Deaf Without Support

by Shyheta
(Pennsylvania, USA)

I am a hard-of-hearing-partly-deaf young woman whom suffered all my years from many different kinds of abuse. My mother and my siblings' father physically abused me at my young age. He used to pick my little body up an throw me across the room. My mother tried to kill me at age 11. Thank god the next door neighbor saved my life.

There's so much to tell but what's bothering me is I always kept the secret because I didn't want no one to judge my mother. But today my mother won't have no relationship with me and it hurts because they got away with so much and I'm still suffering from the abuse. Also I was abused in high school because of my race. The school didn't notify the school officers that I was deaf so they thought I was ignoring them. One morning when I attended school they pulled me from behind then threw me on the table dragged me to the small office and handcuffed my arms an legs to the chair and beat me choked me kicked me into my private parts. I'm still without justice today. That same day they had me sent to jail as if I came to school misbehaving. They just was covering their tracks. This ordeal cost me my education, since I'm deaf there was no other school for me to attend since my mother abused drugs she was not able to support me.

I'm currently suffering. I pray that another person that's deaf wouldn't be taken advantage of like I've been. It's a horrible experience and I have no support, that's what makes it harder for me...

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