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Nov 22, 2010
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

You are nowhere near over it. None of what happened was your fault. Fault is squarely on the shoulders of your offenders. As I read your story I kept asking myself, where were her parents? How could they not see the signs of abuse? They had to have suspected something was wrong, so why didn't they protect their daughter. Please be honest about what's happened to you. Tell everything, and then seek out some form of counseling to help you deal with the repercussions. Thank you for sharing your story with my visitors and me.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
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From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Nov 24, 2010
You are not dumb
by: AnonymousReader

You are not dumb, you weren't dumb then and you aren't dumb now. They are dumb for insulting you because your dyslexic

Nov 24, 2010
thank you
by: krissie

i know im not over it i probably will never be over it i am never conformable with what happened so i try to hide the pain by being mean to kids my brother and i blamed myself for everything! i finally found god in my life so i talk to him i mean i stopped believing in him but i realized it wasn't his fault! so i talk to him and only him i don't know where to go any more

Nov 27, 2010
by: Louise Drummond

Dear Krissie, you must understand that you did not in any way cause or deserve what happened to you. What your brother and his friends did to you should never be done to anyone, and is almost never done if there is good parental supervision.

You think that you are over it, but you will carry affects from the abuse all your life. It will be better if you talk about it with grown-ups who are trained to help. Usually, it is a school counselor, but it could be someone on a help-line.

I pray for you and wish that I could comfort you. I hope you write again to tell us that you are talking to someone helpful.

God Bless.

Nov 30, 2010
What a brave girl/teenager YOU are: Always believe in yourself
by: maurice

Krissie I believe you are very gifted: You are highly intelligent: You are special: Great you found Darlene's site: It took alot of courage to tell and write your story which means you know your brother and his friends abused you: treated you unfairly and certainly took away your self worth and dignity: You are safe now: stay safe and always have real friends around you: to love and protect you from little beasts like your brother and his friends: Yes, I would wonder where was your mother during that time when all the abuse was happening to you?? She must have noticed you had bruises: Also the fact you could not or did not tell on your brother: It was a fearful and traumatic time for you: Krissie it is past now: Darlene sure knows best, I ask you to heed her encourageing words to you: Act on them: Make good friends: I hope and pray too you will speak to a professional counsellor: I am certain why Darlene suggests counselling is because she knows it will help: The person will see things differently: the first thing you need to truly accept Krissie is that the abuse was not your fault: I was not to blame: What you must do is break the silence : you need to talk to someone who can handle the information without getting emotionally involved: I will: I can: I must because I am WORTH it

Dec 08, 2010
God Bless You
by: Anonymous

Dear Krissie,
I truly pray that you get better and that God will keep you safe. I read this story and kept wondering to myself,"Is she going to forgive her brother at some point?" I know it's a hard decision but you have to remember he is your brother and what he did to you was wrong.. horrible in every way, but he is still your blood. I feel bad and I wish some people would just open their eyes to reality! That their lives may be good but there are other people out in the world that need help like you and many others! Whenever I talk to one of my friends and they say they can't tell others about what's going on at home it hurts me. They need to speak up but their afraid that no one will believe them or they will put that person into trouble. Your story touched me and I wish you the best in life. That God will protect you from people like your brother and his friends. A saying my dad always told me was,"Keep on praying and you will soon receive!"

God Bless Your Soul And Heart For Sharing Your Story! Stay Strong!

Dec 26, 2010
kRiSsie WOW
by: HeDiedForYouandMe

What you wrote brought tears to my eyes. Men can to be quite frankly brutal and idiots. They think they know it all but trust me they don't for calling you dumb my friend will earn God's grace they'll have to explain everything some day to him.


Dec 26, 2010
Poor you.
by: Anonymous

Poor you. Hopefully you will heal.

But I have a comment about when you say your brother is 19 when your are 14 at the start (5 year difference) but at the end you claim you were 12 when he was 15 (3 year difference).

Dec 27, 2010
thank you all for the support
by: krissie

thank you all for the support and everything i know i still am not healed but i try to forget the pain the sorrow and misery i went threw no its not easy but i try to cover the pain the guilt the misery with smiles and laughter its not easy what i went threw but i try to go threw it little by little each day!!! so thank you guys so much for everything i know im not perfect and all but i try to be good and better than before. so thank you all again so dearly much!

Dec 28, 2010
by: maurice

Krissie: Remember your Thanks is a gift to all our hearts to hear because you give me (us hope you are beginning to love yourself more and let go: Once you accept it ain't easy but day by day you will value your wonderful, beautiful self for making the efforts to let go: Be Safe: Stay Safe: I will: I can: I must because I am WORTH it: Krissie taking each day as it comes from January 1st NEW YEAR 2011 keep letting go: getting and receiving LOVE and support from your friend (s) who are genuine and true around you: Live well: Laugh alot: Love much always beginning and ending with yourselfL

Dec 30, 2010
what i cant recover from is..
by: Krissie

the main thing i cant recover from and believe in myself again is my brother's friend got me pregnant like 1 year ago and my brother and his friend hit me in the stomach with a baseball bat really hard and it died i let him kill it i never stopped him how can i believe in myself ever again? i just am so upset right know about the memories i have the pain the sorrow everything! i am just so happy you guys have helped me throw this right know!! thank you all so dearly much

Jan 18, 2011
That is horrible
by: Anonymous

I don't know you, I don't know your family, but I do know the situation on a certain level. Too many of us are abused by our older, stronger siblings. What started out as a 'game' could turn into something brutal and inhumane.
What they did to you is horrible, absolutely gut wrenchingly horrible. Right now, I'm furious that your brother could ever let that happen to you. Brothers are supposed to protect their little sisters from people like his friends.
What they did to your unborn baby is abominable. It was a crueler version of abortion. Your brother is a disgusting person, and he is pretty much a scum bag for ever doing this to you.
I hope you get over the trauma, even though it is difficult. Just try really hard, and you'll get through it. Don't give up, it would mean that your brother got away with it. Don't let that happen, for your own sake and for many other girls like you, strong but holding the world atop their shoulders. You can only carry so much; leg go some of it, and tell someone!

Jan 19, 2011
New Beginning's NOW for ME
by: maurice

Maybe Krissie: with a new year you can have courage and be strong: make the beginning of a New year look up for you in your life: I sure hope you took Darlene's loving words to you heart: She has a big woman's heart for all her visitors and I am sure especially relates to the girls and young and old women who are ever so brave to tell their story: Empathy she sure can with each one of her visitors: Your truly a very special adolescent young woman: Be brave: Be strong get help: Have good friends around you:You deserve the best I wish you the best each day of 2011:

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From Victim to Victory
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E-book: Victim To Victory

From Victim to Victory
a memoir

How I got over the devastating effects of child abuse and moved on with my life