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Oct 25, 2009
A childhood robbed...
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Thank you so much Barry for sharing your story with my visitors and me. And though what happened to you will always be with you, it does not define who you are. Yes, you were robbed of your childhood, but you can now look on your children and know they are enjoying their childhood. There can be a great deal of power and healing in that, but only if you look at it in that way. And just for the record, Barry, the man who I think is great is YOU.

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Darlene Barriere
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Oct 25, 2009
Innosence of youth
by: Rose

Like you I often reflect back to my youth and wish things had been different! I listen to my husband tell his stories and I get teary eyed wishing that just for one moment I could jump in his head and feel the wonderful things he felt with his "Very Normal" family! But I can't. Too many demons in this closet!

I took years to have a child because I was always scared of what I would be like as a mother. "Too protective, how do I react to things, what do I say" all that stuff.

I can't stand my son being left alone with anybody, it is taken years of work just to get the courage to send him to school. Not a day goes by where im not stressing about him and who he's around.

Good on you for writing your letter! Everybody on here is a great support. I'm sorry you lost your childhood, but Im sure you will be able to live it through your childrens eyes now.

Take care


Oct 25, 2009
You made it
by: Kay

You managed to pull through in the end, and that's what matters. You have three beutiful children and a loving honest family relationship with them and your wife, thats something your abuser could never of had.

You won.


Oct 27, 2009
Live well, Laugh alot, Love much. I can, I will, I must.
by: maurice

Barry M. You're the winner, Let those two years die with the one who abused you. Good on you for sharing with Darlene and her visitors. Oh Barry M her words to you are empowering ones. Only you can put them in to action and move on with your three wonderful gifts. They will be your inner strength to love them as a true Father. The effects of abuse linger on but the more you leave go of them each time they surfice you erase them in time. Your the winner now. if you get the opportunity do share your fears with a counsellor. I am certain you have a friend who has helped you make sense of those two years. You also have the mother of your three wonderfull gifts. blessings children to being true to yourself and them. Be brave, stay strong for each other now. Have a healthy mind in a healthy body. be active, be fully alive with your children. get them having healthy minds in healthy bodies. Love them to bits. Hi LOVE yourself. I can, I will, I must. Think positive, act positive, be positive. sorry for being a bit vulgar but Pee away all those negative thoughts. You'll feel all the better for it I assure you Barry M

Nov 05, 2009
child abuse hater feels for you
by: child abuse hater

u have been abused and u have made it thru, hope your life is going well and hope your kids your wife and yourself can have a good time to enjoy the life given.

like all the other supporters are saying YOU R A WINNER

Feb 14, 2010
You're a Good Man.
by: Dan1

U survived your abuse. You've always been strong. you are right to always be watching your son when other people are around and when he is playing. I was abused also. when my little nephew first started school, my sister and I walked him and I swear I couldn't handle the fact that we were going to leave him their for 4 hours. you are a good father. don't get too overprotected though, because he might not like that and from what I've seen it could lead to an attitude change when he gets to a teen. Take Care Of Yourself and your family

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From Victim to Victory
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E-book: Victim To Victory

From Victim to Victory
a memoir

How I got over the devastating effects of child abuse and moved on with my life