe my butt better. my mom got sick of finding brown marks in my underwear when i was 8. one day i got out of the shower and went to get dress and found pullups in my dresser instead of underwear. i yelled and my mom was already standing at my bedroom door. she said i had to wear them and watched me get dressed to make sure i put it on.

she made me wear pullups every day and night even to school and it made me very self conscious even though i don't think anyone at school could tell i was wearing pullups. when i got home my mom would pull open my back and see if i had a brown spot. if i had a brown spot she would tell me to go wipe and change. when ever i got out of the bathroom my mom would check me like that. it was very embarrassing when she would do it in front of people.

one day i decided to test the pullup and peed. it leaked right through. my mom noticed i changed my pants and found my wet pants under all my dirty cloths and made me get the wet pullup from where i hid it behind my dresser. she threatened to make me wear a diaper if i did it again.

one day my best friend found out i was wearing pullups after my mom checked me in the hallway and told me to go change. my friend did not see my mom check me and i made him wait in the hall while i changed but he asked questions and figured it out. i told him i was having diarrhea. i am glad he was my best friend because he did not tell anyway, i think.

Jul 23, 2013
I don't know what to do.
by: Anonymous

A childcare facility was putting my 7 year old son into diapers because I filled out his enrollment incorrectly. I found out about it when I got a bill for the diapers they were using on him. When I called and talked with them, they said they had told him several times to let me know that they were out of 'supplies' for him and even sent a note home with him that I never got.

I never noticed him wearing diapers when I picked him up so I guess he was taking them off before I got there.

Apparently all the ladies at the facility know my son very well. They said they had thought it strange at first but since he never complained they figured it was ok. I told them that if him being 7 years old wasn't a big enough clue, the fact I didn't supply any diapers for him should have been, but they said lots of parents go for weeks without supplying diapers and its why they keep backups.

They told me that every day after I dropped him off he would report to an empty changing station on his own and sit quietly until one of them came over and put a diaper on him and that he would come back on his own when he needed changed.

There are other kids about his age that go there and I don't understand how he wasn't embarrassed.

I don't know who I'm more angry at, him, the facility or myself. I also don't know what to do about it.

Jul 23, 2013
I don't know what to do. 2
by: Anonymous

The facility knows not to put him in diapers any more. I like the facility for everything else, the location is the best for me, and he seems to like it there, but I'm angry with them and I owe them a ton of money for all the diapers he used.

Nov 01, 2013
Innocent of Child abuse by diapering because I was TOLD to do so by a Psychaitrist
by: Anonymous

Hi, all. I have an adult daughter, who will soon be 30 years old. She was diagnosed with ADHD at 6 yrs old when she began doing things in school like : laying down on the ground UNDER the school bus in front of the bus wheels; like locking herself in the bathroom stalls and refusing to come out; like laying down cross-ways of the hall-ways and refusing to get up. The school understandably demanded I take my child to see a psychaitrist to be evaluated for ADHD or other problems. I took my child to a recommended child Psych Dr. who treated her for several months, and my child's behavior seemed to improve. BUT she once again began to show the behavior that the school had originally requested I take her to the psych Dr for. The Psych Dr. then advised me that, seeing as my daughter was behaving as a baby we should treat her as a baby by putting her into diapers and by feeding her STRAINED baby food, and that my daughter was to get her liquids via a baby bottle.
The theory being that the shame of wearing the diaper and eating baby food and KNOWING that her behavior had caused her to have this happen would stop the bad behavior at school.
My present problem is this: my now adult daughter is seeing a therapist because of a drug problem and she told the therapist about what I had previously believed to be a perfectly viable disciplinary method given to me by my daughter's old psych dr. My daughter's new therapist advised my daughter that I had abused her in using the recommended diaper discipline.
Now, for my question: am I now to be held guilty of child abuse in the eyes of other people because I followed a Psychaitrist's advice 30 year's ago?

Nov 23, 2013
I would have got a second opinion.
by: Anonymous

After a recommendation like that, I'd have gone to another doctor and got a second opinion.

I've had doctors tell me I needed surgery and I've gone for second opinions. I've had doctors tell me I need to take certain medications and I go for second opinions.

Second opinions in general are good things. On something as bizarre as that, I would have gone for a second opinion.

I think every parent screws up their kids one way or another. Its just more obvious in some cases. Is this an excuse to let ourselves screw them up? Hell no. However, what's done is done and we need to accept that, learn from it, and move forward.

Some parents spoil their kids too much, some parents neglect their kids. Some cause their kids mental trauma by placing them in a corner or spanking them. Some forget to lock their door and their kid walks in on them while they're making whoopy.

There are people who have balloon fetishes. Balloons! I bet those kids parents never saw that coming. Don't mess up your kids on purpose, but try to forgive yourself for when you've done it by accident.

If you do something expecting it to mess up your kids, then you're a bad parent.

Jan 21, 2014
cloth diapers and rubberpants
by: Chloe

my niece and me were the same ages growing up and her parents used diaper and rubberpants punishment on her and some times i had to wear them also.this started for her when she was 13 and was put into the cloth diapers and toddler rubberpants when ever she mis behaved.she had to wear them after school and on the weekends and to bed at mom borrowed some of her diapers and rubberpants and made me wear them also when i acted up.A few times both her and i were in the diapers and rubberpants together on the weekends and we were confined to the house and had to wear just the diapers,rubberpants and a tee shirt and our moms called us babies.this went on untill we were past 16 and it was traumatic for us.

Feb 27, 2014
didn't want to go to school
by: Anonymous

when i was in 3rd grade i did not want to go to show and tell because i have bad stage fright and i did not have anything to show.

when my mom woke me up for school i said i was sick and did not want to go. my mom took my temp and said i was not sick and needed to get ready for school. i did not get ready so my mom came in and told me to get ready again.

i went to the bathroom and locked the door and turned on the shower and when my mom knocked on the door i told her i could not hear her. my mom unlocked the door and i did not know she could do that and she found me sitting on the toilet cover fully dressed.

my mom said i had to get ready or i would miss the bus and she did not have time to drive me to school because she had an interview. i said i did not want to go to school. she said i was either going to school or to daycare with my little brother.

i went to my room and my mom stayed in the bathroom to get ready for her interview. a few minutes later my mom came out of the bathroom shouting i was going to miss the bus. i was hiding under my bed hoping she would think i left already.

i heard her getting closer and shouting hurry up i was going to miss the bus and then i heard the bus go by. my mother cursed and came into my bedroom, then looked in my closet for me, and then went into my brother's room, and then came back into my room and looked up the bed and saw me. she grabbed my leg and pulled me out from under the bed.

then she said, since you're not going to school you can go to daycare with your brother, get dressed.

my mother left my room and i got dressed. then a long time later my mother came into my bedroom and told me to lay down on the bed. i was confused but she said it two more times and so i did. then my mother pulled my legs around and started taking off my pants. i asked what she was doing thinking she was going to spank me.

she said if i was going to daycare with the babies i needed to have a diaper. i said no and tried to stop her but she slapped my hands and my butt and put a diaper on me. i was crying and told her i would go to school but she said it was too late i missed the bus.

the daycare was at an old church and my mom explained to the nuns how i locked myself in the bathroom and that i was not allowed to take off the diaper because i was being punished for missing the bus on purpose.

when my mom left the nuns said that since i was ditching school to see what it was like being a baby that they would give me the full experiance. i said i did not want to see what it was like being a baby, but i did feel a bit curious.

the nuns put my brother in a big play room with lots of toys and put me in a crib in a room with 8 cribs. any time i tried to talk or ask a question they shushed me.

they gave me a bottle of orange juice and i had to have my diaper changed twice

Mar 20, 2014
bed wetter
by: robert rattley

i was a bed wetter my mum put me in cloth nappies i was from a small country town every body new everybodies buisness my mum used to fold them up girls style and put them on nice and tight i had my first wet dream in a nappy and all i could think about after that was someone putting a nappy on me it really stuffed me up sexually every time i saw a nappy or thought about someone putting a nappy on me i got sexually excited i started wearing nappies again i dont get excited its just common place for me there are ramificatios on every thing that poeple do though my mother probably didnt see that coming how could i explain my sexual drive to any one i felt it made me an outcast though i have come to terms with it now im 52 and i wear a cloth nappie all the time and i dont mind to tell you the truth
if i wear nappies i dont get excited thinking about it if i dont i do

Mar 28, 2014
Crazy Step Mom
by: Anonymous

My exposure was not a punishment but it did feel very much like one. I was the only boy in a family of 7 children, six half sisters all older than I.
I was 8 years when this happened to me and I suffered for it for years after. My Step Mom called me out to the back yard on a sunny afternoon. My sisters and Step Mom were all seated under the old tree. They had a large blanket spread out over the ground and it was cover with some piles of cloth and other items. As I arrived at the blanket my Step Mom started talking to all of girls like I was not even there. I remember her words very clearly. Now girls when you are going to diaper or change a baby always remove all of their clothing. With that I was pulled down onto the blanket and stripped naked by my Step Mom and two of my eldest Step Sisters.
I was diapered like a baby by them for the sake of teaching the younger girls how to diaper an infant. The old fashioned cloth diapers, diaper pins and rubber pants.I sat in the middle of the blanket shocked by what had happened. Not believing my eyes as I stared at the bulging diapers and rubber pants I was wearing as my sister laughed and teased me for being a baby again.
I could not hold back and pushed one of my sisters aside and swore at my Step Mom. Big mistake, and I mean big mistake. I was across her knee in seconds and diapers or not I was spanked until I could hardly walk. I'll teach you a lesson she said, girls take him to the car. They drove me about ten blocks away from our home and Mom pulled me from the car. I was still crying wearing only diapers and the bulging rubber pants. They all jumped back in the car and locked the doors stranding me outside. I cried even harder as mom drove away leaving a long way from home in only diapers and rubber pants.
By the time I walked home I had collected a dozen neighbor kids teasing and shouting insults at me and my diapers. Some of their mothers called from the front steps of the homes as I walked by and offered me a diaper change.
I had night mares for years over this.

May 22, 2014
i was diapered by my mom
by: Anonymous

From the age of 9 to 11 years old mom diapered me in 12 diapers at a time and plastic pants. As I wet myself due to I got into my diapered me with as many cloth diapers as possible.when I was 15 mom made me wear a total of 30 cloth diapers and 5 pairs of plastic pants.I had to lay on my back I couldn't stand or walk or even crawl.the bulk was too much.this went on for 4 more years when I said enough is enough.I hated my childhood.

Sep 05, 2014
by: Anonymous

when i was 7 our toilet broke so my dad took the whole toilet off and there was a big hole in the bathroom that smelled bad so my dad covered it with a board and the kids weren't allowed in the bathroom.

it was gonna take a day to fix but took a more like three. we asked the neighbors when we needed to use the bathroom let us at but then they weren't home or did not answer their door at other times.

on the next day we went to mcdonalds to use the bathroom but that was not easy to do because we only had one car and it was too far to walk.

then my dad came home with diapers for the kids. at first we did not want to wear the diapers but my dad said it was only for the night because the toilet would be fixed the next day. so like bed wetters we had to wear diapers to bed. but then the toilet could not be fixed the next day so my mom said she remembered why she did not want to have another baby. we took showers to get clean because it was easier then tissue and we had no wet ones.

then we went to the store and we kids were still wearing our diapers and i had to poop so i went poop and my mom asked me what i was doing. i said pooping and someone else came into the isle and saw and gave a strange look.

my mom said, "no, don't do that here!"

i said, "too late."

my mom said, "why didn't you tell me you needed to use the bathroom? there's a toilet you can use here."

i didn't know that stores had toilets and didn't think to tell her i had to go.

my mom said she would change me when we got home but the smell was bad and i walked funny so my mom went to the diaper isle and picked out the biggest size diapers and we went to the check out.

i was very embarrassed and i think my mom was too. my mom told the lady that our toilet was broken and the lady just said, "uh huh?"

my mom bought the diapers and said we would be back for the cart and not to take it away.

we we got to the car, my mom told me to lay on the back seat and then she realized she did not have wet wipes. my mom used a clean diaper to wipe me off with and then put a new diaper on me. i was embarrassed because people walking by could see me and i could tell my mom was very frustrated with me.

when we got home my dad had put the toilet back on the whole but he broke it so it leaked so bad it did not fill back up. he had to go to work so he said he would fix it the next day. my mom kept us in diapers that night.

then the next day my dad told my mom we could flush the toilet with a bucket of water so we did not have to wear diapers any more, but there was almost a full pack of diapers left that my parents put away.

much later, like a month, my brother made me angry because he broke my toy so i took his toy and threw it against the wall very hard.

my mom came into the room and said don't throw my toys. my brother started crying because i brokpaper his toy. i said, "he broke my toy."

my brother said, "he broke my toy."

i started crying. my mom said when my father got home i was getting a spanking. i started crying harder and saying my brother broke my toy first.

my mom said i was acting like a baby and i needed to stand in the corner. i threw another toy in her general direction. my mom came over and grabbed my arm and smacked my butt a few times and told me to stand in the corner.

i stood in the corner and then my mom left the room. i turned to look, my brother told on me. my mom came back into the bedroom with a diaper in her hand and told me to, "Come over here!"

i said, "no!" so she came over to the corner and pulled me by my wrist to my bed and put a diaper on me. she said if i was going to act like a baby, i would be treated like one. she took my pants away so i only had the diaper and said i could wear that until my dad got home.

when my dad got home and saw me he asked why i was wearing a diaper. my mom told him because i had acted like a baby by throwing toys and not listening.

my dad said if i was going to act like a baby i could wear the diaper to bed too.

then i had to poop so i pooped since i was used to the idea from before and knew i was wearing the diaper as punishment.

my mom got upset but my dad thought it was funny. he told my mom to change me and they argued over who would change me. when my dad said i could wear the dirty diaper to bed my mom decided to change me. she took the diaper off me and told me to take a shower.

when i got out of the shower my mom said i could go get ready for bed, but my dad said he said i was to wear a diaper to bed. my mom said she thought my punishment was long enough, but my dad told me to go get a diaper.

i said i didn't know where they were. my mom said they were too high up in the closet for me to get. my dad told my mom to get a diaper so she did.

then my dad put a diaper on me and told me, "from now on when you act like a baby this is what will happen."

i started to cry and my dad asked my mom for a bottle but my mom said they threw out all the bottles. so my dad asked for a pacifier. my sister had a pink toy pacifier for her dolls and my dad made me suck on it until i stopped crying. then my dad told me to go get my pajamas on and go to bed.

my sister said the pacifier was gross now so my dad washed it off for her and told her to go get in bed too. my sister said she didn't want to go to bed but my dad asked her if she wanted to wear diapers too so she ran to bed.

the next day my mom said i could take off the diaper and go get breakfast. the next time i got in trouble my mom threatened to put me in a diaper. i got put in a diaper maybe three or four more times after that in my life for being bad.

Nov 08, 2014
about being in cloth diapers
by: Anonymous

when I was younger I had a lot accidents I didn't have any control over it well my mother couldn't deal or handle it she diapered me for having accidents back then there were no training pants but there only diapers but I never used the diaper but my mother said if did use it she would change me at that age I was thinking she wanted me to use it but I never did but I did feel embarrassed ashamed and humiliated and other feelings that have no name girls can deal with punishment but guys can I'm guy so it was emotional abuse witch form of child abuse so if you take time to understand your child do diaper him or her have a accident just don't do it or you will be sorry in years to come the last time my mother had a small bag of disposable in my room my said f had another accident I be wearing them I'm I stop at 9 years old my father did diaper me2 time but I forgave him because my mother told him to do that to me but my father died and my mother died I did forgive her even she didn't remember doing to me well that my story

Dec 31, 2014
i was diapered for having accidents
by: Anonymous

I was diapered when I was 4 years old which not punishment my younger brother who baby was getting all the attention so I was jelous and I did what he was dong but after 3 weeks my parents never loved me any less but when I was 5 years old I had a accident I told my mother she think I didn't on purpose which I didn't she diapered me for that I think she couldn't deal or handle it but I was diapered for 3 to 8 hours and before went bed I asked if can take them off my mother said yes but she didn't give me the full baby treatment but it happened my father did 2 times to me because my mother told him to do that to me I forgave him but my mother did more then 2 times she said she going send me diapers to school and other thinks sometimes I asked for it but only 3 times I will tell I have 2 brother we go to a swim club one time we had change our swim trunks I fell into pool now mother had a diaper in bag see if did anything wrong I be wearing it and everybody would know I asked her because I wanted be in something dry she said only if everybody saw it so I was not dumb so I decided not to do that the second time I asked for it is I had a accident at school and I knew I was going be punished so I told my mother I would put on myself so I did every thing stopped at 9 years old my mother put a small bag of diapers in my room my mother said if did it again I be wearing them she said other stuff like at that age I was thinking she wanted me to use the diapers I never did I used the diapers she would change me into a fresh one at that age I was thinking she wanted me to use it but like and they were cloth diapers at that back then they training pants out but I don't know if that change anything if was girl maybe that would also change out come or same thing would happen but I stopped everything at 9 years old I was scared into doing it but since my mother died I did forgive her but she didn't remember at 75 years old she forgot she did it but I forgave her

Jan 02, 2015
Jesus tap dancing Christ!
by: Anonymous

I am 12 and this is sickening! I even tried to take down the diaper discipline websites. I believe I would kill myself because of this... I would call the cops, tell them a murder took place at my house, and kill myself. I would go F***ING BANANAS, I would go insane, mutilate my own parents if this happened... I'm sorry if this seems to over the top, or disturbing. I could not live with that pain...

Sep 30, 2015
being made to wear diaper
by: charles w

Well I was put in foster care after I was born and there were good and bad foster homes one was real bad. She made me and another boywear cloth diapers for wetting the bed and beat us real hard with a belt she did not care and if we wet them she made us wear them all weekend and one time made me eat a can of dog food for spilling my milk and broke my left arm

Nov 13, 2015
foster kid too
by: Anonymous

i went through many foster homes as well. i was raped by a foster brother at one of my foster homes and by a foster father at another one. the best foster parents i had made me wear disposable diapers to bed every night even though i wouldn't wet the bed without them. i did wet the diapers many times, even pooped them once but it was so awful that i never pooped them again. i wasn't a bed wetter in the normal sense, but i did wet the diapers because they made me wear them whether i wet or not anyway.

when i got older i found out they were told i was a bed wetter by my case worker and because i wet they kept making me wear them. a miscommunication and misunderstanding that didn't really bother me all that much. it was far better then being fingered or raped. i didn't get to stay in that home though. my foster mom got cancer and they gave me back.

some of you are embarrassed, and i can't say i would have advertised my parents made me wear diapers, but its not the end of the world. it could be far worse.

Mar 23, 2016
Diapers for Punishment
by: Anonymous

I was a bed wetter and my parents always put the diaper on me before bed because several times when I did it on my own I messed up, causing them to not fit correctly and leak. I remember one time it was so obvious I messed up, the left leg was so wide the diaper hung lower on that side and you could probably have seen my junk through the leg hole.

When I got in trouble (for hitting my brother, pulling his hair, or whatever) my mother would put a diaper on me and make me stand in the corner for a number of minutes and then until I was willing to apologize. Sometimes I felt justified in hitting him or pulling his hair because he took something or mine or made me angry, so I would sometimes have to spend a lot of time in the corner, without pants so everyone could see the diaper (although usually it was only my family who was around to see me).

This was particularly embarrassing though if we were visiting relatives or had company. My mother would sometimes explain it was so I could stand in the corner for as long as it takes (implying I wouldn't need to have a restroom break).

My punishment wasn't over after I apologized though, however. In order to save money (or torture/punish me more) I would have to wear the diaper until the next day, even if I wet it, but not if I pooped in it.

My parents would also but my brother and I into diapers for car trips and movies at the movie theater, although this wasn't a punishment it was embarrassing, although I think no one ever noticed this. When we would get home or to our destination, if we hadn't used the diapers we would (both) wear them to bed, until the next day, even though my younger brother wasn't a bed wetter (which he would usually remind them of when they told him to he had to wear them to bed).

Jan 20, 2017
Used for bait
by: Bobby trauma

I read most of these stories with interest looking for accounts Simon to my own most are about bedwrtting or discipline. What you are about to read is 100 percent true to some it may seem undeliverable I still by trouble believing it my self. It is more like a nightmare that I have never been able to shake
When I was 4 months short of my 6 birthday my father arrived at my door step a tall giant of a man he picked me up like he had just left the house and forgot his keys. To me he was a stranger my mother had divorced him when I was about 21/2. Mom told me years later that she divorced him because he had a mental breakdown and she feared for our lives it is only now that I realize she used me as bait. I guess for decades I suppressed it I couldn't believe that she could do such a thing Pop had my 3 yr old brother with him. I didn't even know I had a brother! Jacque was his name he was very intelligent I guess. She was embarrassed she abandoned him. Pop was definitely out of his mind even I could tell at my age. He drove from the Catskills to NYC where his parents lived after dinner pop announced it was time for bed. It was June and still light out. I protest." I am a big boy and don't go to bed until after dark ".He ignored me took my hand and Jacques pulled us up the stairs.. he opened the door,"This is your room," he said. There were chairs all around the bed with the backs facing the bed now I was really frightened. "Why chairs around the bed "?" POP said so I don't fall out of bed.Tommrow I'll get. You a CRIB. "I'm a big boy I always sleep in a big boy bed. He told me to take my clothes off while he put my brother to bed.. Pop came back with a bundle of diapers under his arm. I started to cry,kick and scream,"I'm a BIG BOY I Don't wear DIAPERS!' To know. Avail. To make a long story short he kept both of in diapers 24/7 treating me as a infant for the10 days I was there his family went along with it my greadmother and aunts fed and changed my diapers. Years later I was told grandmother did the. Same too all her children. Needless to say this was also passed on to the next generation. There have been several sucides in my family I tried several times and wonder why I'm still here?

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E-book: Victim To Victory

From Victim to Victory
a memoir

How I got over the devastating effects of child abuse and moved on with my life