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Sep 21, 2007
There is NOTHING wrong with you
by: Darlene Barriere

You are NOT stupid. You are NOT a retard. You DID NOT deserve to get beaten. You DID NOT deserve to be sexually abused. No one deserves to be beaten and abused. None of what happened to you was your fault. NONE OF IT. You are a human being who deserved—and still deserves—to be treated with dignity and respect. Your gram was terribly wrong in what she did, and she knew it; that's why she didn't take you in to the hospital until after your bruises were healed. The only stupidity that I see comes from your grandmother and your uncle.

Sep 21, 2007
by: angelyne cruz

hey you now that wasent right but but just keep ur head up and hopfuly it will get better

Sep 21, 2007
Not your fault
by: Steph

Abuse is wrong and it is not your fault! Don't believe that you are stupid either. Everyone has special talents and abilities. It takes a little time to discover them. You have something special to give at some time, some place. Find people who will accept you and make you feel good about yourself. Taking advantage of and abusing people with disabilities is especially wrong. Keep your head up and will spread to others who will smile back at you.

Sep 21, 2007
by: suresh

hie there well to me i am extreamely sad for you because you are handicapped, but as what had happen that your mom was send to jail and when she is in jail then it is good for your grandma to give you support and not just calling you stupid or other words and as for your uncle he should not do that to you, but when you broke a glass in not purposely then it is not good for her to abuse it to you like that and it is not your fault that you are born handicapped because everyone have the lower in their self so it is good for you to keep thinking positive and just carry one on what you are doing and for sure god will help you too. All the best............

Sep 24, 2007
by: Stephanie

that story was so touchin. and i don't think its your fault.

Sep 24, 2007
You're Not Stupid
by: Amanda

Of course she wasn't right in beating you. And you're NOT stupid!!! Don't listen to what people tell you, sometimes they say it out of hate, or anger. Other times they say it because they're insecure or they can't deal with they're own problems. Plus they get a sense of power out of hurting someone else. Think about it, whenever someone has called you stupid, were they angry? Were they faces scrunched up in anger? Did they yell?
What your uncle did was wrong! You didn't deserve it. It wasn't your fault you were born the way you were, it was your mom, but often times, people who want to hurt others target people who are weak(ex. people with disabilities, small, short people, people who don't put up a fight, ect.).
You didn't do anything wrong; what THEY did was wrong. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

Sep 27, 2007
God has a plan for you! There is nothing wrong with you!
by: Yolanda

Hi, i just finished reading your story.... let me start by saying that you are an angel from God and a survivor! What your family has done to you in wrong. I agree that sometimes prople will put others down because they themselves have insecurity issues and no self love. Know that God has a plan for all of us and we are all beutiful and deserve respect, love, friendships etc. You are a survivor! If you are an adult now you shoudl consider going to the state for help sinse you have a handicap/disability condition. Don;t be afraid to stand up for your self... and don;t be afraid to say NO to anyone who tries to harm you sexualy. Good luck to you and may God bless you Yolanda

Oct 02, 2007
your not stupid
by: Anonymous

your not stupid and no matter what kind of illness someone has thats no reason to beat them its not your fault your the way you are.take care of yourself

Oct 07, 2007
by: Anonymous

No, she was not right in beating you. No disrespect on your family or anything but they are the ones with the problems they had no right hurt you in anyway, and you are not stupid no matter what people say you know right from wrong better then anyone else you spoke of. And just because you mother made some mistakes in her life you dont have to do what she did you are smarter then that. Stay strong.

Oct 18, 2007
I'm sorry
by: Anonymous

Sweetie you must be so brave, I may never know you or meet you, but I love you with all of my heart, and my heart goes out to anyone who was beaten like you have been.

Oct 19, 2007
by: Anonymous

No, and ur not stupid. And all of them were wrong for beating u the way they did. And there is a God, and he loves u more than anybody. And i kno ur thinkin, if there's a God, then y did i go through all of this. U went through this for a purpose, so u can help other ppl who think there's no one else in the world who understands wat they're going through. He picked u for a specific reason, so u can reach a certain crowd's heart. Remember, when u feel like ur lonely, and nobody loves u, God always will. He loves u through ur storm and past ur pain, and i hope u think about this.

God Bless You

Oct 27, 2007
Don't feel stupid any more
by: Elaine (UK)

Don't feel stupid. The only silly thing you have done is to believe that you are stupid. I can understand why you might feel this, after reading your story, but you are certainly not to blame.

It must be awful living with disabilities; particularly when you get so little support from your family.

I see that you are aware that you were born with F.A.S. and I would suggest that it is this which causes your tremors. It is very sad that your mother behaved so foolishly during her pregnancy. This has resulted in the loss of her liberty, and the loss of her relationship with you. You have ended up living with your grandparents because of this.

I can imagine that you have many questions about your mother, about her drinking, and about why things happened the way they did. I can imagine that your grandparents may secretly be asking many of the same questions.

It's a difficult situation, but what I think what may be happening is that your grandparents are angry, frustrated, hurt people. They have a daughter who has been imprisoned for drinking and substance misuse... a daughter who has had to give up her own child (you). They have had to bring that child into their own home, even though they might not have wanted to. They may have been totally unprepared to bring up another child. Perhaps they had thought that once their own kids had left home they could relax? Perhaps they are frightened that they don't know how to deal with your disability? Perhaps secretly they even feel guilty that all this has happened?

This doesn't make their abuse of you right. Your grandparents are taking out their frustration and anger on you.

There is no excuse at all for your uncle's behaviour. He is telling you that you are stupid in the hope that you believe it... in the hope that you will blame yourself for the abuse that happens to you. This is what all abusers do. They are too weak to take responsibility for themselves.

Take some responsibility for yourself. Believe in yourself, and get help. Try to talk to a Social Worker, Counsellor, Teacher...or a friend. Someone you trust. But tell someone about the abuse. Remember, you are not stupid, just upset and feeling alone.

Oct 27, 2007
You ae not stupid
by: Anonymous

You are not stupid. please stop believing it.They are stupid who do not respect others. I love you and i feel sory for those people who hurt you.You are God's child and God loves his children.

Oct 31, 2007
by: Angelica

you dont seem stupid to me, your vocabulary is actually alot better than alot of people i know without disabilities. And please don't say you brought this on yourself because of dropping a china glass... or whatever. i drop stuff on a regualar basis and i don't have any disabilities.

Nov 01, 2007
not your fault
by: Anonymous

Being disabled in no way means you deserve abuse. No one, disabled or not, deserves abuse.
Knowing myself, I know this kind of reassurance wouldn't help much for me. I hope for your sake you're different in that way.
By the way, I'm disabled too - I'm autistic. I was sexually abused by my cousins and emotionally abused by my teachers - the sexual abuse was nothing to do with my disability, but the emotional abuse was because I'm autistic. I'm lucky because my parents are nice and have always made it clear the love me just as I am. I hope you can find someone who will provide you with that.

Nov 15, 2007
Thanks to you all
by: m.hat

Thank u for your kind words I have now soaught some help from a counsler at the shealter i am staying at. I thank u guys very much for your kind words
from m.hat
p.s my tremors they have found a medicene that controls them much more also i am now writing to my mother. and she is writting back.

Nov 16, 2007
Thank you for the update, M Hat
by: Darlene Barriere - webmaster

I'm delighted to learn that you are in counselling. I sincerely hope the path you are taking with your mother—writing letters to each other—results in a positive and respectful relationship. You deserve that, M. Hat, you really do.

And because you want this so badly, I also hope that the medicine continues to help control your tremors.

Please feel free to keep us informed about your progress, dear.

Dec 20, 2007
you are not stupid!
by: Anonymous

Dear M. Hat,
This story makes me sad because you are by no means stupid and it makes me really mad that your grandma treated you so badly. Every kid drops things this is normal so to drop a china glass was just an accident and it should have by no means been punishable by what you went thru. You did not ask to be born into this life or this family and you certainly did not deserve all the abuse you suffered. Some people are just mentally sick and I believe your grandma and your Uncle were just that and they have really made you confused. They need help not you and no one deserves to be beat no matter what theyve done no one is perfect. Stay strong and remember that God can heal all wounds start praying and talking to God and remember even thou all this youve went thru is crazy and terrible it has or it will in some way make you stronger and by you getting your story out there it is helping others. You are special M. Hat and dont ever let anyone make you feel differently. I will keep you in my prayers and I think that your grandma and Uncle should be reported.

Jan 06, 2008
M Hat
by: M

you are not stupid and no one had the right to treat you with disrespect because of your disabilities. God had a plan, I believe, when he created you that way and NO ONE has that right. Always remember that. Stop thinking negative thoughts and each time they come replace them with something nice.

Your granny was wrong to hit you that badly! Believe it because it's true and Your Uncle was a foul for not seeing how special you are. Your mother, it was all their loss and you shouldn't let yourself pay for it.

Oct 22, 2017
No No NO
by: C.O.

You are NOT stupid.
You are NOT a retard.
You did NOT deserve this abuse. Never. Ever. Ever.
I'm sending big hugs across the ocean for you. Because love and compassion os something which you DO deserve. ❤❤❤

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E-book: Victim To Victory

From Victim to Victory
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