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Oct 23, 2009
Free to be your SELF...
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Christina, sometimes one must walk away from the family they are born to, and find in themselves the family they are lacking. Give yourself the positive messages you never heard from the people who were in charge of protecting you and keeping you safe from harm. You deserve to hear those positive messages: You ARE worthy. You ARE deserving of dignity and respect. You ARE lovable. Thank you for sharing your story with my visitors and me.

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Darlene Barriere
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Oct 23, 2009
Such Cruelty
by: Anonymous

Christina, what your so-called family did to you is very pathetic, disgusting, cruel and ungrateful. You deserved so much better and I really hope that your abusers get incarcerated for all those terrible crimes that they committed against you. Have you tried counselling? Be brave, Christina, and stay strong!

Oct 23, 2009
The things we remember!
by: Rose

It's amazing when I ready stories on here!

You recal getting a pubic hair stuck in your teeth!

I always remembered my daddy weeing on me?

Obviously now I know that it was cum. Not something you realise at the tiny age of 4!

Glad you have been rid of them! You deserve so much better!

May your nightmares become easier to live with and you get the happiness you deserve hun.


Oct 24, 2009
Always believe in yourself because your worth it.
by: maurice

Christina O I prayed and thought of you and all you were put through after reading your story. I had to sleEp on it before writing my comment to you. My heart went out to you as I read through your horrific experiences as a child with a family you were born into. I never asked to be born you could well say after all the horrific abuse meted out on you. Your beautiful innocence was distroyed by animalistic individuals that it would be better for them that they were not born after what the've done to you. Great your safe now away from there hold over you. I'm moved by Darlene's words to you Christina O, she is so womanly/motherly to all her many female visitors equally so to her many male visitors too. You certainly did not ask to be born into such a family. It is good Darlene has given heartfelt words about what one should do in your situation. I am certain you are intelligent enough to put a value on her words and to act on them. Now you are in a better place you can (must) build up your own self worth/self esteem. Hi you begin to love yourself and let genuine people especially your chosen few called FRIEND(S) they slowly become your loving and caring family in life. Let go of that horrible family you were born into. Look in the MIRROR, Who do you see? ME beautiful, As Darlene has encouraged you what to do, so do I,
give yourself the positive messages you never heard from the people who were in charge of protecting you. I am worthy, I am deserving of my dignity, I am lovable and cuddly, Era go on give yourself on big hug to begin the process of I LOVE ME BECAUSE I AM SPECIAL> All because you are worth it ms Christina O. Make a understanding sense of what you have done. Darlene's words sure will help you. Anonymous and Rose gave you hugging words to show their love and care for you. ever so natural from their big hearts for you. I pass on my love and hugs to you too. But you must say, I can, I will, I must think positive, act positive, be positive JUST FOR THE WONDERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL ME> begin your healing process just being true to yourself CHRISTINA O

Oct 25, 2009
Inner Strength
by: Kay

Darling you are so strong, look at everything you've come through and still you had the courage to walk away. The most potent revenge you could ever have on your family would be to go on and live a long, happy and forfilled life.
I wish you all the best.
x Kay

Nov 05, 2009
child abuse hater feels sickened by these boys
by: child abuse hater

my heart goes out to you for having to deal with wat u went thru, i dont wish that upon anyone, i hope you can now finally have a good normal life and not worry about being beaten or sexualy abused, just remember there are people out there who care for u like we at this site do, and even tho u dont know me child abuse hater is with u thru life every step ov the way.

child abuse hater believes all children can get thru there traumatic audeals and live they life they have always wanted.

Feb 23, 2010
by: Anonymous

omg christina this is so awful! i am in hate with ppl who do that sort of s**t. damn them to hell!

Feb 23, 2010
Live well, laugh alot, Love much, Don't give up on yourself
by: Maurice

You popped ito my life right now, I hope you are taking the best of good care of yourself Christina O. I will, I can, I must just because I am worth it. you know my real feelings from my previous comment. Always believe in yourself. Don't Quit or give up on yourself, your the most important Baby ever birthed. You make a life for yourself after Abuse. read The Relationship Lady's comment to you. Darlene is her name.

Mar 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

omg that i am so sorry. i was abused i am only 15 but i got abused from the time i was 1ike not even 1 tell i was like 5.. it sucked

May 21, 2010
I hear yu...
by: Krista

I am a victim of physical abuse, as well. It's hard, even for me, to hear the story of another person's abuse received from their family. So, I guess I understand what my friends and my boyfriend go through when I first told them about my abuse.

I'm not going to say sorry or that I pity you because that's not what I want people to say when I tell them my story. But, I hope that everything in your life is happy and warm. But, even more so, I hope that you have even more positive thoughts! I know that it's the memories that haunt us victims. So, just try to focus on what you have in life right now and go towards the future with your head held high.

I can't sleep tonight because of rampant, evil thoughts of my abusive past is keeping me up. So, you have encouraged me to leave my story on this site.

Take care :)

May 22, 2010
Two comments later in time I still hear you. U Yu
by: maurice

The most recent comment which the telling of your story has evoked sincerity from another's HEART: Krista has read your horrific physical/sexual abuse story at the hands of supposeingly God Preacher's who have got it all wrong: My admiration for you Christina O for being brave, courageous to tell the truth is real and sincere: Good on you for Believeing in your true self with conviction and leaving hypocrite's of a family of demons: Preaching God and living the opposite to God's unconditional Love for each one of us: A father who should have showered you with LOVE and cherished you as a Child of His and GOD: Only showered beatings on you, not wanting to face up about the truth in his life and what your brothers did to you: It took great courage to do what you have done: The truth will set you free: I hope you are loved and valued by real people around you: Your friends: in your work place: in your new found community of honesty and respect for you as one very genuine, sincere, wonderful, beautiful, unique child of God and child of the Universe: I sincerely hope you have been able to share your story with a counsellor or therapist: I can empatise with you like Krista that the effects physical beatings/spankings linger on in a very negative way if we don't get help to rid ourselves of them: That is why counsellors are so important they surely put abuse and it's effects in perspective for us so we can get on and live our lives to the full after abuse: Thank you again, you have already read two comments from me and my heart feelings for you, Krista in her comment invited me to let you know and her I care about all of us who were abused: Darlene has given us a platform to express that: We need to read and hear we are loved and cherished by honest caring human beings: All God's Children: God made us family through Darlene's site: She is His Angel on earth for us:

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E-book: Victim To Victory

From Victim to Victory
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