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Nov 18, 2007
Miraculous you didn't turn out psychotic!
by: Darlene Barriere - webmaster

Oh Linda, the emotional and physical abuse had to have taken a mammoth toll on you:
  • You couldn't trust either of the two people—your parents—who you should have been able to trust and rely upon to protect and nurture you. That was your birthright.
  • You couldn't trust what was real, because as soon as you identified what was truly real, you were harshly punished for acknowledging that reality.

    One of two scenarios generally develops when reality is constantly questioned by adults surrounding a child: The child grows up obsessed with what is real and seizes that knowledge at all costs; sometimes that cost includes the destruction of personal and professional relationships. Or the child grows up with a severely distorted sense of what is and isn't real.
  • You couldn't trust that your father would step in to protect you and get your mother the medical attention she so desperately needed. It was his job, his duty as your father to intervene. He enabled the abuse at the hands of your mother by NOT interceding. He has just as much ownership in the abuse you suffered as your mother does.
  • You couldn't have friends or any kind of relationships that are so paramount to the healthy development of a child. When your parents did not allow you to have friends, they robbed you of the ability to develop interpersonal and social skills; skills that were critical for you to grow into a well-rounded, stable and fully-functioning individual. Skills that you needed to get along well in the real world.
  • You were isolated from the outside world and all that the outside world had to offer.
Your mother's schizophrenia—indeed, any mental illess—may well have been the underlying cause for her psychotic mistreatment of you, but that doesn't change the fact that you were the victim of near-total isolation and living in an environment of paranoid delusions, continuous suspicion, constant surveillance, and endless brutality. The emotional damage BOTH your parents inflicted must be overwhelming. I sincerely hope you are getting some form of counselling, Linda. You're worth it.

Nov 18, 2007
Your Mom Needs Help
by: Francine

Linda, I'm so sorry about what you had to go through. Your mom needs to let you have friends, and she also needs to get professional help. Your mom needs to go see a psychiatrist (psychiatrists are doctors who cure patients of mental illnesses). And you, you might want to try some counselling.

Nov 18, 2007
To Francine:
by: Darlene Barriere - webmaster

I know your heart is in the right place, Francine. I feel the need to gently point out that L.L.S. in a grown woman now; I'd say she already knows what a psychiatrist is and what a psychiatrist does. Her mother is schizophrenic, which is a mental illness that requires treatment that includes medication to curb the delusions.

As for friends, L.L.S. was sharing with us what her childhood was like, not what her life is like now.

As I said, I know you meant no disrespect.

Nov 19, 2007
To Darlene Barriere
by: Francine

I know that Linda's mom is a schizophrenic and needs professional help in order to rid her of delusions. You see, I'm only giving Linda (and her mom) a good advice (for Linda to try counselling, and her mom, to get mental help). I strongly encourage that (and so does everybody else). I'm counting on them to seek help, trust me. Take care!

Nov 30, 2007
by: Dana

She sounds like a really crazy woman! Good to know you're ok.

Dec 28, 2007
Tears of pain felt
by: Brian

I just read your story,as I sit here choking back tears,I feel your pain.Child abuse of any kind is the worse thing any child can go through.

It robs us of our childhood,our dreams and our sense of who we are.My mother was also schizophrenic and would tell me stories about her and my father,that were not very nice stories.

She left when I was just a baby,and would pop into my life once in a while.all this did was cause more confusion and if my dad new we had been with her,all hell broke out.

As children of abuse our stories may be different,
but the effects are the same for all of us,some worse than others.

Thank you for sharing your story,and commenting on my story.Knowing that you are here,and sharing your story,shows that you have the strength and courage to overcome the abuse,and move forward to become who you truly are a compassionate,
loving,caring human being who has found purpose in

Thanks Brian

Apr 27, 2008
I'm sorry
by: Anonymous

That your mom abused you. I'm so glad you shared your story, though. It's always hard to explain what it's like, to just say "my mom has schizophrenia" doesn't really sum up the experience, the paranoia, the always being watched, monitored, measured, forced to comply to rules and non-existent realities that just don't make sense. And then on top of it all, to be punished for stating the facts as they are, it just messes with your head. You can never quite trust that you make sense, or that anyone else sees what you do, or even that you see what you're seeing. I do understand, though, and I'm sorry.

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E-book: Victim To Victory

From Victim to Victory
a memoir

How I got over the devastating effects of child abuse and moved on with my life