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Sep 18, 2007
Very real, very honest
by: Darlene Barriere

To be sexually victimized at four years old, and then be blamed and beaten for it by your stepmother was atrocious, absurd and outrageous! Her actions were every bit, if not more traumatizing than the sex act itself.

The sexual assault at the hands of Raymond happened 12 years ago. By my calculations, that means you're still a minor. I'd say you need some type of support in your life, someone to talk to. You mentioned that you lied to therapists, among others. Perhaps you require support that is more anonymous. I've said it before in these replies, and I'll say it again here: Contact Child Help USA. The trained professionals there can, at the very least, offer an ear. 1-800-4-A-CHILD is the phone number where they can be reached. I urge you to call them.

And thank you for your honesty. It took a great deal of courage to admit the very personal effects, the residual that the sexual abuse has left you with. I sincerely hope you can find the help you need. You really are worth it.

Sep 18, 2007
Not Your Fault
by: Anonymous

It wasn't your fault, and it wasn't your brother's fault when it happened to him. I hope that one day you can get through what happened and just move on. I think without all those addictions giving you added pressure, you'll probably feel better, and realize that you really don't hate yourself. Remember, hate is a VERY strong word and having had bad experiences with it myself, I caution you about using it. If you really think that way, though, I have no right to stop you. I am sorry about what happened and sincerely hope you know that someone cares...

Sep 18, 2007
by: natasha

what happened to you was not your fault atall and i do really hope you reaslise that. if there was some way of you talking to someonei would help you out but i'm not to sure myself. good luck xxx

Sep 19, 2007
by: Anonymous

Why do you lie about it? You only hurt yourself. I know that there is shame involved in this but life can be better if you are honest with yourself. There is help out there. Sex can be an addiction and with any addiction there are dangers. Please get honest to help yourself. Recovery can be uncomfortable but later on you will feel so much better!

Nov 06, 2007
im so sorry sweetie.
by: Anonymous

im soo sorry that happened to you. i just cant amagin all that happening to me. i was molseted when i was about 3 till i was 4 or 5 i dont remeber it all. i have little flash backs which i dont like to remeber but they just come back. i have alot of guy problems now in my life and i am just a messed up person. if i like a guy sometimes it turns into fallowing him around and in rare ocations i stalk the person. i do become obsessed at times and i dont knotice i do it. it is just a normal thing for me i guess. again i am so sorry that happened to you. i do alot of cybering and fantasizing now and it seems i cant live without doing it. i write stories about sex alot and im just hooked. but im sooo sorry that happened!

Dec 30, 2007
by: Anonymous

im so sorry to hear about your situation, i understand where youre coming from

Mar 25, 2008
by: Anonymous

so sad! -11 year old girl-

Apr 25, 2008
How sad
by: Anonymous

Ohmygawd im soo sorry..................<3

May 16, 2008
im sorry
by: Anonymous

i feel so sorry for you

Jun 25, 2008
Dont Blame Yourself; Ox
by: Anonymous

What You Must Remember Is, He Was 15 And You Were Only Four, You Couldnt Have Stopped It, Because He Would Of Hit You, Most Likely; Ox I Am Not Surprised That You Have Developed Problems And It Most Definetly Did Not Help Your Stepmom Hitting You, She Had No Right, And If She Ever Reads This, She Should Be Ashamed. She Was A Little Girl Only Four Years Old, She Isnt Related To You, You Had No Right To Hit Her, As For The Writer Of This Story, Sit Tight And Be Brave, And Maybe Talk To Your Parents And Work Through This. Its Not Right To Be Alone. <3

Jul 10, 2008
oh sweety
by: ???

I am so sorry for what happend to you and tha is really sad.I got pretty cloe to of gettin the same that has happend to you.But ive learned that it was not my fault and you have to know that to...I am truly sorry for what happend to you and hope you get all the help you need...It took me years and years to get over it and now ive been in a relationship for 4 years and he asked me y i wouldn hold his hand or hug him and i trusted him enough to tell him what happend and he gave me a promise ring that he wont do anything and he hasnt amd im thankfull to have him...Its also a good thing that you forgave the person that did that to you...I want you to know that im very proud of you...Im only 15 but i know a lot of what you are going thriugh...Im sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry honey i am very much,,,

Dec 01, 2008
by: Anonymous

im really sorry for what happend and i hope u grow strong in yourself and life gets easier for u once again im sorri xx

Jan 11, 2009
its sad
by: me

well its not your fault he got you into it and you were small as you said but beating you is not right the lady what ever she is from you shouldnt done that to you all she would have to do is talk to you and explain to you about sex well thats my opinion i dont know about yours but its sad i know how you fell about this i wish you can write and tell me if it happends again as a frien d well all i have to tell you is that people do mistakes in the life every body does hoppely you have felt better and you was strong to tell your story what happend.

Jan 14, 2009
you'll be ok
by: Anonymous

I know how hard it is. what happend to you is no where near what happend to me. yours i far much worse. although i know how hard it is to get through, and im sure that it will always be there no matter what. but you just have to believe that you will be ok. you have to love your self. and if you always tell your self that you will be ok. your on your oown side, you always will be. and you will always be ok. love your self. it is very cruel what you had to go through and im sorry that you did. you will be ok. <3

Jan 22, 2009
<3 AWWE !
by: Anonymous

omg that would suck i really hope your ok now .
sad face :( huun i dont know you or anything about you . but i can rele connect my cuzin use to make out with me and i was like 6 and she would hit my if i screamed . i know how it feels . <3

Jan 27, 2009
by: Anonymous

i know alot of ppl will say that you are crazy for forgiving him but i do understand. when i was a little girl my brother messed with me and i forgave him bc the same thing happened to him when he was little. i have looked at my lil brother but I NEVER touched him at all. i will never look at another person like that again. I have thoughts like that also and it scares me. I hope that the family that looks up to me does not turn out like this either!
im sorry for what happened!

Feb 20, 2009
so sad
by: Anonymous

im really sorry for what happened to you. i hope u r okay. get better

Feb 23, 2009
Sorry about what happened?
by: Destany

Hey my class is doing an assignment on poverty and i chose child abuse and i randomly came onto this page. I am so sorry about what happened to you and while i was reading your story i was crying. Again i am very sorry bout what happened and wish that it all goes good for you and giving you good luck for the future.

May 11, 2009
by: Anonymous


Jun 02, 2009
by: MAGz

Im Very SOrry for wat happend when u were a child.

Jun 09, 2009
by: Anonymous

I have gone through alot of the smae things.But wht the person did to me I did not get a beating for it .when I did some thing to my sisters i got a beating for . just want to let u know u r not alone.

Jun 13, 2009
by: Anonymous

You need to no its not ur fault. I no how you feel because something far worse happened to me. I was trapped in a child pornorgraphy ring from when i was 4 to when i was 12 everytime seemed worse then the last. The men and woman who where involved used to take turns of who had sex with me each night. It was sooooo hard to forget the things they did. It took 15 years and know i am stuck with MPD. Your not alone, if you need help you need to confess to someone! I cry everytme i read a story like this, your not alone!! XoxoxoX

Jun 20, 2009
It's Ok
by: Alex

Its ok , it'll be alright, as long as you believe in yourself and keep thinking that you are a good, kind person and all of such like u will be the best person ever! as you got through this!
cya xoxoxo

Jul 12, 2009
by: sad 101

it is very sad what people do how can they do that

Jul 27, 2009
i cant believe it
by: A Girl Unknown

man if i were you i would be so scared i might not even live i cant believe it you managed to make through your so brave.....

Sep 04, 2009
Im sad you r going through this
by: izzyuk

My name is Izzy and i am from the uk..
I was exploring child abuse for a project for uni.
I have been through some of the experiences that you have. I cant say i Understand because every1 is different and well as an individual your story is sad.. My abuse started when i was 3 or younger i cant remember but my grandad done it to me.. I used to hate myself and be a bit sucidle because i was led to belive i was an evil child

Sep 15, 2009
I understand......
by: Anonymous

I totally understand. I too was abused a few times as a child. Once by my step-grandfather and another by my step-father's friend. As of this day, I am starting to understand my fasination with online porn, older men, etc. I too have fantasy's that cannot be mentioned and try my best to block them from my mind. I have never done to anyone what was done to me...and dont ever want to or fantasize (sp?) about that. I have had extensive counselling but never have mentioned anything beyond the sexual abuse.

You are not the only one out there hun!
Hang tough!

Oct 02, 2009
I feel your pain
by: Anonymous

I feel your pain.. when i was 6 years old.. My 15 year old cousin molested me also... i kept it a secret until a turned 14. and as of today im still traumatized... i was raped at the age of 14 bu my ex boyfriend.. and abused by him also.. i started having thoughts of sucuide.. i attempted suicide also.. so anybody who reading this get help please!! dont wait years later and tell someone tell someone now... bcuz its just gonna build up inside of you and your gonna explode at the wrong moment.

Oct 13, 2009
trying to forget
by: Jessica

im 16 yrs old i went threw all that when i was 7 my whole life changed cuz mai mom came to the u.s.a after my dad. i keep thinking it was because they love each other a lot but i dont know for sure the thing is that my mom left em nd my brother back in Mexico she just brought my lil sister wit her. i was really young i cried a lot because she left us behind nd we were wit our grandmah nd grandpah they loved us alot buh they are old fashion couple u know nd well they would want my uncle to take care of us he was the only one left that was single he was 17 back then and everytime i would do something bad he would tell me if you dont do this and that for me i will tell and u will get in a lot of trouble nd since i was small i was really afraid nd i would do whatever sexual think he would tell me and i would cry in silence cuz if i said sumthing he said they werent gnna believe me nd that he wuz gnna do the same thing to my lil bro nd i didnt want that and one time it was raining really hard nd i was in one of my grandpahs house alone then he came nd no one could leave or come in cuz it was raining soo hard the drops hurt it was really late nd i was in one room nd he was in another one then he went to my room and that was the worst night of my life after that i meet drugs and that became my addiction i would fight to forget nd do drugs, no one knows and me just like u i cant addmitt it i feel soo nasty ... that i dunno how i could writte this buh im just not gnna erase it ima put it up :/ so ppl could be more careful wit their kids

Oct 29, 2009
Sorry Sweetie
by: Nakia Taylor

There was no need for the stepmother to have did what she did and look still look at herself in the mirror and be able to keep going on with life. No, the 4-year old should not have been playing "Aladdin" with a 15-year old and she should not have had sexual intercourse with him,but she was only 4. To me it seems that the mother of the child did not treat the child right through the baby times of living! 12 years later that baby have to still deal with the fact that it happened and she can't take it back or do anything about it but pray and pray it never happens again. I hope that many people read this and know that child abuse is no game and you shouldn't let your child just play with anyone! My prayers goes out to that little girl! My prayers also goes out to that lil boy because God doesn't like ugly and he was being real ugly when he did that what he did to that baby!

Nov 03, 2009
Heyy Hun
by: Anonymous

Heyy hun, Im very sorry to hear that that happened to you u must have lost of pain inside you at the moment and if you ever have to talk im here for you ok. thanx xoxoxo thinking of you alwayz!

Nov 13, 2009
by: Luke

the same happened to me when i was 7 and on holiday... im glad i read that it feels like you are the only person in the world to have it done to you, the last few paragraphs are a spitting image of my life now and i think the whole thing turned me gay! x u r brave to have the courage to write that ive kept my emotions bottled up completely for the last 8 years not knowing who i can talk to reading your story definately helped with it i know im not alone now... thanks ... x

Nov 28, 2009
by: Anonymous

this is so sad:(

Dec 23, 2009
by: cookie of doom

omg that's the sadest thing i have ever read i feel so sorry for you =( if that happend to me i would be so misserable for the rest of my life but if you talk to people about this it will help you threw life and make you think of the postive stuff but some people cant get over there past in my opinon i think you need to start life again and start new but what he did to you was disgraceful and i hope he feels bad for what he did and he needs to go to hell for that he doesnt disreve to live life pray for others kids that doesnt happend

im sorry to hear that

cookie of doom

Jan 09, 2010
so sorry girls'
by: sweet moe

So sorry that woman had to go through pain most Of they life. and some Guy don't understand that and woman shouldn't suffer with abuse relationship. It's hurt when girl cry more then doctor needle in your body all woman should be treat like a angel and every girls are special some away. life is a options. never let some one control your freedom what you have its ,enough gift on life. Blood thicker then water and broken heart hurt more then hit by car. Man hate women they have no. respect for anything!!!

Jan 14, 2010
i am so sorry
by: Anonymous

i am so sorry this happend to you i would do the same thing it deosnt matter if it is ur stepmother or even a brother.

Jan 18, 2010
Don't worry
by: Anonymous

something like this happens everywhere. don't blame yourself. i hope that whoever made you like that will pay. BUT REMEMBER FORGIVE AND FORGET> GOD WILL PUNISH HIM!!!

Jan 21, 2010
by: Anonymous

Im so sorry about what happend to you i wish that will never ever happen to a girl again im doing a report on child abuse in middleschool and i fell bad for all the girls im reading about.

Jan 25, 2010
so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

o mi gosh, im sooooooo sorry! if i saw anything like that happen to an innocent child like that, i would rip their head off!...or at least try...i am 13 yrs old and my parents aren't as bad, but whenever their busy or anything and i try to play with them, they tell me to scram and then i go to my room and do something else. i used to think i was being emotionally abused by my sister. i looked the signs of e.a and i saw two signs that fit me. she called me stupid once so i sat on the couch downstairs and cried. luckily my parents didn't catch me (i hate crying in front of them they don't care a crap about me). lucky for me it stopped a bit. my sister is nicer to me, but my parents still tell me to buzz off:-D. sorry for wasting your time with my uber long comment but if you have anything to add to encourage me pls don't hesitate! i could use the prayers, guys!

Jan 25, 2010
I wish
by: Eskimo pup

after reading this, if i had a wish, it would be being there with you when you were 4 and telling you what was going to happen but there is nothing anyone one can do now and everyoe feels sorry for you and i do too, and so do my friends that were with me at the time, but YESTERDAY IS HISTORY, so now get the better of life and stay strong for the rest of your life. BE BRAVE!

Feb 06, 2010
by: maitland mike

I feel your pain. It is horrible for a step parent to treat a child differently, much less what your step did to you. wish I could hug you god bless

Feb 10, 2010
That is really sad :-(
by: Chantell Robson

Hiieyyahh hinny i hope you are areet darl i think that is so shocking and if my dad or mam did that to just letting you no hun just be careful next time darl okii chick by mwahh and i am so so so sorryyyy too.... Lvv yaaa xxxxxxxxx

Feb 10, 2010
Ox... Its finnee darl
by: Amy Campbell in wolsingham

Its finee darl you wer anly 7 werent yee and likkee thats not fair at all my fatha did it ta me anal i am 14 now and my fatha did it when i was 5 and that is awful a grow up man deein thaa ta an 5 yr old man its sick darl just be careful if yout alive styl chick BE SAFE!!! love yaa darl x x x x x x x x x x x x xx x x x xx

Feb 15, 2010
i tried
by: Anonymous

my parents didn't hit me or anything... they hit me down so i didn't eat and ran away from home and slit my writst and tried to kill myself and i was only 12 so i hated my life.. i still do and im still very sad
=( i hope it doesent happen to you

Feb 16, 2010
the Same...
by: Anonymous

hey don't feel bad cause the same thing happened to me on January 1st. i mean i really dislike the guy that did it to me but you shouldn't feel bad for yourself. you should be mad at the one who did it.

Mar 08, 2010
by: Anonymous

im so sorry that happend to you im 14 years old and i remember that when i war 5 i was molested by my step dad it sucks and i cant get the thought out of my head i have nevre told any one ever my mom dosnt even know it we finally left him 3 years ago cause he tried to kill my mom i dont under stand why people do stuff like that its not right i absoutly hate it. Im glad we finally got away but i will always have night mares

Mar 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

happened to me too by own cuz i was molsted by so guy at my aunts house and my cuz i feel so happy iam not only one and sorry

Mar 12, 2010
(13 yr old)
by: Anonymous

i understand how you feel. but i have much appreciation for you. i find it amazing that your were able to forgive the fifteen yr old. i my self had trouble with life exactly like that. but i did something different. since i was tired of all the pain and hurt i tld the closest person to me, which is my aunt. eventually she took me to a therepist, counseling, everything she could think of. finally the person who did it to me did get arrested. at first i was afraid to speak because i felt like bringing back all the memories would hurt me even more. i felt that if i had said something that i would have to go through so much to get justice, even though that was true. i had to go thorugh counseling, the cops ,court, programs(that im still attending)and aslo the emotional toll it takes on a person. even though it was alot to do, i couldnt stand going through it another day. im only 13 yrs. old and i dont regret anything that i have done. if i hadnt talked to my aunt i would still be in the sittuation. till this day ifeel like i should forgive him and his friends but i cant.

as for your step mother , i cant seem to understand why she would blame it on you. i know she didnt like you .. but to seem so cruel.i used to feel like it was my fault too. .. part of me not telling people about till years later was because i was afriad what my family would say and do. of courze i had some negative epole say that i probably did something to provoke it. i was also called a liar intill i went to the hospital and proved them wrong. i dont have any addictions ... mostly fears. but thats why i am going to programs and counseling. im not into cybering or anything like that. but i know people who are. ... any way i would like to say that even thought you feel like its your fault its not. ....i learned that through the years

Mar 15, 2010
by: Anonymous

i fell so sorry for you

Mar 15, 2010
so sorry
by: Anonymous

i fell so sorry of what happend

Mar 16, 2010
the only love
by: Anonymous

well to start off what happened to you is heart breaking it is just a shame how that could happen and you get in trouble but i believe that someday you will recover and be all you can be so hold your head high and never regret your life cause you are important...

Apr 05, 2010
by: Awwwww

I am so sorry about what happened to you. If i was u i would of just bite him or something u shouldnt put up with that.

Apr 11, 2010
by: Anonymous

I know where you are coming from. When I was 4-5
years old my birth father beat me with a belt.
The cops came and got me from schooland took me to a foster home without telling me why. The second foster homeI went to beat me just as much as my birth father did.

Apr 29, 2010
wow =(
by: sorry

why why why so sad she is a horrible person

May 16, 2010
by: Koree

i am very srry too hear wat happened too u, ur in my prayers...xoxoxooxxo

May 19, 2010
by: Kaley

i am so sorry about what happened to you that was a horrible thing. nobody should have to go through that. i remember when i was five or six my uncle would touch me innapropriatly and it scarred me to death. He said that if i told anybody that he would kill me. i ended up telling my mom and dad and my uncle is in jail now.

May 24, 2010
Oh my god...
by: Anonymous

its wrong that you had to put up with that. and the fact your step mum hit you and said your the disgusting one, that was completly wrong. but i also know how you feel, im a 14 year old girl, my mum says stuff to me sometimes that are hurtful adn i fell worthless. i suffer from depression but i dont know how to tell anyone. you are a truly amazing girl for posting thats story, you are one brave girl. ♥

May 30, 2010
I Believe......
by: A Girl.

I really do care about this situation, it is so horrifing that it gives me the creeps. My teacher and mom are teaching us about sex, the time both enjoy it, and the time only one does. So I looked up stories about sex that one enjoys and this was one of the sites picked. Some sites just said, "Yeah. I got raped when I was 15 with an older guy." And that was all. So I didnt really trust that site. But when you said you were saying the truth, and really gave that many details... I believe. I hope that you can get some help before you could have posted it, but that was smart, because not just seeing one guy/girl to help you... you got the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD on YOUR SIDE!!! Be Strong, Be Brave, and I Believe.!

Jun 02, 2010
by: liss

i had a friend named ray he was abbused too just like you and i when i talked to him at the end of the day when i was wainting for the bus i felt much better i hope you can find a friend like ray

Jun 05, 2010
oh my god :0
by: Anonymous

i no how u feel x
i am 17 yrs old n i got abused by my step dad from the age of 10 till 15 n i dint tell any1 the best thing to do i get help yes it will take a while to get over but if u keep at the help u will get better i am still gettin help nw.
so keep yh chin up all the best xx

Jun 17, 2010
sad person
by: Anonymous

i am so sorry for you little girl i really gave my heart out to you what the boy made you do is degrace abd yur stepmum should of belived you becuase your the inncent one darling sorry hunnie hope life is great for you and that boy should be locked up and the key sholud be thrown away xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Aug 16, 2010
by: Tiana

OMG that is the same thing that happened 2 my friend !You are so so so so brave!

Aug 30, 2010


Sep 12, 2010
Realize This
by: Anonymous

If you look at all of these peoples comments, you must realize that you are NOT alone. You should not hate yourself for what someone else has done. You can hopefully solve your addiction by confessing to your therapist, or parents, or mayble even your best friend, the one you can trust the most. Know that when someone who actually knows you, not someone anonymous over the internet finds out about this, and will feel sorry for you, then you might feel better. I hope this helps.

Sep 16, 2010
by: Yasmin

I was disgusted hearing you're story.... But nothing had to do with feeling this way towards you.... I can only imagine what it has been like all these years to have to carry such a BIG burden on your shoulders.... I can honestly say that you really need to go for help and talk to your family about the way you feel.... This way you are able to move forward and begin living! Life is tooo short to live this way.... I can understand this being a hard thing to do but you can do it, I mean look how fare you've come.... You're worth so much and you deserve only the ultimate best. I wish you all the luck in life. I strongly believe that we all surve and go through things in life for a purpose.... ALL THE LUCK and don't you ever believe it was your fault, IT WASN"T.......

Sep 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

i'm sorry to hear about this, just know its not your fault at all. for when i lay my head to rest every night i go through the same thing. As a young child my older cousin touched me, and made me and my brother touch each other as she watched. As i got older i to did the same to my younger brother and cousins... this made me feel horrible and nasty. i still to this day hate myself for doing such things. But i had to tell some one so i told my boy friend, even though i cant take it back i forgave my cousin... i just hope and pray every night that my brother and cousins will forgive me. so i just wanted to let you know your not alone.

Oct 04, 2010
Live life to the max
by: shina

Iam sooo sorry to hear that doll, but life is sometimes so cruel to some people and i think you shouldnt blame yourself for what someone else did to you, and someday god will teach that creep a very good lesson that he will regret all his life. you just take care of your self and try to change your life coz you shudnt suffer for what sumone else did to you.

ok take care, may god bless you.

Oct 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

look honey everything is going to be alriight the same things happend to me but you have to pray and ask God for forgiveness and take the bad memories out of your life even though you dont know me just know that im praying for you and that everythikng will be ok

Nov 07, 2010
by: Anonymous

omg im sooo soooo sooo sory datz horrible

Nov 20, 2010
by: Anonymous

im sorry to hear about it :( your VERY BRAVE ; be strong (: its the past ; look forward to the future ^^ your beautiful ; (: dont hate yourself ; your suppost to LOVE yourself ! you were only 4! and she think you would do that kinda stuff to a 12 D: you should explain to your parent about what happened ? well ; i dont no what else to say im only 15 :D havnt been thru that much stuff yet ; but people make mistakes right ^^ ? forget about the past love ♥ you are BRAVE

Nov 24, 2010
not ur fault
by: Anonymous

its not ur fault and its not ur brother either u just got confuse.... and u shoudn't lie to ur therapist because they can help u with ur addiction also to help u stop it that wat therapist r for and u should talk to someone u trust but it has to be someone in ur family member , the will help and they will support u

Nov 24, 2010
i understand what you went through
by: InvisiblyHeartbroken

Some of what you went through happend to me too. But it wasn't a teen that sexualy abused me, it was my dad, my grandpa, and my mom's crack head friend from times between ages 2 or 3 to about 5. Because of what happend to me, i became very permiscuous when i was younger too. and very regretibly i have to admit that i became experimental with both of my brothers. the memory of how my abuse effected them makes me sick and i feel very guilty. sometimes i wonder if it had caused them the pain i went through and i want to apologize but how do i tell my brothers im sory for something like that? how do i even bring up that subject? of course, we are all in our early 20s now and we are all still really close but i cant help but wonder if i have emotionally scarred them like me. i hope that what i had done doesnt cause my brothers to be curious about their kids. the thought scares me 2 death. because i know that the reason my dad did that to me was because my grandpa did that kind of stuff to him. its pretty sick and sad. even the bad guys are the victims sometimes.

Nov 26, 2010
by: Anonymous


Nov 27, 2010
by: Brittany & Shae

Wow that must be super hard for you I feel so bad and just to think about that must be hard! I would of told the police!....and I'm very very sorry that happened to you.hi....that was from my freind shae.....shes a little crazy! lol.....but I'm terribly sorry :(

Nov 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

OMG :'(

That is seriously the sickiest and nasty child abuse story i have ever heard, to be honest i feel sorry for you and i hope everyhing is okay now and i have never experssied anything like that myself but it sounds hoorible

&& sometimes it takes time for people to understand but still to be honest there was no need for your step mum to do that :(

Hope things are good now :) x

Nov 29, 2010
i know EXACTLY how you feel
by: tori

trust me i do.
i went through this at age 10 with my brother (he was 13.
it was christmas and i regret it obviously.
i had to give him a blow job,hand job and we had anal sex and he 'touched' me to make it more 'comfortable'for me.
i should have said no.but if you say no to him,you get smashed.
i kept it from my mum/family/friends/counslours/child abuse centre(which i am now going to again)
for at least 5/6 years.
i am the same as you.
im addicted to porn.(emo porn)
and i ALWAYS think about sex and sexual fantasies.
i was wondering why i did it all the time.and i know now that it's because i have it stuck in my mind with what my brother did.
my situation is a bit different.
i cutt myself over the things that have happened including that and my uncle and dads death (i was age 13 when they both happened im 14 now)
and i lock my self in my room(literally) lock my door.i stay well away from my brother.because of him.i have no life.i never see my mum because she is always in living room where he is.
and i dont like any of my family.
i love spending time with my mom.but when my brother arrives im STRAIGHT to my room.locked air being let in my room.
i get teased about being an 'emo' at school.
i ahve no life,it's his fault.

Dec 02, 2010
i know what ur goin thru
by: justlikeu

omg im sos ry i hate that im goin thru wat u are goin thru im addicted to porn to i dont tell anyone

Dec 05, 2010
Well I hope you read this
by: Joseph

Wow first its awesome so many nice people out there I hope your happy forever I'll pray for you and everyone who is giving its helped me and alot of people reading this thank you. Much happiness, love, and prayer to all

Dec 16, 2010
by: billie

i feel ever so sorry for you to have to go through something like that.
to be sexually abused by someone that is a lot older than you that is horrific!

Jan 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

i can't believe that guy did that to you but i been through that two but with my step dad and i know how you feel about it am sorry but just bless them and just live everything in god hands and he will take care of it. god bless you. just pray for them so GOD can forgive them

Mar 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

Wow...that's very bad...I have had almost the same experience except it was with my step dad...I feel your pain..

Mar 15, 2011
not your fault at all
by: Anonymous

its crazy how she thought you were nasty but hes nasty for letting her brother get away with it , none of this is your fault && what you did to your brother no one had the right to judge you if u accept that you did wrong i wish u lukc in lifee (:

Mar 25, 2011
not your fault..sorry..
by: Anonymous

well... thats really sad.. i wish you luck in life... and that you find your true love.. you are ment to be with someone.. what happened to you in your child hood completely effected your future.. dont let that stop you... control your future.. dont let your past take over

lots of love ... <3

from the one confused about life too...

Mar 27, 2011
brave heart
by: Anonymous

to come out like this about somethin horrible is sooo admirable....uv got the guts to come and say itself such a big step......wat happened to u wasent ur fault.....i think every1 will agree to dat....1step is taken second step needs to be taken talk to some1 about it will make u feel better...and uv forgiven ur abuser ...i wunt have the heart to do dat...i love u for ur honesty and ur guts ....take care of urselff.....muahh

Apr 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

tell your parents now you must or the trauma will be with you forever

Apr 19, 2011
Brave Young Girl
by: Gee x

Awwwhh :'( You Poor Little Thing, You Are SO SO SOO Brave Little Girl I Can't Say Much As I Have Never Experienced This. You Are An Amazing Girl And I Almost Congratulate You For Speaking Out. I Could Never Of Done That
You Brave Young Girl <3 x
Gee x

Apr 21, 2011
by: Karina

Im really sorry for what happened i hope you get better and just think the positive way and not negative because at one point only god knows why that happened, and it wasnt really your fault if you didnt know what was really going on and Raymond was the one telling you what to do then dont blame yourself for it, and its okay if you forgived him iv'e forgived before and iv'e forgived for big problems and maybe worse then this, and please dont say you hate yourself, i know how you must be feelinq but take mind of things and keep your head held high cause god will forgive you and he knows it wasnt really your fault ! God Bless You and keep living lifeee ! <3

Apr 25, 2011
im sorry
by: Anonymous

Many people probably say sorry whenn they dnt know halfbof it..I was raped when I was 9. BY A GIRL n I am a girl and the girl was my sister

Apr 26, 2011
its not your fault
by: Anonymous

You have an amazing story that you should tell the world. How many people do you know could forgive somebody for raping them. God will bless you for that. As far as your brother is concerned, you did not know any better and in his heart I believe he did forgive you. Don't let your abuser control you, because in that case he wins, do not let him win.

May 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

The SAme Thing Kinda Happend To Me.. Its Not Yur Fault.. Jus Like It Wasnt Mine.. I Still Blame Myself Evryday, Askin Y DId I Let it Happen Why DIdnt I Tell Or Stop It.. I Was 6.. N See The Difference Between Me N Yu Is I NEVER toldd My CUzzin Found Out WHen I Was 12 N He Tld.. After Tht I Was Abbanded.. I Felt Horrible n Degusted WIth Myself n Even After THerapy I Still DO. I Take 5 SHowers A Day In BUrning Hot Water To CLean Myself Of WHat He Has Done.. I Also Wantd Sex I Dreamd Of It N Fanticized.. I Have An Amazing Bf Who Got Me Threw Alot,, Im NOw 16 I Have A Baby Gurll N She Is 7 Months. I Wud Kill FOr My Little Gurll ... I Dont Kno WHat I Wud Do If SOmeone EVER Touch My Baby ! There Is Help OUt There... Get It.. Before Its To Late..

May 25, 2011
awwww i'm sorry to hear this!!!
by: Anonymous

hiyaaaa there!!! i'm natasha btw
i rad this story couldnt help think how that must off felt tbh but i know because i've been kinda through the same thing it brough me back loads off memorise and i cryed because its the same thing that happend to me.
people can thing that most people lie about these thing but they dont?? its wrong on what men/woman can do now-a-days is'nt it!!!! well just thought i would send my thouts to you darling myself everyday and sometimes i do know but then it aint our fault sweet i know what us girls went thou wen we was younger we have to live with that for the rest of our lifes xxxx

May 28, 2011
So Sorry Sweetie
by: Anonymous

im so sorry to hear you had to do through something like this. everyone is showing support for you and know its not your fault. but as the saying go we cant take back what we did we can only learn from our mistakes. stay strong and keep your head up. you'll make it through.

Jun 04, 2011
live life to the fullest
by: Anonymous

I haven't went through what you went through but I can tell you to keep your head held high everything will get better I promise I am truely sorry for what happened to you he had no right to do that to you there are ways he could have avoided the whole situation. As to you there where ways you could have avoided the situation also I am so sorry I'm here trying to put myself in your shoes and I can't. He was wrong and If he reads this I hope he feels bad about his dicission making he was 15 you where 4 it's just not adding up but all I can say is don't give up please keep your head up and belive that the worst always ends up being the best.

Jun 15, 2011
I know how it feels.
by: Anonymous

I'm really sorry for what happened. i know how that feels it was my step father who did that to me. and till this day no one knows at all. i tried telling my mother once and when she confronted him he lied and she believed him everyone said i was just trying to get them broken up and get her and my father back together. i'm almost 16 now and i still have the same story and i can still remember it like it was yesterday. i was around 9 or 10 when it happened to me and it when on for probably a year or two. thinking back i dont know why i didnt yell or tell someone when it would happen. he was a very abusive person maybe i was just scared he would hit me.

Jun 19, 2011
We all love you!
by: Your Friend

Please dont forget that! Your Step-mum! What kind of person was she to do such a cruel thing. You were just a child. People are diffnatly screwed up in their heads these days!!! God love you, your nothing more then an ANGEL in my eyes. I dont know how you can be such a brave girl to forgive someone for that. I had an experiance but nothing like what you went through and I couldnt forgive him for it! You have to talk to someone you can trust and get it out of your system as much as you can. But I cant emagne the scar it will leave you with. God all them kinda sickos should be hanged!! Stay as brave as you can. I wish I was with you now to try and mabey help you in some way or console you or just to hold you and give you some affection you need. I no I wouldnt ask God to forgive any of them for what they did to you. Thats for sure. Mind your self and if there is a god there I will pray that he will always be looking over you for the rest of your life!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jun 22, 2011
that boy and your step mum
by: Kowhai

well this makes me very mad im angry

well i feel real sorry for you,for having to go through that

kia kaha (be strong)
kia maia (be brave)

Jun 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

why does that memory reminds me like mines i been through that and it really hurts to remember such a horrible thing! no one deserves to feel that pain not even a child....i wish i could learn how to forgive like you did but its so hard to forgive someone that messed up ur life and know u feel guilt about what happen to you and what u can do to others just because of that single thing that happen in your life.

Jul 09, 2011
You should do something!
by: Anonymous

You should report them to the police immediately! For me, it's a crime. They are WRONG! They think they are perfect? Be strong! Have courage to report them! It should be reported to the news!

Jul 24, 2011
ur not alone
by: Alyssa

honey your not alne im 17 and ive been threw the exact same thing. i know what your going threw but just know it was NEVER you fault and it WASNT his fault but it WAS the fathers fault for doing the same thing to him at the same age.

Jul 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry about that but it is not ur fault andu should really tell someone it might help. I'm kinda like that but I just got touched and now every guy around me makes me nervous. Hope u listen to some of these comments and tell someone.

Aug 05, 2011
omg i feel so bad for u
by: Anonymous

that wud totally suck i wud of never forgiven him though because that was really bad of him

Sep 05, 2011
watch out next time
by: gawhara

watch out next time don't believe ANYBODY what ever he is or she is cause no one going to believe you?

Sep 10, 2011
How can you feel my pain?
by: Anonymous

Abused , beatingg , neglected all in the same catergory. doesn't matter who or how that person abused you it could be phisically emotionally those scars will always be there and thats one thing you won't forget until you do something about it. Dont let anyone take over you or destroy you up inside learn not to be scared of nobody don't even be scared of your parents. So if someone is abusing you pleases im begging you call HELP
*word of advice

Sep 14, 2011
im sorry 2 hear what happen 2 u
by: keanna

god has forgiven u and u have to forget about the pass .life goes on you have a whole life ahead of u have confidants in your self an keep your head up high <3

Sep 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thats really rough, and im so sorry that happend to you. Listen i understand what you're saying. Nobody can understand situations like yours unless they've actually been threw it. You're right God is out there and im so glad you know that. He knows your heart and he knows the real you. He is righteous and he forgives you for what you did. This might sound crazy but you should sit down and talk to God about how you feel cuz he knows excatly what to do. And Sammy is safe in how hands. I understand what you're saying. Ive delt with abuse from people and ive been humiliated as well. I know we've never met but one thing i know is for sure is that you're NEVER gonna be alone. Hope is in ths world and God has a surprise for everybody. We go threw things to help others and become stronger. I understand being afraid to talk about it. Thats not a bad thing, opening up takes time dont be scared, trust me I understand. You did something that you regret but you know what nobody is perfect and thats what makes you human. My opinion is when you truly regret something its a sign of growth and maturity. You're seeking what you did wrong. I am a Christian and I apologize that i keep bringing God up but he has a surprise for u and he knows your pain better than anybody. God is always right and God sees you as beatiful, wonderful, amazing, and awesome. So if God the one who is always right sees you that way than you must be a pretty amazing person. Dont let your past mistakes tear you down. Nobody is perfect. I dont know how old you are but im 18 and when i was 16 I learned tha hope exisits and behind every closed door another one opens. God knows how to take care of you and Sammy both. He loves you and you guys will run into so many people who do cuz life is great and there is a reason for it. Anything worth doing will have challenges and life has challenges. Dont give up ad stay positive cuz God is in control of you and Sammy.

Sep 30, 2011
awwwhh <3
by: Megan

i feel sooo sorry for you! no child should have to experience what you did.. i cant imagine what you must be going through! when i read this story it broke my heart, the stepmother had no right to do that! be strong and tell someone! again im so sorry... you are such a brave girl!
always in my heart! <3

Oct 05, 2011
older than you
by: Anonymous

I dont know you but I was raped by my sisters boyfriend at the time she was almost 9 months pregnant with his child. They were living in my mothers house. I was putting up laundry late one night and he grabbed me and took me across the street and raped me and other things. I ran to another sisters house where my pregnant sister had went because she was not feeling well. I told her and she said please dont tell anyone. I told my other sister about what happened and she kicked him out of my mothers house. My mother kicked me out too! Stating I was willing and a sl*t. I was a virgin and 15. My sister went back to her boyfriend which was a slap in my face. Nothing was ever done but I see his face when I look at my neice. She is now in her 20's with a child of her own and I told her about it when I did not feel as though I could come to her child's birthday party if he were there. My sister eventually left him for other reasons and remarried but I still remember vividly what he did to me that awful night. I know it was hard for you. After my experience I was pregnant at 16 and had my first child at 17 I think just to have something of my own that no one could take away. We look up to our parents for help and someone to be there and keep us safe. I am a step-mother too. I raised my step-son since he was 2 and would never allow anyone to ever hurt him, EVER.. Your step mother was wrong!!!!!! Don't ever think any of this is your fault and just pray hard and if you ever have children keep them safe.

Oct 20, 2011
...... Mee meee
by: V_V A Girl you can trust

I see its sad and i couldn't finish the words THANK YOU FOR THE STORY Because if that women put her hands on me Hitting me I WOULD OF Showed her how i act because she didn't like you at all and who cares if thats her son SHE KNEW HAT Happen it's about the friends you meet and
You should never Be in a room alone


Oct 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

Wow i am so sorry that this happened to you. I could not imagine the pain you went through at such a young age. :(

Nov 11, 2011
the same
by: crazychild

im like that too,im only 12,not eveyrone knows that i do that stuff,i fanitze about that kind of stuff and my mom,dad granprents,and my uncle,almost everyone in my family knows about what hapened in the past!I was and i was ashsme,but i learn to move along,but i still do that,im not by,i've changed.almost into a better person now.But a year back when i was about to go to summer school,i had this bf of mine,he and his brother he re-calls,was there and told us to do it,but i agreed to it,we didn't fully did it,but then the secret remained and my mom was dead drop serouis about to move me out of the house and go to this place in town where kids don't listen.oh and if you thought i did with his brother,no,i did it with my bf. but yeah.I still contuine to do this,but as soon im fully grown and ready,i'll have someone real,sadly

Nov 15, 2011
by: precious


Feb 12, 2012
me too
by: Anonymous

wen i was 8 my grand father melested m,e making me readd dirty magazines then one day he raped me and made me likhis thing the first time i told my mom she didnt believe me mygrand father said if i ever told anyone again he we could us on to the streets and make us live in a van that night i told my mom again we talked aboutit and she believed me and started crying he wrotea note to me once my mom told the police and we moved out and he took pills and died im only 12 but im still recovering.

Mar 13, 2012
by: Anonymous

Im sorry that happened to u. U r not the only one. It was wrong ur step-mother did that to u.

Mar 16, 2012
by: Anonymous

Sorry to hear that

May 04, 2012
hang in there
by: Anonymous

im so sorry about that. i know in a little way of how you feel. i never had a step mother but i did have a mother who abused me and she still does because im not old enough to move out of the house yet. i also got raped 3 years ago and i am just barely starting to talk about it. i know it is hard but after a while you will be able to push through it if you already havent. i have faith in you. your a great person.(: <3

May 15, 2012
its ok
by: Anonymous

well listen its ok because everyone makes mistakes! its life. you are not put to blame about this. your step moother had no right to do that in my opinion but you didnt know what it ment so dont feel bad :)

May 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

it was so sorrowful dear. God be with u in all u way .

Jul 04, 2012
poor thing
by: loulou

that story is so sad :(
its not your fault your step moms lil brother done .ur was step mom was wrong 2 take it out on u.she should od told him off instead.
ur a very brave person. :)

Jul 10, 2012
God is the way through
by: eliza

you should trust God because in Him you will feel much better. God loves you more than anyone on earth and He will never hurt you.God will give you unconditional love,and you don't have pay anything to get this love.

Aug 13, 2012
your amazing
by: Anonymous

You should not blame yourself this is not your fault. Don't lie to your therapist they can help you trust me. just talk to someone. i know you can. Your so amazing . try and help yourself. Your amazing.

Sep 14, 2012
by: ME

hy am really touched by your story.And i think atleast u came to your point of fighting the devil manner inside u bt i wish u can speak up to help someone who is going through the same problem

Dec 22, 2012
by: Anonymous

I know how that is i was raped when i was four my dad didnt believe me at all i was by my cousin and that was the first and last time i ever saw him again im not even sure what his name is. I was like seven when i finally explained to my mom what happened cuz he told me he wuld hunt me down and kill me. i was scared i didnt know what he was doin i will forgive but i will never forget sadly.

Jan 31, 2013
sorry if only we were friends
by: Anonymous

it is okay u are not a bad person u been through a lot at a young age but u shouldnt do stuff with your brother that is very inapparite and your stepmom must be a bad person because she just waped u for wat yo uncle did she is crazy she suppose to be like a mom to u and im srry for wat happend to u

Apr 27, 2013
i am so sorry
by: Anonymous

i know kinda where ur coming from. i was from the ages of 8 to 12. one of my dads friends were married but he was i dirty dirty guy. me; my friend; and my sister were all touched and everything else by him. the police didnt believe my friend but they believed me and my sister. my sister was never right after what happened to her. he had sex with my friend at my own house at my own birthday party......... and i didnt even know until she confessed. everyone being touched took a long time in order to confess because we were scared that we would get into troble. now i am 13 and it has been 1 yr. he was big and we were small. he made us watch poorn and touch him and use our mouth on it and he almost got my aunt prego because later we found out my aunt had been cheating on my uncle with a child raper guy.... my dad almost took his AK47 gun and almost shoot him in the head for wha t he did to us................... then i found out my mom was raped as a kid by her step dad my family is messed up

May 15, 2013
by: Briana

hi,my name is Briana i use to get abused to,but now im in a foster home because no one could take me in because my mom did drugs so she couldnt get me,but i am sorry for what happend.

Oct 28, 2013
Summers thought
by: Summer

im so sorry about that its sad your mom should of cared and not just call you nasty it wasnt your falt i will pray for u

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E-book: Victim To Victory

From Victim to Victory
a memoir

How I got over the devastating effects of child abuse and moved on with my life