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Feb 20, 2008
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Your father was very wrong, and I believe that deep down you already know that, Sarah. Mothers and fathers have a DUTY to protect and love and nurture their children. When your father didn't believe you and chose your uncle over you, he betrayed you and abandoned you. Nothing that happened was your fault. It wasn't your fault that your uncle sexually assaulted you. It wasn't your fault that your father didn't believe you. It wasn't your fault that your parents ended split up over all this. The responsibility lies with your uncle and your father. Your mother protected you from harm; and that was her job. The fact that she got you into counselling was a true act of love on her part. You have a wonderful mother, Sarah. And you are wonderful too.

As for hating your father, I understand. You've earned that hatred. I only hope you are still in counselling in order to deal with those residual feelings, because at some point, when you are ready to truly move on with your life, you must let go of that anger and hatred, otherwise it will eat you up. It will control every aspect of your life. If you hate your father for the rest of your life, you give up your power to him. That doesn't mean that you have to feel love for him or that you have to tell him that your forgive him; that's not at all what letting go means. Letting go of the anger and hostility and hatred is something you do for yourself, something you do to set you free. I have faith that you will get there, Sarah.

Darlene Barriere
Violence & Abuse Prevention Educator
Author: On My Own Terms, A Memoir

Feb 22, 2008
Not your fault
by: Bree

You are very much in the right,your father was SO wrong,but your uncle was even more wrong.You are probably thinking that God did this to you,but He didn't He doesn't have control over what people do,that is why we have free will.I really hope you know that it was not your fault,and that you can always turn to God.I hope I'm not sounding too preachy but I know that God is there for anything,I lived in a family that did drugs and were alcholics.I wasn't sexually abused,but to see my parents care more about those things than about me and my sister,it hurt SO bad.But as soon as my parents turned to God they stopped having desires for those types of things.I will pray for you and I hope that your father will see how extremely wrong he was and I hope that he comes crying on his hands and knees begging for your forgiveness.I hope that you will be able to learn from your experience,but not to dwell on what happened.
Love through Jesus,

Feb 23, 2008
he waz wrongggggg
by: lil grandma

huny ur father waz wrong not u nufin waz ur fault u wer just 2 innocent ok luv

Feb 25, 2008
your right
by: Anonymous

you'r sooo right, hes in the wrong and i cant begin to understand what you had to go through, im soo sorry, you need to make sure you get on with you;r life and try and find happiness as soon as possible, you'r dad is a very selfish man and im pretty sure that part of it was the fact that he didn't want to believe it.
please try and find he peace in you'r heart to forget and carry on you'r life with you'r mum as soon as possible. xXx sarah l

Feb 25, 2008
You are right
by: Olethia

he was wrong for what he did to you and your dad was wrong for choosing his brother over you. You did the right thing. Your uncle should be put in jail for what he did to you. I know what it feels like to be afraid and alone because i was sexually abused as well. I am also in therapy.

Feb 25, 2008
by: Anonymous

You are so right your dad is messed and i mean that in a good and bad way!!

Feb 25, 2008
ok.. ew!
by: Anonymous

you are so right! if your dad loves you, he should believe you! i feel so bad for you!

Feb 26, 2008
In total disbelief
by: Linda

Your father will grow old someday and I hope,will regret choosing that, pedifile child molester ,over you. Jail is too easy for a man like your uncle. Sarah, don,t blame yourself for what these two idiots did to you. I don,t know why your father believed him over you. Some men,but not all of them,are in denial about abuse and incest. I admire your mother for taking you out of that situation and standing by you. I admire you for your courage in sharing your story with us. You are a brave young woman!

Feb 28, 2008
by: Anonymous

Of course it's his loss! Unfortunately, sometimes people have children without accepting the full responsibility of parenthood. Stay close to your mom, and don't worry about him, you've done absolutely nothing wrong.

Mar 01, 2008
dont feel guilty
by: bell

these things happen and lets just say that your mother did the best thing she could of done to save you.....

Mar 03, 2008
by: Anonymous

thats so sad i feel really bad for you.
im 12 and thats one of my biggest fears.
i hope you never have to see him again

Mar 06, 2008
You are so precious
by: Anonymous

I am SO PISSED at what happened to you.
Those men are wrong. The uncle and your father are sick. I am so sorry.
Thank you for speaking up. You may have saved another little girl.

Mar 06, 2008
You are right
by: Anonymous

...about your Dad choosing his brother over you, He knows in his heart that you told the truth. But it's extremely painful for him to face. He is not ready to face this pain. Meanwhile, he has lost a prescious daughter and that is sad.
Both of your parents should have been smarter than to leave you alone with a man.
But good for your mother that she took action instead of being a coward like your father.
You take your experience and be stronger, use this to alert parents about leaving their children with people they don't really know - family or not!

Mar 11, 2008
by: Anonymous

what a sad story.yes your right and he is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wrong i dont know what i would do if i was in that situation i know we are suppose to forgive everyone but i belive when it comes to things like that we cant bring our selfs to that i thank God you have a good mother who belives you and got you away form that i think your an amazing person and keep telling your story and try and make a diffrence

Apr 09, 2008
by: Kayla

He is wrong andd you are rigt a parent should always believe their child

Apr 18, 2008
Right Decision
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing....
Your mom and you had done the right decision...

Feb 05, 2010
you were just a child
by: Anonymous

your mom was so right for leaving its wrong what those men did and its a horrabl to be abused but you are brave and can still have a good live and you likely helped other children by coming forward god bless you and your mom and i hope you have a beautfull furture

Feb 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

it so sad to hear of anyone being abused.but so brave of u to tell ur story and make people aware .its ur dads loss and ur better of with out him .he should of belived u and protected u like ur mom has .my mom always told me wot dont kill ya will only make u stronger '

Sep 14, 2010
its not ur fault
by: Anonymous

Always know that none of that was ever ur fault... u will be a stronger person because of it and one day u will be able to see what loving someone is really supposed to be like..

Sep 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

i cant believe that some people are so sick! dont worry it was his loss... and that guilt will stay with him even after he dies

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E-book: Victim To Victory

From Victim to Victory
a memoir

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