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Dec 20, 2007
So many crimes committed . . .
by: Darlene Barriere - webmaster

Six years is definitely not a long enough prison sentence for the heinous acts your mother committed, Scott. I'm in agreement with you there. Your mother tried to destroy any kind of independent and active thought in you. She purposely hid it from others, as was evident when she pulled you out of school. She refused to get you the proper medical attention when she wouldn't take you to a hospital after you broke your leg; probably because she knew that doctors would have to report suspected child abuse, even if on that occasion, your injury wasn't as a result of her abuse. Then, when she wasn't getting the reaction from you that she craved—complete and utter submission—she brutally stabbed the only loving friend you had, a helpless little puppy . . . she was truly evil and malicious. Her intent was definitely to scar you and completely control every aspect of you and your life. Thank goodness a neighbour had the common sense to report what people must have suspected for a long time.

Which begs the question: Where was the school in all this? Why didn't they do their part to report what they must have suspected was child abuse? At the very least, why didn't they further question the reasons for taking you out of school in the first place? And by the way, Scott, I believe she took you out of school not just to keep a tighter reign on you, but because she needed to hide the abuse she was inflicting on you from other watchful eyes. But no matter what, the school let you down, Scott. Everyone let you down, and they let you down criminally. It was their legal duty to report what they suspected. Beyond all the above, I'm dismayed at the fact that the police officer didn't remove you from the home the first day. Waiting until the second could have resulted in your death, not just your puppy's death.

I'm delighted that you are now in a safe place and that you have some support in your life. For the sake of your own health, I sincerely hope you are getting some form of counselling, Scott. You deserve that kind of help.

Darlene Barriere
Violence & Abuse Prevention Educator
Author: On My Own Terms, A Memoir

Dec 20, 2007
Pets and love
by: LLS Buffalo

Dear Scott,
Your story was terribly hard to read. I am so sorry you didn't have a good mom. I felt alone when my dad died and I was with my psycho mom. She too went ballistic and more abusive without him around. I'm sorry about your doggie. I have pets in my life now whofill a huge gap in my life. I hope you can get another little one to love and to love you. It will happen again and I hope you heal inside. Ask for people to help you with it. I would be miles behind if I hadn't got help. My story is posted Linda of Buffalo. Good luck.

Dec 21, 2007
How Sad
by: Francine

Scott, whatever your murderous mother did to you and how she took the life from your one and only best friend, your pooch named Sunshine, is extremely inconcievable! Well, I'm glad that the officer took you away from your hateful mother who was happy that she hatefully killed your poor, innocent dog, by hatefully stabbing it to death. I'm also glad that you are now living with someone you felt comfortable with, besides your dog, which is your girlfriend. You might want to try a lot of counselling. You never deserved to have a mom who treats you with anger nor hostility at all; you should've deserved a mum who would treat you with complete kindness. I hope to God that you might as well ensure that beloved dog Sunshine did not die in vain.

Dec 21, 2007
...And to Sunshine...
by: Francine

Oh, and by the way, Scott, may Sunshine rest in peace...I will pray for you and for Sunshine forever...

Feb 02, 2008
To Scott
by: Dana

i have a mama cat n 3 kittens... all males... if my mom did something like that 2 1 of them i would b sooooo mad @ her !!!!!!!!!! im glad ur g\fs w\ u now.... she is soooooooo sweet 4 doin that!

Mar 05, 2008
I am so sorry
by: Beth

scott-im so sorry matters had to end up like this. only 6 years is not enough for a person like that. Im glad now that you have someone that cares about you and that you are hopefully happier. That day must of been truly devastating to you. I am so sorry. That was really bad of your own mother to do and she is getting only part of what she deserves. i am sorry again. Sunshine, rest in peace

May 12, 2008
Scott, Im So Sorry..
by: Amber

I am so sorry for the pain and torture you had to go throug, Scott...I hope your life is tons better now. :] May God Bless You!

With Lots and Lots of Love,

Jan 14, 2009
Oh My Dear God!!
by: Abby

I can't believe how cruel someone can be! I'm so so sorry scott! I'll be praying for you...

May 02, 2009
How sad
by: Anonymous

Hi Scott

Six Months is DEFENENTLY not enough im so sorry i hope you have a GREAT LIFE ahead of you

May 19, 2010
really sorry
by: NaNcY

the same thing kind of hppened to me my mom always did drugs and she didnt care for me at all when i was 6 months old she told my aunt "you want her take her" and im glad im with my aunt ill always know she'll care for me and i hope you and your gf r having a really good life and that ur mom shuld b happy for whers she's going, ppl like that dont get away with stuff like that.

Jan 31, 2011
6 years suck
by: ann onnie mus

Did ur mum get charged for Animal cruelty too, cuz in my book killing and starving a puppy is wrong as is starving and beating a child!
I'm certain there must have been a misprint in the paper which said 6 years! They missed out a few 0's!
I kinda have a weird talent where i can comunicate with the gone. So i'll ask my dead doggie to meet sunshine! ;)
best of luck!!!

Oct 07, 2011
very sad
by: Jessica

Scott, I'm very sorry you were abused as a child and had to go through all you went through. I'm also sorry for your loss of your puppy Sunshine, you or your puppy didn't deserve to go through all of that. I just recently wrote my story on here about my abuse, that recently ended. I was reading some of the other stories people wrote, when I read yours it made me cry. I don't know how someone could abuse their own child/or any child, and an innocent puppy. I hope you are doing well Scott, I hope you have a great life, you deserve it. Good luck Scott!

Nov 27, 2012
The Horror
by: Anonymous

Scott, your mother is deeply troubled and sadistic. I agree with you (yes, and also with Darlene); she's just too dangerous to be trusted, based on what she did to you and Sunshine. I doubt she was mad at you guys at all; she was just a hateful person. Her immature behavior must've sent a strong message that she has no intentions of helping herself/changing her dysfunctional life for any reason at all, no matter how nice you were to her. Help yourself, not her; she's the adult who needs to help herself; if she isn't going to help herself, that's her loss.

It's best to recognize her unhealthy, childish behavior in order to help yourself as well as others who happen to be in the same situation as yourself. For starters, never be alone with abusers like her ever again.

I'm glad you're in a safe place now; I just hope you try counselling (you can bring your girlfriend if you want); no more secrets can and will help put an end to the cycle of abuse and helplessness.

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From Victim to Victory
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