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Feb 20, 2011
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Your grandfather didn't spew lies; he took advantage of your vulnerabilities and used them against you. And now you want to bury those messages in order to bury what he did. What your grandfather did to you is not your fault. It's ALL on him. He chose to offend. Don't ever blame yourself. And please seek out some form of counseling in order to help you deal with the repercussions and voices. You really can't deal with this alone. And just for the record, you most definitely ARE smart enough to become a journalist, editor or anything else you want to do. Believe it, because it's TRUE! Thank you for sharing your story with my visitors and me.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Feb 21, 2011
You are inspiring
by: Anonymous

You could most definately be a writer or editor. Just look at what you wrote! The way you write is amazing. I believe you should be happy with yourself, and tell someone close to you about this, if not counsellor. You could use this passion you have for writing to write about you're life. It would be great, I think many would appreciate your gift and style. You have so much about you that you dont even realize is great. Dont ever take yourself for granted because in the end, You're life will be worth it. You just have to put it to use and stay strong!

Feb 22, 2011 are wonderful writer!!!
by: AnonymousT

Abuse makes us think the worst - DON'T let it! You are AWESOME! I was reading your story & had to go back...I assumed you were an adult. Your writing is eloquesnt and it wasn't the story but the WORDS that pulled me in.

Abuse cracks at our self esteem - this is true. But the great part is you're reaching out when you're still an adolescent. The point is, you've ALREADY decided your grandfather's abuse wouldn't hold you down.

I DO say tell. And keep telling until you're beleived. Mom, to dad, to counselor.....just keep telling. If you're not ready, try those crisis lines.

I think you're going to go far, I really do. Find an affirmation (a positive sentence to say each morning) & say it daily. Beleive it! The future is what you make it & if you think like you write.....girl, you're going to do grrrrrreat!!


Feb 22, 2011
You are good.
by: Anonymous

There are things that are wrong, and you've got a good gut instinct. Believe yourself, believe in yourself. Keep searching and challenging, and you'll find the validation you need. You grandfather was indeed wrong, and had a twisted concept of 'good'. He did not prioritise your well-being or your happiness at all.

P.S. You writing and clarity is brilliant at 15, and it will only get better. Good luck with your studies!

Mar 01, 2011
Always believe in yourself: You'll be the winner over your abuser
by: maurice

Liz: well done: you searched, you found a safe place to share your story: It took courage. you were brave. Let it be the new beginning for you to see the great, good, wonderful, intelligent, beautiful young woman you truly are: Darlene has spoken from her womans heart to you personally Liz: Once you act on her loving, encourageing, affirming words to you you'll truly be a winner over that Molesting Grandpa and what he put you through at such an innocent time in your childhood: He was a scheming bad man: preying on you: Bad Bad Grandpa; Darlene has put it somewhat in perspective for you; Try and get some form of counselling and I can assure you: all of what he did to you will be put in perspective for you: Have a real friend or two your own age and gender whom you can trust with your most intimate of feelings: A good friend is a jewel in all our lives: Even when boy/girl relationships are not running smoothly the friend will put things in perspective for you: I want you to have a healthy mind in a healthy body: Liz the only way you can have that is to begin taking part with your friends and fellow student in sporting and cultural activities: especially team sports: You'll open up a whole new way of seeing yourself: your giftedness, your tallents, I have no doubt you have leadership qualities so being a team person will bring those out naturally in you: Also your jornalistic mind will come into play as you can begin to write your own story day by day: Keeping and writing a journal very theraputic: Think positive: act positive and be positive in all you think and say about yourself; Look in the mirror while you do and then use a 4th P to pee away all your negative thoughts about yourself: Forgive my tiny bit of vulgarity: But you do get my message: hug and cuddle love into yourself: by doing so you'll erase the nasty effects of what that sicko of a Grandpa did to you: Be gentle and kind to your body, value and respect it and make sure others do too.

Mar 06, 2011
you are a good girl :)
by: Anonymous

i am a girl about how old you were and its okay you are a good girl you didnt know what was happening and i confes i have sick thoughts some times but i was not abused well as i say mom did pull my hair and hit me with the belt but shes much better now and just yells (not loud) i think you are brave and will always be :)

Mar 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

what your gradfarther did was wrong, you didnt do anything wrong, your story is important, even if it dosnt seem like it it will help others, your still young and by the look of the lay out on this dont give up on your dream,....
your story is really touching dont let it rule your life for ever, it will take a while but try and gain trust in people, that will help the healing ...
hope every thing turns out great...!!!

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From Victim to Victory
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E-book: Victim To Victory

From Victim to Victory
a memoir

How I got over the devastating effects of child abuse and moved on with my life