Concerned my toddler is being sexually abused...

by Name Undisclosed

I have never trusted my dad. I've seen him be uncomfortable when I caught him alone with the dog and later he read the bible, when I was pregnant.

My son...he has a tough time going poop, always has since birth, that's normal. But it's like he has gotten a hemorrhoid or a tear near/on his rectum (could be from pooping, but I am paranoid, I guess, and over protective). And he is aggressive, more so lately than he has ever been, and cries more/whines more. He isn't afraid of my dad, more like he loves playing with him. And I have noticed other things, my dad WANTS to change his diaper, and the other day I caught my dad taking my son potty on the big toilet (without asking, without telling me, just went in the bathroom). My son is 2, and not really talking, more like he has a difficult time pronouncing the words (he's smart and knows the words, just can't pronounce them) so it's not like I can ask him. My son has poked at my mom's and my butt (maybe playing, I don't know), he also likes women's breasts (I attribute that to breastfeeding, always has been that way). I guess I am afraid he's getting hurt.

Could this be what I am afraid it is? I don't know what to do. Does it sound like something I should be concerned about or am I just over-reacting? It's like everything inside tells me not to trust my dad, but I keep blowing it off because my son is healthy and I just don't like my dad at all.

My insurance blew me off and threw my son off the insurance (it's government insurance) so I can't take him to a doctor right now. I want to, but I don't have the money to. It's either feed him and put clothes on him, or a doctor bill.


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