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Mar 28, 2010
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

I urge you to contact Child Help at 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) in order to talk to someone about the abuse you are still dealing with. They are staffed 24/7 with professionally trained counsellors who will listen to you. They are not a reporting agency, although they can help you through the process of reporting if you decide to disclose the abuse. You can visit their website by copying & pasting the following URL into your browser:

Thank you for sharing your story with my visitors and me.

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From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Mar 28, 2010
go for help
by: eileen howard fralick

I know how hard a statement that is to follow, don't become like them, reach out for help, keep reaching, I know it seems like no one wants to listen, make friends outside your home, whenever possible, let the true you shine through, don't become like them. Find the good people of the world, someone will help you, tell the truth, where someone can help you. don't keep fighting with your family,or mother, try to get along and get someone to get you out. Standing up is the right thing to do, but not while you are stuck in the situation. they are not going to change. go to your councellors at school call the crisis hotline, show them the scars. keep reaching out until someone can get you the help you need and deserve. Be strong, your sister doesn't know this is wrong, so avoid confrontation until you can get help for the two of you. She is being abused in a different way. She is being taught to be an abuser. She needs help to, but first you look after you, you can try to help her when you are safe. Keep reaching out until someone helps you, don't threaten to tell, you will only get knocked around more. Tell, but keep it between you and the proffessionals. until someone can stop them from hurting you. Best wishes and be strong, don't become the hateful monster they already are. They have a sickness, and you can stop it from carrying on in your family by getting yourself the help you need to not become like them. Eileen

Mar 28, 2010
a plan first
by: Anonymous

oh, you are not alone,

make a plan, teachers what ones can you trust first

really trust
second the domestic violence place call them
or just well go to meetings, with someone
maybe an adult. you can just ask a teacher to take you dont get into details make it non shallont tell your mom you are going to a school thing or something

police too victims assistant when you are ready to report her

your sister she well if you went to couseling you understand why she is doing this following your mom , most likely doesnt want to be you
in your shoes , like if you cant beat em join em things that happens , domestic violence counseling can teach you that
does she drink , go to alanon
or does she do drugs then go to naronon
dont let them know , get a referrell
dont give details just get a referell from school guidance counselor or if a church get a not saying need counseling from adult anyone honestly someone elses mom who would go out on limb for you .

and can you go to intership or volunteer , job corps , make it look like a career thing, lie they lie , but your lie is to help yourself
job corps you live there, start applying to scholorships ones where you dont have to be a genious, internships are free look them up on internet , plan a career thing they will buy it
and then it can become that too.

ask for that thru the school you go to or do it yourself. and at the nut wards they end up helping you they dont buy it, the story she end up telling, and get proof if you call police or have tape of her keep buy one and also maybe tape her phone calls hide it but that well be careful, if in the house

and the foster care well we know people in the homes and foster care they are ok too, her threats when you think about it are idle, meaning as you put it anything better than that
what could be worse. i wouldnt be afraid,
if you can find out also if either of them have someone they abuse same thing , most likely they do, or find out what happen to them her when little from someone you trust, get paper proof of things, and also you can actually report or document but i would be care ful documenting it,
because well one experience i had the documentation i couldnt prove made me look crazy
even though as you say they lie it happen to me
but i coulnt prove it, so get witnesses. idea would be when you know when she is going to be abusive, have some one come over, give them the key or something they walk in say door open by accident then see it right then , but be careful
you have to be very low profile and low key no details to anyone as you take steps and then protect yourself, and paper proof gather, also the plan you need to get all your things you love favorite stuff , cloths items , keys to house papers your birth certificate and or any other personal id whatever you have or can get with out getting in trouble then a bag hide it and if you need to get out , then get out. go

Mar 28, 2010
focus be cool keep your cool and make your plan
by: Anonymous

continued from a plan

you can call the help line but make you plan first

get a bag together and put all your fav things in it and all your important things in it, and
phone numbers and who to call when and if you have to leave them.

and where is the dad, or family
you could also get them out beleive it or not
remove them out of the house.
if a dad on title you can look it up www. land records i think see if your dad on title or other family, have them remove them out
or the landlord, if the land lord finds out they kick them out , you go to your place and plan they cant come after you and all find out where you are, either, too mixed up , and upset to concentrate on you then worry for themself
the sister later then you maybe end up helping out . i dont know , i would get out get a job,
volunteer even have the school refer you for your community service credits then ask to stay on to keep away, go to library , start researching something stay there , then come home you can get out. walk to a place and oh when you go out make sure you tell someone and write a note, and write one keep copie of so they dont lie say you left ran away too. and tell adult you are going to library that type of thing , also is anyone disabled, because you can call have counseling come to your house really put them on the spot in the spotlight
it would put you in the situation too but what would be worse. they might lie about you , maybe someonoe smarter than them i understand counselor and police not that smart sometimes so you need proof , each time tell a friend let her hear her some how on phone i dont know
but thing is if they get away with this i just cant see how, there are innocent people that end up focus on , but you they dont help
i cant understand that.

i would just calm down and also walk away
dont spend time around them keep to yourself
and then plan activities out of the house as much as possible if she wont let you then do school stuff. have the teach refer you to
tell the guidance couselor your mom wont let you do school stuff or research or what ever way to help you. to get the permission to go to event or other things to get out then the plan will fall into place and also dont talk to them
just do whatever they ask and dont argue ,
dont be around them do you have a room go to
do art and study help your life plan

till you leave, maybe ask them if they go to counseling a meeting domestic one , i know someone who saw the list of what domestic does but when they didnt know an saw the list said i do that , really , they didnt end up totally better but they started to stop being nutty
and crazy at least ask, or would that make them madder if so dont ask.
i dont know, just make a plan , get the bag together and decide with the counselor or the one here she gave you and other one school or friends you decide, it will work they dont tell you this for no reason.

Mar 28, 2010
do your plan
by: Anonymous

contin make a plan
also call ahead find out be anonomous if scared
find out what and who would come if you report them,call police, get legal lined up too if happens, to go meet you . emancipate yourself but have a plan of who family or alone, job corp, verizon too melanie at verizon she has abuse cases will get you a phone, free maybe
and oh the police deptm has a domestic violence depmt in each place find out who it is first so if you get in trouble ask for them when they come and find out how to protect yourself thru documenting with them, first so if they try any of that you can have someone too to help you a name and all. to give in the report if they do call police just be cool calm dont fight them if they lie you have to protect yourself and use scicology you know now you cant trust them dont get upset around them and turn it around say they arguing with each other in private though dont say it in front of them if police come and tell your policeman you are scared they lie and all. make them beleive you
hope it doesnt come to the police you could get out other way, a plan that envolves leaving with good ideas and where to go not abuse plan revolve around what they did to you, plan also what you want to do , hard to grow up that fast but better than being hit and hurt feel trapped

ok then good luck , there are many paths in life an forks in the road you are at one by telling here your story , so you look at the fork in the road, what way is your choice at your age it is
and well others dont respect the road less traveled but those been thru what you say we understand they lie, and a book get people of the lie too read that you are not alone trust me
and even if you end up where they lies go on and on your reputation later you can straighten it out if you plan ahead know what is the worst thing that could happen know ahead its not scary at all. find out call anonomous then you be prepared for the worst in case and have someone you call meet you at the hospital or nut place or police place then you be fine you be just great , i am positive , and remember you have yourself anywhere you go you sound like someone any place you go people love you like you, those places bad too have people like you end up there understand and also you get along with people sound like so what are you worried about , they might get hurt in a place bad becuse they are nuts sounds like, wouldnt get out either, bad
but not you, dont be afraid of themn and make your plan . write all down a calendar too of each day what you do a routine focus on your life

Mar 29, 2010
The sooner, the better...Darlene, Eileen and the Anonymous people are right!
by: Anonymous

Gabriela, I am so sorry that you didn't have a good family. You certainly didn't deserve to have such cruel, twisted, sick, sadistic, animalistic, ruthless parents. You did nothing wrong, so the sooner you tell someone, the better. Darlene, eileen and all the Anonymous people are right! Gabriela, please tell someone you really trust until they will finally listen to you and help you because you are way too beautiful to go through such horrendous abuse.

Mar 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

i have not experienced any sort of child abuse and i am studying it for a school presentation infront of my class. I live in Australia Melbourne and am of 16 years of age. I have read all of your stories the most and Gabriela, yours has touched my heart the most. I am not in the position to say that i can understand or can i say its okay, because its not, but all i can say is, its not right, what ever is happening to you, you cannot let happen. DAY BY DAY you will get worse and worse and so will your mum. I can say that standing up to your mother is something you can do but will harm based on what you have written. I can say that my mum isnt someone you woudnt want to love but also isnt someone you wouldnt mind times. You have to run away, and if she threatens you with reporting you to the police, you can simply tell them what has been happening to you, and im sure that your foster parents or someone that can finally take place of your mother wont be as bad as you real mother, so take it from me, RUN

Mar 30, 2010
You seem like a good person behind your mask.
by: Troy Bennett

if you have checked back in on this website, honestly from my personal experience, this is just a phase in your life that you need to stay strong in. I know what its like to be the scapegoat in the family, and although it wasnt as severe as your case, im most likely a better person because of the abuse i was put through. i know and you know, that you would never do a single thing to harm somebody. Its differant when your the one taking the hate instead of sending it. I urge you to stay strong and just be who you want to be. I cannot express how important it is to find somebody who you can talk to without worry of them telling anybody. Again, just because you werent born with a silver spoon in your mouth, does not mean you can't turn your roads to gold. be that 1% of teens that grow up and make a differance. : )

Mar 31, 2010
by: Vicki C.

My mom used to abuse me too, and my father raped me untill I was 13 I am 18 now and when I was 17 I ran. You should too. Go to the cops, show them your scars or go to someone else you trust. Just Go!

Apr 09, 2010
Run... Run... to trusted police...
by: Anonymous

Before you leave i suggest you keep evidence of the abuse, hidden camera of the actions or conversations before running. But I do believe running to the police is your safest haven ! Go, even after u leave there is plenty of mental scars to heal ... if they do ever heal ! Run ... run...

Apr 17, 2010
by: maurice

Gabriela 1, what your mother has done as is doing you is total abuse, physical, emotional and the effects will last a long time until you begin to get help. You need to tell, to speak with a counsellor, with someone you really trust who will help you to tell. Your Little Sister got away with abusing you too. You did not deserve to be treated or abused in the way it happened you. Your mother is a sadistic mother. Needing loads of help. No excuses for the way she abused you. It was not my fault, I am not to blame, You were a caring daughter/sister during it all. You were abused by a mother who did not know how to love and cherish you or your sister equally. Each spacial and unique in your own right. Please get help, please take part in activities at school, If your tecahers or someone in authority see's your scars/bruises they will have to take action. Don't be afraid, Your mother needs help, is incapable of rearing and loving her children. She won't change until you call STOP. You will also be helping a sister whom you love as she is your family. She needs to get the chance to say sorry to you. Gabriela 1 great you found Darlene's site. You are in a safe place now telling and relating the details of your abuse. All of us here have been abused too in some form or another. we can empatise with each other. From a distance even benefit each other in our comments. My heart goes out to you. your honesty is painfully clear. Please LOVE yourself, pretty please, I pray you will seek help for yourself sooner than later.I WILL: I CAN: I MUST: BECAUSE I AM WORTH IT. Live well, Laugh alot, love much Gabriela 1.

Apr 29, 2010
Fear? No, Survival! Strength! Youve got it!
by: Brittany

You have strength and courage, i know you do. What you need to do is get out. Whether it means running away(and i realize this is bad to say) or going to a friend or someone close. You need to go to the cops and ask for help. Go to someone. Calling hot lines will help but they cant help you out of the situation. Please just find someone. If things get that bad, then someone should help you. You are someone to everyone who has ever experienced abuse and to those who havent. My heart goes out to you and i hope that you have the courage to get out and get help. Foster homes are way better than a home like that. Trust you heart and follow it. Get help please.

Mar 25, 2013
The Horror
by: Anonymous

Gabriela, your so-called mom is deeply troubled and sadistic. I really hope you're out of that house now because she's too dangerous to be trusted. As for your sister, she can't be trusted neither because I'm sure that she's been either groomed or even brainwashed by your mom into being a bully to you. As for your dad, he's just as bad as they are. Plus, while whipping you with a belt is bad enough, abandoning you to his sick monster of a wife is the ultimate in his selfish acts. She has the mindset that you are to be submissive and obedient at all costs; GET OUT OF THAT HOUSE; PLEASE GET OUT NOW!!! Next time she lays a hand on you ever again, please consider reporting her to the cops ASAP because children are gifts to treasure, not to abuse.

Mar 25, 2013
The dignity that you deserve
by: Anonymous

Gabriela, your story is a bit like mine and, it's honestly disturbing. I hope you end up working to get out because, to be honest, no more secrets can and will help put an end to the ongoing cycle of abuse and helplessness.

My parents would often let my brother abuse me and they never did a thing about it whenever that happens. Anyway, you're not to blame for their sadistic behavior. Please tell as many people as you can (especially trusted adults).

Mar 25, 2013
Seriously, get out of that house!
by: Anonymous

Please try to get out of that house as soon as you can, Gabriela; you've suffered enough. Your mother is mentally ill. As for your sister, it's a shame that she grew up to be just like her. As soon as you get away from them, your healing can start in earnest.

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