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Sep 23, 2008
Such spunk...
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Such a story of courage, Ty. I am delighted that you are now in a happy home and that you are no longer full of hatred; unconditional love has that power. I can only hope that your parents are incarcerated for the terrible crimes they committed against you. Thank you for sharing your story with my visitors and me.

Darlene Barriere
Violence & Abuse Prevention Educator
Author: On My Own Terms, A Memoir

Sep 23, 2008
by: Alexis Irving

This is ,ike the saddest thing i have ever heard. i am so sorry that you had to go through this. do not listen to what anybody has to say about your height or any medical things that you have. be strong, i am happy that you are in a good home now, you deserve it.

Sep 23, 2008
So many crimes committed...
by: Francine

Ty, what your so-called parents did to you and your brother was and still is EXTREMELY PATHETIC AND EXTREMELY UNGRATEFUL!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and they are wrong, too. You are not worthless; you are not weak; you are not ugly; YOU ARE NOT STUPID!!!! You are smart, articulate, strong, beautiful and downright worthwhile! And when you got out the pot and filled it woth gunpowder and "vengefully" blew up the house, as pointed it out, your parents brutally burned you with the torch...Ty, you are right; they are truly evil and extremely malicious, and if it weren't for your caring brother calling the cops, then your parents would've burnt and beaten you to death, GOD FORBID!!!!!!!! I would never understand why those animals for parents would delight in sadistically abusing you and willingly letting that pervert lady sexually hurt you and still living with themselves! They are extremely twisted, too, in their own ways of thinking; you should've been loved and cherished! Well, I am delighted that you and (hopefully your brother) are in a safe place that nurses beaten and neglected kids back to health because you guys did nothing wrong! You can always move on (and so can your brother), unlike your so-called parents and that pervert hooker; they will stay in their hell forever! I am also glad that your brother saved your beautiful precious life and called the cops on your sadistic parents cuz he is so sweet for doing that! BTW, I can relate to your strong love for going to school; school was the only time that I really felt safe, and now I'm graduated from high school and I am currently attending college and if my parents ever did something like that to me, then I will be SO MAD AT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, to make this long comment short, I hope that you try counselling someday and I wish you and your brother all the best!

Sep 23, 2008
My bro
by: Ty

Just to anyone who's curious, they did keep me and my bro together, they thought it was the best, and I wouldn't have it any differently

Note from Darlene: Thank you for the update, Ty. That's great to know.

Sep 26, 2008
by: Anonymous

sry bout all ur health problems ... glad 2 know ur ok though!*hugs*

Oct 13, 2008
To Ty...
by: Jeremy


Your words are a great testament...not to the horrid treatment you received...but the strength you show in recovery.

I am sending you all my positive energy! I will bet on your upcoming prosperity...All my best...

Nov 27, 2012
Wow, just wow...
by: Anonymous

To be honest, Ty, I gotta' say that your story is honestly one of the most disturbing stories I've ever read.

What a sad, sorry bunch, just for grabbing for a victim who would give them what they want just so they wouldn't have to take care of themselves (which they should). Their behavior must've sent a strong message that they had no intentions of helping themselves/changing their dysfunctional lives for any reason at all, no matter how strong you are. Even though they could pretend at times, they just didn't seem to care. Help yourself, not them; they're adults who need to help themselves; if they're not going to help themselves, that's their loss.

Oh, and your idea of fighting back is just like going back into the same lion's den over and over again, oping for a different result each time; they actually wanted you to do this because it gave them someone to bully, which they seemed to get a high from. It's best that you recognize their unhealthy, immature, childish behavior, not only in order to help yourself, but also in order to help your brother as well as anyone else who happen to be in the same situation as yourself. for starters, never be alone with abusers again.

Strangely enough, I have autism and my parents have done nothing but tear me down all my life.

Anyway, I'm glad you and your brother are in a safe place now; I just hope you try counselling.

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E-book: Victim To Victory

From Victim to Victory
a memoir

How I got over the devastating effects of child abuse and moved on with my life