Child Abuse: What I Got Out of It

by G'G
(Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)

When graduating from Indiana Business College I would like to have a career in Social Work. My reasoning behind it is in my life I have been through what most people should never have to endure. I was brought up with an abusive step-father. He had taken the meaning of abusive to an all new level. I then ran away, hustled on the streets and I then got jumped into a gang. I felt as though it was my only choice to survive. Until one day I received a rude awakening.

On April 16, 2002, my best friend and fellow gang member was stabbed thirty-two times at a mall while we were shopping for the upcoming prom. On that day I realized that it was not worth it. So I started volunteering, helping in any way that I could at the time. My whole thought process on my situation was that I would use my personal experiences to help someone else.

My goal is not to let anyone else become a victim. I have come to this conclusion due to my experiences volunteering at a few shelters, the YMCA, and the Boys and Girls Club. While volunteering at these outstanding organizations, I got the pleasure of speaking with some of the most wonderful people. The children I believe had become more comfortable with speaking about their situations knowing that I had once been in their shoes.

The children from the shelters ranged from many ages. Even with the young kids, they knew exactly why they were there. Some of the older kids feared that they would end up just like their parents. Some just wanted to give up. They did not like the group homes. Some were even afraid to go back because they treated them worse than if they were at home.

The women, on the other hand, they were more distant. I figured it was because I was a lot younger than most. But while sitting around sharing my feelings and my history with abuse they became more open to share their situations.

I want to become a social worker , so that I can make a difference in someone else's life. To let them know that they too can be successful and achieve any goals that they set for themselves. But also to let them know that there are bumps in the road, and be it as it may, you just have to put it in four-wheel drive and keep moving forward. Do not let anyone stop or get in your way of bettering yourself and following your dreams.

I then want to end up owning my own firm. I also would like to own a few group homes, and run a center for missing children. I want to be a social worker that is known for reuniting families, fixing families, and helping abused women and children. I want to achieve all my goals because I know that all it takes is one to start off leading and soon after I will be followed by many. Which in time, the world will be a little nicer. I would like to own a few group homes because I have had the experience of having to stay in a few and they weren't in good condition. The children did not like it there and it was not a place you would want to call home.

When owning a group home, I want the children to know that they can feel safe when they go to sleep at night. I want them to know that they won't be tossed from place to place. When opening the center for missing children I will have many employees, which their job entails only finding children; that is all they will do. Instead of this running around, I will have individual positions for everyone so that with all the manpower we can speed up the rates of returning young children back to their families.

I know that Social Workers are by no means on the top list of high-paying jobs. Knowing that, I feel as though if you're going to have a career then it should be based on the fact that you enjoy what you're doing. So that you can thrive to be the best at what you are passionate about.

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