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Sep 07, 2009
What a talent you have!
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Keep writing your poetry, Christina, you are amazingly gifted. Thank you for sharing your story in the form of a poem with my visitors and me. You've given us a picture of what your life was like. And I do hope that someday you'll find a poem inside of you that relays your happiness.

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Darlene Barriere
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Sep 08, 2009
What a GIFT. Your abuse story in verse
by: maurice

Oh Christina B how all of us can readily indentify with your poetic ways of expressing all that is within you from horrific abbuse by a mother who birthed you. All abuse is wrong, very wrong but I really believe a Mother who abuses is the biggest mystery to me. Bearing a lovely child in her womb for nine month's with all the motherly and female natural feelings and emotions as each month passes. Then birthing a wonderful creation from the womb to a few month's/years down the road treating it as if it was a rag doll battering and bruising it for almost a life timne until that wonderful and beautiful creation decides I was abused and I deserved bettter. Your Poem brings all the inner pain and hurt of the abused child/teenager Chritinia B. Many thanks. Your room being your safe space during it all, our bed rooms sure have a positive memory those of us who were lucky to have our own room. Even now our rrom is sacred especially those of us who have found Darlene's site. We are assured we can relate our story knowing she will be there to treat it with the highest of respect in the telling. Professionally sharing a comment for each one personally as she reads the sincerity and heartfelt pain expressed of each of her visitors. The value of her site to each one of us to relate back our story to each of her many visitors is a blessing. Her site was truly a vision and a blessing in this modern age of Technology. From her own experience she knows how difficult it is for the abused to begin telling their story and be believed. I know she wants action after reading her comment. She wants each one of us to get the neccessary help we know from what she writes we need to move on in life in our own right. Christina B Thank You. I sincerely hope you are healing and being gentle and kind to yoursefl. I'M SPECIAL, I LOVE ME.

Sep 08, 2009
by: Shannon

That is the most beautiful well writen poem of abuse I've ever read, some lines spoke the true of the once life I lived.... took me right back to being that little scared girl....

keep writing.... I truly enjoyed reading this... cant wait to read more..

Sep 08, 2009
Meaningful, at best
by: Anonymous

I must say that your poem is extremely meaningful. I can least a little bit; I like to draw and people say that I'm a good artist. My parents put me through similar stuff, too, and, believe it or not, everyone else outside of my "family" has always loved them. Anyways, keep writing! I really wish you all the best.

Sep 08, 2009
Caught off guard
by: Christina B

Wow! I really didn't expect this attention from my poem! I appreciate all of your kind words... Writing keeps me sane and without it, I think I would be eternally lost! Here is another.. I was in the mood to write and I wrote it right now...

These gorgeous green eyes are watching
Looking, staring, hiding, afraid
I glance at them and look beyond the tears
and the pain I see is engraved

She has no smile, no laugh, no joy
I can feel her pain inside
She glances down for but a moment
And part of me just died

I watch her lips, they turn down slightly
I can see the sadness in her face
She stands alone, so very afraid
I just long to hug her, to embrace

She looks at me again with eyes full of fear
I try to smile at her, but she turns away
I want to let her know, that I care
That I will protect her, that I'll be there

The emptiness inside of her, is screaming
Loud enough for me to hear, in silence
My heart breaks watching her stand, alone
What has broken her? Abandonment? Violence?

It's then I reach out to touch her hand
To let her know I will offer protection
But alas, its useless
For I'm staring at my reflection...

Thank you for all your kind words.. =)

Sep 09, 2009
You deserve the BEST just for you (ME)
by: maurice

Christina B Thank You from bringing out in me and all the others especially Darlene our true feelings for you and each other after or living with abuse. I'm the Bestest. Always believe in yoursefl.

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E-book: Victim To Victory

From Victim to Victory
a memoir

How I got over the devastating effects of child abuse and moved on with my life