Child Abuse - When Authorities Overstep and Put Children in Harms Way

by Deborah M
(Texas, USA)

My whole life as a child I grew up without my parents love my mom would do for my brothers and sisters not for me it was like I was being punish for my dad mistake. I didn't know him but I was aware little things about him one day the phone rang it was my gradma askeding my mom if they can pick me she said no. I was about nine I remember that day even if I didn't know my dad I cried for him he passed away & my mom didn't let me go so I was between washer & dryer crying. My mom has broke my finger one time, get hit with any thing she could find, I was about 15 years old watching my brothers & sisters why she was with this guy and his son at there home every day. I was a child force to grow up lost my child hood and no love from my parents one day her boyfriend moved in less then month in half she kick me out I was in 9th grade had no choice but to start working wasn't able finsh school I made a promise to my self if I ever have kids never to hit them and to give them love. But no matter what my mom did I still love her and for gave her. I have always work and was bless with four children and in 2006 god bless me with my brothers daughter I adopted from Child Protective Services were I witness at courthouse they were force to signed there rights for A---, J--, A-- for child she was caring if they refuse they would lose the baby once it was born so they sign I reported cps worker so they rather give me A--. The same department Child Protective Services came to my home in May 2010 it was ruled out. In April 2011 cps investigator came to my home said even if the allegation was false I'm putting you on safety plain & stated so your sister A-- mother I told her no. That day kids were in the swimming pool I put up house was clean. She left return later in April took a drug test came back negative she left. May 2011 she return with two officers said a call was made me & a guy M--- was running meth lab and was drug test they found nothing and left. Then she return June 2011 place my kids with my mom on Safety Plain put drug use once again shock her head said so your J-- sisters. In June 2011 she received my results from May 2011 stated negative but she keep saying J-- were now was aware she's abuse her authorty and didn't care that neglect on removed my kids. My kids miss there sister gradute and walk the stage. Once again I was left alone in empty three bedroom home I cried for days and didn't want to do any thing she foce me to lose my job were I work three years. I promise my self never to let my kids feel the pain I did as a child. cps call said if you want your kids back get in a treatment center or lose my kids she said she was aware my resuls were negative but I can do what I won't. Seeing my son with no shirt dirty and hungry I couldn't under stand how cps could neglect my kids and my daughter had a burn on her hand for cooking on gas stove 11 years old I never let they touch a stove and my 4 year old was dirty and place in a dark room by her self were now my mom was doing to my children. I told them this was wrong placing my kids in danger were abuse and neglect was happening. So June 2011 I gave in her demads only for my kids I did the drug test but wasn't able to get in June 9,2011:went Health Care Services asking for help and was told nothing wrong but hurting for my children. went to department talk to supervisor told her what happen she said we had nothing on you now we do go take a drug test so your the one stop the adoption . I call higher management and I reported both of them. Supervisor called June 14,2011 stated for going to higher management you can forget safety pain were taken you to court to lose your kids. I was force to fight for what I beieve in and having faith in god I know I'll get my babys back soon. Do to poor judgement on the judge 27 months been denied my rights to summit the evidence it was a false affidavit the social worker has threatn me bye saying for me to talk to therapist about what's on affidavit admitt tb all allegation our lose your kids I told her no I know my rights that fraud and perjury in courtroom and County Courthouse has allowed cps to endanger my so placing him on medication that killig my son slowly were he was strap to table and drug tell the medication kick in. Were I have pictures of abuse and neglect on my children. Letters , faxs, emmails, and recording on who I reported it it to and no one wants to correct this were false drug test were also add and two more false dates. As a mother that loves her children with all my heart my whole world I'll never stop fighting this case I do know as citizen my family has bee deprive of our freedom are life liberty without due process. Of laws and juristiction of equal protection of laws as citizens of United States may god watch over my children and protect them tell I can bring them home safe.

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