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Sep 26, 2009
A brief moment that has lasted a lifetime...
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Cat, you were—ARE—perfect as you are. Your mother was the one out of control; clearly she wasn't in her right mind. Your story shows how emotional abuse has lifelong repercussions. Feel free to post again if you feel the need. Thank you for sharing your story with my visitors and me.

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Darlene Barriere
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Sep 26, 2009
Darlene is right! You are never to blame!
by: Anonymous

Cat, your mother is wrong. You are not sad; you are not pathetic; you are strong, beautiful, smart and worthy of love and respect. You and your mother really need help and I hope that you guys try counselling. Be brave, Cat, and stay strong!

Sep 26, 2009
I am so sorry for you
by: kristen

When I read your posting I just cried quietly. To be wanted is so so important and I just felt for you.

I know, I just know that you are a wonderful person but to be rejected by your mom must be just the most terrible memory.

Please be strong and look to the future.

Sep 27, 2009
Oh my heart goes out to you, Special one.
by: maurice

It happened down the road from me in the heart of rural Ireland. There were mothers like yours. I could never understand because my mother was a single Mom. she loved me to bits. hugged me, bathed me with love each saturday night in the old enamel bath in the center of the kitchen. That is the mother I know, I believe is should be the mother that birth's a God created baby from her womb. Ah but, we still have stories like your Cat A. Even at 44 experienceing the effects of bygone days of your innocent/vunerable years of childhood. Seems out in the country too. Your mother was very, very wrong, no excuses for her drinking problems to do what she did to you a nine years of age. Hi know Cat A you writing and telling your story on Darlene's Site is the new beginnings of the letting go process. Now with the help of your very special chosen people called your friends talk to a counsellor Therapist if possible where you are at. If not let the hug and love you helping you to let go of the thoughts of the lasting remaining effects of what your mother did to you. Hi look NOW in the mirror, see each time the beautiful Child you were and make make begin to believe in your wonderful and beautiful self. Oh yes look differently because you are 44 and say all the positive things about yourself to yourself. I can I will I must. Hi Cat A no matter what corner of the world we are in we are BODY beautiful. Let us think with our heartfelt thoughts not our all over the place in our heads in our thoughts. Our beauty is within. we need to drag it out and dress our naked body with it, soothing it with gentleness and kindness with positive thoughts as we massage it back into us connecting the inner beauty with the outer. I have a lovely whatever and I love me. Not I don't like this that or the other. Ah Cat A say I can I will I must. Just for me in the my own space in my room in front of the mirror. Get a mirror that is the me in total in it. Think positive, act positive, be positive. I'M SPECIAL AND I LOVE ME. YOUR MOTHER WAS WRONG, NOT YOU CAT A.

Sep 28, 2009
we have so much in common
by: Anonymous

Dear CatA, I feel just awful for you, your mother, or so called mother was just cruel and mean. I know oh so well the feeling of abandonment, my "mother" was a sick vile woman, one that should have NOT had a child. to this day she has not taken acknowledgment of her past and what she had done to me... I hate her for all that, I hate her for not being a "mother" or for that matter a "grandmother" she's full of poison.
I use to hate the little head games, or torture, both were just as painful.
You are a strong woman, beautiful inside and out, dont let her win by destroying yourself. Its HER garbage, HER guilt that is eating her alive, you may not see it.. but trust me it is... my mother still now... to this day, somehow, someway gets, or tries to get her poison to me, before I use to get upseet and mad, and hurt, NOW... NOt anymore, she is nothing, what she does to get to me, means nothing, she must be one sad lonely old woman with nothing better to do then try and hurt me,.... she's not going to win.
she's going to die a very lonely death by herself with NO family by her side...
dont let anyone that has hurt you win by knowing they've got to you somehow...
sending love and hugs... Shannon

Jan 15, 2010
how sad
by: unknown

that was not right of your mother, how could anyone do such things to thier own children i feel for you and am sorry

Mar 24, 2010
sorry for everything that happened to u
by: sierra

that is so sad i had never had that happen to me so i dont know what it is like but im sorry it happened to you

Aug 30, 2010
Her own life will be her own punishment!
by: Anonymous

What she has done to you will all come back to her in the end. You might not even be there at the time to see it, but your so-called mother will be punished by fate... And, at that exact moment of her punishment, she will know that what befalls her is due to her own evil.

Dust off your shoes and walk away from this monster's evil. Let her suffer alone, and remember every moment of what she did to you.

You are the one who will be happy!!

Dec 07, 2010
Their wrong
by: Q 16

All kids should be happy they should not abuse kids because kids are precious and should be left alone and treated correctly not badly even if you do things to tip them off parents are supposed to understand that is what god put them here for isnt that true so dont abuse people because you get the thrill of it.

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E-book: Victim To Victory

From Victim to Victory
a memoir

How I got over the devastating effects of child abuse and moved on with my life