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Apr 01, 2010
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Thank you for sharing your story and your all-important message with my visitors and me. And just for the record, you are VERY worthy, Rebecca.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Apr 02, 2010
not your cross to carry
by: Anonymous


YOU said you didnt tell your whole story i hope it means your adopted parents love you right

how old are you. i feel ashamed that no one helped you our systems and all, and well i just cannot beleive your story, can you sue these people now, seriously they are complete well
like the living devil, can you appoint someone
give them power of attorney human rights person
to help you, someone , and get protective orders
in case from all of them even if you are not in that situation what if they get your kids later or get to you again, devil , i just cant beleive what you told us here, and you must be the strongest person in the world, to withstand that
god what you could do with that strenth in your world or in the real world, you could be someone
who if that strong to deal with that i cant imagine how you could be , in place good you could be great, apply that stenth to good and your life and well you are a SURVIVOR BEYOND SURVIVORS, spelling you have a computer i see
here so learn on there you type did you say spelling, or learning,

yesterday i listen to a song reminds me of you
MARY J BLIGE i dont know if you spell it that way that vedio and what you said , same thing

i had wanted my daughter to know that her being born was what saved all of us, me and her dad and her step brothers and my sons and her grand parents until she was born we had rough time , we all had been thru tough times not abuse but tough times and almost nothing to live for
and grandparents they never had grandgirl and just blaa
then she came into the world, she brought happiness and something we all could live for and look forward to, and she brought us together too as a family step family each had troubles
but together short time she sent from god

now everyone brainwashed her and separated us too
god sent an angel and they well disrespected god and what was meant to be.
she doesnt even know it, what she was meant to be
the DEVIL he lives in people controls them and well we have to face this thing, its not you
or your destiny.

Apr 02, 2010
angel sent earned your wings and fly do your life now
by: Anonymous

contin not your cross to carry

this maybe you wont beleive but this is what i beleive now,

the devil and the evil things in life, that come with him,

well, when god sends an angel and god has a child meant to be made and given to family
and this happens,

well, evil took over because you beleive this or not i do believe this i really really do

you are one of gods angels and one of his greatest sent, evil people and the devil
he takes over, especially the good the great ones

you need to know this, evil preys on innocent
on good and on vunerable, and unfortunately on the best ones , the blessed ones
most likely the plan was for good the parents originally they choose to allow the evil take over and be evil.

not you, you were meant for and most likely will be for a great life and what god planned out for you. remember that .
i never forget your story and pray everynight for you. remember you in my prayers

and well i am discusted with our systems and our people , we let you down, i apologize for this for them, , i know that doesnt help , but if i was there i would have put them in well i might have gotten in trouble or have done stupid stuff
the law needs to be notifyed and take them away
before they hurt anyone else.

good luck on your new life , you like those storys in the bible, strongest person in the world wow, and survived this beyond a survivor
i just cant beleive you were able to tell and end up adopted and well , to me you like a star
i hope you take all that strenth and you use it for all the love and good in the world,
how dare someone an animal treat you like that
like an animal, just thinking of it , ok
god bless you, i know you end up being a great person and you already earned your place in paradise too into heaven, here on earth we need people like you that survived and then told and so strong, to help others weaker and others
as a leader in other things in life. to where good people are and need your kind of strenth in the good places you can apply yourself in future
good luck

Apr 14, 2010
Don't Quit NOW. Get Help. Always believe in yourself:
by: Maurice

Rebecca C One comment wondered what age are you now? I gather you are in your late teens so a young woman in your own right. Please get help, Counselling is a must if you can find it and avail of a therapist. From this day on you are the most important person to live for. You have been abused horrifically: your body has taken alot of distruction from all the molestation of that Man. He is noy human, he is a bad man, don't ever get to like him. He has ruined your life. Your Mother needs loads of help too she has not loved you and cherished you as a mother should. I am going to be the winner. I'M SPECIAL; I'M BEAUTIFUL:You sure are Rebecca C. Always believe in yourself. You grew up in a very disfunctual family situation. Not your Fault, never, ever, don't ever blame yourself for what happened you. You were very innocent, very vunerable, when you were used and abused. Rebecca C I am very much aware that you have at least one special friend that you trust and tell all your little secrets to. pains and aches after all that you were put through. I hope you have at least one maybe two because they are your LOVE, Your courage, your inner strength, They will help you to get the right help when you needed. keep you safe when they see you in trouble and danger. Don't be afraid to talk to a counsellor or a therapist about your abuse. Begin to live your life to the full, have a healthy mind in a healthy body: Oh yes you can. there is safety in numbers, be part of a team or a club that will help you mix and intergrate yourself with. You get involved in what you know to be good for you. Get away from the morass of life you were forced to grow up in. Be in charge of your own destiny with a little or a lot of help from your friends. LOVE the ME that is looking back at you from the MIRROR. I can. I will. I must. Beacuse I am WORTH it. Get the message Rebecca C. Not for my good but for yours.

Apr 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

wow..u had a rough childhood but im glad that now u r safe and healthy :) i never had a life as sad and tragic as your but i got sexually abused and physically abused by my stepmom and dad..i know what its like to have no one to go to or nowhere to go..luckilly i live with my mom and shes the best mom ever!! imm so sorry bout your life :( but thanks for sharing :)

Jun 04, 2010
u can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: tyra

you are a very strong person rebecca and a very WORTHY person your a great person i can see that from the trust of your storie you did it girl you made it through just keep going NEVER give up u can do this just believe in yourself your a very brave girl for sharing good JOB keep being saafe and healthy... you give me hope to get out of my situation thank you rebecca c.

Aug 05, 2010
live your life to the full babe
by: Anonymous

hi sweet heart well youve made me look at what my special needs son has been thrue and think he was lucky im so so sorry you had souch a real bad time growing up sweetheart and im not giving you pity as ITS NOT WHAT YOU WONT but with what we are going thrue right now ill remember you always plz plz take care of you and thank you for having the currage to tell your story your not alone x

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E-book: Victim To Victory

From Victim to Victory
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E-book: Victim To Victory

From Victim to Victory
a memoir

How I got over the devastating effects of child abuse and moved on with my life