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Apr 01, 2010
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Thank you for sharing your story with my visitors and me. I recommend some form of counselling to help you through the repercussions of being sexually assaulted.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
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From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Apr 02, 2010
Holy Heck
by: Anonymous

I can't beleve that man actulally bit u and ripped your skin off like that. That's beyond the normal sense of wrong in these types of cases. I hope your not with him anymore or if you are that you can have teh courage to tell your mom and get out of there fast.

Apr 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

what i am thinking i feel just like you
but i am not being abused, but i cant finish or even start, thinking about what you said here
me too , its hard to type , what do i say,

there is a world of people out there
a big gicantic world, each one of these people
and even you and your family originally were strangers, then met

i too cannot type good from what you say
i care and i dont know you i just care
so see if i do, what about the world
the one waiting out there for you

a big one with good people,
if you dont get out tell you dint say still
there my god is this guy a canable or what
are you a kid , you didnt say i think out of it right you said cant forgive, so i assume out

but if not, dont trust them , seriously
unpredictable and a complete nut
fact a nut , you cant forgive them , good you are absolutely right, your mom
she needs to be notified , tell her, here is another song, music seems to help people relate and see things a little clearer

alesia keys, a vedio, i cant remember the name its the one about living death
he threatens to kill yeah right ,
your mom should get the police out there or where ever he is get your mom help, men no man is worth a child
and the threat , forget that living death worse
god wont take you till its your time dont worry
tell. pray and well get that pig.

forget him, dont let him ruin your life ,
your mom she well quit she made her choice and ruined her life , dont let her ruin yours
if parent died why would she ruin your life
not remarry or just be with you , are you saying she is bad or a victim what is it, do you really know she need someone to investigate him he sounds like someone needs to be put away for good
and a danger to society. and are you sure , the mom part because of how you percieved him
short little story , maybe short time ,
she is bad if so and slap you , did you say that too parents normal ones do that i cant understand the mom part, more important that guy gets charged and then deal with the mom, the truth
find out, and find out your rights later as you grow you can charge him later, thats the reason the nuts do that threaten and all , you can have the upper hand and then charge him, later remember this, needs to be told to someone do something now or if past later you address it and dont go around him

Apr 02, 2010
i pray god gives you your special santuary a new one just meant for you and your future
by: Anonymous

your dad, he died , do you have anyone else brothers or grandparents, why did she let this happen, your mom, can you go to rehab , are you older than 14 you might be able to immmancipate or able to go to commisioner or get a intervention meeting and make her go to rehab then stay somewhere, with friends or relatives
would she do it, or just leave i well you didnt say if you were how old, was your dad good man
reading and all and sanctuary, nice way to look at home, so you know home, some people they dont know home, i mean what home is you called it your sanctuary, did you know that normal people they dont appreciate life like you do. have homes and rooms and animals an such simple security, you know home, to me thats family
my house was more of a dad to my oldest son and sons, it was home and familiar and there and a constant, when dad thier dad disappeared as he did and i remarried, well step dad and i separate little while too, home was family
and you know what i mean, your sanctuary
doesnt your mom know home, like you, who taught you that, did she or your dad , dont let the nut back ruin your home , find some way out or if out
home is a place you know of and how to make a home something so many people ignore neglect and dont understand you do. and maybe now another thing i heard about, when you have to leave your home , is my friends are my estate
friends you meet then you make a home with them
a realestate person had this , i thought remind me of you. why dont you go somewhere theraputic
beach or lake or beautiful place, nature that helps too find one place in nature make it your new sactuary, read there and a place you know
start over see if that helps you, live life . keep being special you sound like a special person i think
someone deeper thinking and smart. deserves a santuary,

Apr 03, 2010
Even animals would never treat their young so sadistically
by: Anonymous

Anne, please get away from that loser scum of a man who happened to be your mom's "boyfriend" because he was truly sadistic, twisted, cruel and sick in his own way of thinking. That brute must go to prison for all those terrible crimes that he committed against you. Things like that will never be your fault because you were the child; he was the adult. He had all the power and he only misused it. You might want to try counselling or tell someone you really trust.

Apr 15, 2010
Just putting someone in Prison is not good enough.
by: maurice

My heart goes truly out to Anne L: You were so brave, so courageous, so honest to detail, That is the great part of Darlene's Site: She allows the horrific details of eachones' story to be shared in truth and honesty. She knows best, she is a professional, She is an out an out woman with a sincere big heart: Is our HOPE she has proved there is life after abuse. Anne L if anyone understands your pain she does. Please let this be a new beginning for you to live your life after abuse. I am a man of 63 years of age. I find it quite difficult to understand that a man, sorry beast could do what he did to you in the safety of your room next to your MOthers. Our room is our own safe have, personal space, private, I love my room as all teenagers do. All our secrets are behind the closed doors of our room. Anyone who breaks in to that precious space of ours. dishonours us, dis-respects us and our rights. Oh Anne L that beast certainly took alot away from you that night. your personal dignity, your childhood: You have received very loving and caring comments. Empathy is a gift and a great help to the other person when shared. Anne L when Darlene suggests or asks are you in counselling, then take it from me she knows that is your way back to healing and recovery> Always believe in yourself. I hope you have siblings who walk with you> Friends who will stand by you. I believe as a child/teenager we make a friend or two (special) who we tell all to and it is our secret. I bet you have a friend like that so allow her to be and you be the same to her. true friends. guideing and keeping each other safe. This friend will be there through thick or through thin. Be gentle and kind to yourself: love yourself: Oh no I can hear all the other visitors saying he is not. Oh yes I am. Anne L I believe in encourageing young and old for years to have a healthy mind in a healthy body. By getting out there with like-minded people taking part in Team Sports or Cultural activities. I believe it is a natural letting go of acknowledgeing the beauty of our bodies no matter what part's were brutally abused. My own beauty comes from within me so taht I can acknowledge the beauty I see outwardly: Anne L love that beautiful and wonderful me that you see looking out at you from the mirror. I can: I will: I must because I am worth it. Ok NOW speak with the counsellor Darlene know will put you right in your thinking and relieveing you of the hurt and pain caused by that Beasst.

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E-book: Victim To Victory

From Victim to Victory
a memoir

How I got over the devastating effects of child abuse and moved on with my life


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E-book: Victim To Victory

From Victim to Victory
a memoir

How I got over the devastating effects of child abuse and moved on with my life