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Apr 02, 2010
Amy's Mom:
by: Darlene Barriere - Webmaster

Thank you for sharing your daughter's story with my visitors and me, and I hope you are ultimately successful in getting this molester out of her life and into prison where he belongs.

From Victim to Victory, a memoir
Darlene Barriere
author. speaker. survivor. coach
From Victim to Victory, a memoir

Apr 03, 2010
Why does Amy have to see that MONSTER???
by: Anonymous

I'd like to know what kind of court would force this poor innocent child to see her molester- even if it IS supervised?? He lost the privilege of being her father when he chose to do this cowardly act. What a sick low-life!!
The laws need to change!! They're allowing these monsters to get away with their sick acts-not only that, but allowing them to continue to do it.
Where is the duty of care for this child?
All I keep seeing & reading about is the protection of these predators & paedophiles!!
That monster should be casterated & thrown to the wolves-NOT PROTECTED by the law.
I hope that Amy receives the help & love she needs and I pray she will get through this. I also pray that her molester gets put in jail.
To Amy's mum- I'm sure I speak for other mums too- hang in there for your little girl, my hopes & prayers are with you-I can't imagine what a nightmare this must be for you & hope you have a strong support network to help ease the pain & the strain you must be understandably suffering.

Apr 03, 2010
Morther's are the best: You are truly one.
by: maurice

I believe the majority of mothers are truly the mother of their children and child. Mother's by nature truly value, respect, honour, the birthing of their child. Their special precious jewel resting and being formed in their womb for 9 month's and then birthed in true love of bearing. Mothers are the best: While each mother loves and cherishes her child \re in the majority: sadly we have a good percent who don't love and cherish but abuse and allow their precious jewel to be molested/abused/used in their innocence and vunerability. Thankfully more and more Fathers are valued and children share their intimate stuff with: We all know that it is to our mothers we all turned to tell our intimate stuff to especially the girls. I delight when I see the younger generation of Mother's (Parents) becoming friends to their children as well as being their parents. LOVE is the winner between child and parents. Ah sure I know (we know) it ain't easy being a parent at times that is when true love wins out. unconditional love for the child/teenager that just is growing up. Now after all that. You by telling your Daugther Amy story brought all my emotive feelings on the goodness and greatness of mothers especially my own. Your daugther is such a blessed and lucky child to be able to trust her Mammy. You will do your very best to protect her: get that horrible make of man out of both your lives and as darlene say into prison. You truly are the best, always be for both of you. be safe, stay safe and hug and cuddle that beautiful child of yours to bits. keep re-assuring her that you truly love and cherish her as your very own flesh and blood. Thank you.

Jun 21, 2010
Child Abuse Story From Amy My Daughter Your Name
by: Anonymous

Maurice you put that so very lovely i could not have said it better.
As am abused in everyway mother of two wonderful healthy boys, I would fight Heaven and Earth if someone tried to harm my boys who will always be my babies.
We are entrusted with these beautiful babies to do our very best to nurture them positively in every
way possible. They are innocents it is up to us as parents and adults to raise them lovingly and never ever cross over that thin line.....

Jun 26, 2010
From Amy's mother
by: Anonymous

Thank you for all your responses and kind words. I am quite emotional still, after having read your letters.

I just wanted to update where we are at...

Amy sees her father 3 times a week, a total of 8 hours supervised by a mobile babysitting agency.

The trial is just over a week away and it appears it will be adjourned. My mother paid for a solicitor once she saw all the stress I was going through. I had self-represented for over a year. I am now looking at having a complete review of Amy by another clinical psychologist at my expense. I will also be looking at a lie detection test if I can afford it with the help of my partner.

The future looks a little more hopeful, but I stress that it takes lots of money to fight this properly. The animal will probably get away with it, however I will also be hiring a Private Investigator soon.

Once again, thank you for your support- you give me the added strength to got he extra mile, even though I have not met any of you. Bless you!
From Amy's mother XX

Jun 26, 2010
it was your goodness that my heart went out to
by: maurice

Thank You: you sure are a loving caring mother: your boys will be the luckiest children to have been birthed by a true mother: No child shoud ever be mstreated or taken advantaged in abuse: Your the best:

Jul 14, 2010
From Amy's mother
by: Anonymous

I just finished 6 days of my trial for Amy. We return in about 6 weeks for the last of the witnesses, who include a doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist and the supervision agency who look after Amy whilst in the presence of her father.

Court was stressful. Some interesting things that happened there- the 'court-appointed Child Expert' appeared to be very friendly with the father's sister so we are now looking at whether there was a conflict of interest. Her report for court appeared very biased towards the father, suggesting Amy was better off with him!

Just prior to my mother going on the stand, the father sat opposite her only about 3 metres away and tried to intimidate her. This was witnessed by my lawyer. We are getting video surveillance for both situations.

I will update you on any further developments.

Kind regards,
from Amy's mother

Aug 06, 2010
by: Anonymous

That monster...trying to intimidate your mother??...A grandmother?? What a coward!! Well that alone shows that he's the low-life we all know him to be! I hope he rots in jail and gets all the treatment in there that he truly deserves! He doesn't deserve to breathe our air.

Aug 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

He IS a sociopath! You keep fighting this fight, Amy needs to know she has people who love her & want her safe.

For Amy:
You are brave and strong. No matter what bad things your dad did, none of it EVER makes you bad. You are a kid & he is a grown up and he did NOT act like a grown up.
You are smart for telling your mom. You are strong for knowing how you feel.
When you hurt, draw pictures or write stories if you can. Or find a nice fluffy pillow to hit - pillows are good for that. :) But most of all, your grandmother & mom are great people to talk to when you hurt.
Keep up making good choices like you have, you're doing great!

Aug 14, 2010
I hope and pray you have been successful
by: maurice

I have been away from the many friends and people I have made since I related my own story: I was moving house and was not in a good space: But I have arrived in my new house 3 days ago: So I am back home again on this safe haven site: I hope you were able to act on Darlene's advice and heartfelf love for Amy and you: My prayer is that you were: Your The best. What am? I'm the best

Aug 30, 2010
Amy x
by: Kayleigh

Hi, im 14 and probly shouldnt be on a site like this spesially for my age, but i would one day like to work as protector for young abuse, and your daughters story is so inspiring and emotional. She is such a brave little girl for living with the trauma of that monster in her life, how she manages to see him 3 times a week is unbelievable. All the luck to you and your family, i hope everything works out and that disgrace to mankind is sent down.

a message to amy;
Amy, you shouldnt have to life with such a thing like that but i know together you and your mum can stick together until the end. Your such a brave little girl. Keep fighting it'll be all over soon.
also i hope your friend is ok too
Kayleigh x

Oct 12, 2010
what the hell thats awful
by: Anonymous

so sorry for this and i hope ur thing that did it to u is ded

Nov 14, 2010
by: Anonymous

I find it odd that the father still has visitation, supervised or not especially if there is pornograph proof of abuse. Did the police not investigate this?

I hope that you and Amy are well, that she is safe from him.

For Amy: you are a special girl that deserves to be safe from your dad. Your father was WRONG to do these things with you and your mom and lawyer and the chd welfare people (I hope) are all working to help you and make sure that he does not hurt you ever again.

Be well.

My two cents.

Dec 15, 2010
by: Jennifer (i feel safe to leave a name)

This is truly a touching story did the man go to jail? Is this girl safe now?

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From Victim to Victory
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